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Christoph Erb / Jim Baker / Frank Rosaly: ...Don't Buy Him A Parrot... (Hatology)

Saxophonist and bass clarinetist Christoph Erb travels between Europe and Chicago, here in a trio with Chicago mainstays, pianist Jim Baker and drummer Frank Rosaly, for an intense and fierce album of collective improvisation captured live at their second-only encounter on the stage of the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago in 2014. ... Click to View

Paula Shocron / German Lamonega / Pablo Diaz: Tenzegridad (Hatology)

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the trio of Paula Shocron on piano, German Lamonega on double bass, and co-founder of her Nendo Dango Records label, Pablo Diaz on drums, for an exciting album of free jazz with lyrical intent and great technical skills, an unexpected gem from an part of world not well known for free improvisation. ... Click to View

David Stackenas : Bricks (Clean Feed)

An amazing solo CD of free improvisation from guitarit David Stackenaus, showing incredible technique and melodic intent, equally at ease when exploring tonality and melody or abstract noisy textures; compelling and impressive playing! ... Click to View

Tristan Honsinger / Nicolas Calioa / Jesse Zubot: In The Sea (Relative Pitch)

The transatlantic string trio of Amsterdam-based cellist Tristan Honsinger (also on voice) with Montreal free improvisers violinist Joshua Zubot and double bassist Nicolas Caloia in an album of informed improvisation that bring an upbeat approach to authoritative dialog which is bot sharp-witted and irreverent, but never less than engaging. ... Click to View

Christian Lillinger / Tobias Deluis: Dicht (Relative Pitch)

Berlin-based improvisers Christian Lillinger on drums and Tobias Delius on tenor sax and clarinet in an album of powerful rhythms, instant melodies, and quick-witted responses, bridging a generation of experience in dialog and give and take that works well head on and in reserve, a great encounter from two modern and active creative players. ... Click to View

Isabelle Duthoit / Franz Hautzinger: Lily (Relative Pitch)

French free vocalist Isabelle Duthoit met world traveling improviser and Zeitkratzer trumpeter Franz Hautzinger in New York City to record these highly unusual duos, using extreme techniques and inexplicable intent to create 9 uniquely aberrant accompaniments to your most subtle and strange dreams; reference Phil Minton, Axel Dorner, Freddie Kruger. ... Click to View

Orphax / Machinefabriek: Weerkaatsing (Moving Furniture)

"Weerkaatsing is the first collaboration by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and Sietse van Erve (Orphax), both active players in the Dutch experimental electronic music field, in an album of mesmerizing sound and drone work, with one composition from each artist reworking a track from the other's previous work, and one new collaborative piece. ... Click to View

Machinefabriek: Assemblage (Zoharum)

A great collection of short film soundtracks and pieces that appeared on compilation albums and out-of-print CDRs, including the "Nerf" EP, the tracks for the book "Things That A Mutant Needs To Know" by Reinaldo Laddaga, and 3 soundtracks of which two are for a short movie and one for a video installation, alongside tracks from other compilations. ... Click to View

Lambs Gamble: Farewell Body Bags [VINYL] (Discombobulate)

Bizarre, disruptive, aberrant sound from twisted experts in the field Lambs Gamble, comprised of George Cremaschi on bass & electroncis, Fritz Welch on drums, percussion and voice, and Eric Boros (Vialka) on electronics and voice, recording in Switzerland for a fantastic album of intelligent abnormality. ... Click to View

Elton Dean Quintet: Welcomet - Live in Brazil, 1986 (Ogun)

In 1986 saxophonist Elton Dean toured Brazil with his quintet of Harry Beckett on trumpet, Liam Genockey on drums, Marcio Mattos on bass, and Paul Rutherford on trombone, capturing this exemplary band at Radio Culture Sao Paulo, the tapes now transferred by Michael King and mastered by Martin Davidson, presenting the entire concert for the first time. ... Click to View

Jean-Luc Guionnet + Eric La Casa: Reflected Waves [60 pages 21x25 cm + DVD video 1h48mn] (Passage d'encres)

Eric La Casa and Jean Luc Guionnet recorded this conceptual work in Melbourne, Australia, combining different scales of time, space, & attention, with different working strategies to create a gallery installation, and this book & DVD package exploring the acoustic phenomenon of "standing waves" to engage with the physical relationship between sound and space. ... Click to View

Anthony Pateras : Blood Stretched Out (Immediata)

A dramatic work for solo piano, exploring sound phenomena in fast repetitions that generate whirlpools of overtones, "Blood Stretched Out" is the primary track on composer & pianist Anthony Pateras' first solo album in 10 years, paired with "Chronochromatics", recorded live at The Loft in Cologne as part of the Plush Music Festival in 2013. ... Click to View

Jerome Noetinger / Anthony Pateras / Synergy Percussion : Beauty Will Be Amnesiac Or Will Not Be At All (Immediata)

Anthony Pateras was commissioned to compose this work by Synergy Percussion for their 40th birthday in 2014, performed with a six piece ensemble including electronic artist Jerome Noetinger, using the same instrumentation as Xenakis' "Pleiades" of more than 100 orchestral percussion instruments, including Xenakis' 17-pitch microtonal metallophones. ... Click to View

Eric La Casa : Paris Quotidien [CD+60 page booklet of photos & text] (Swarming)

Eric La Casa documents his home environment in Paris through audio investigation and field recordings, creating 3 large works that reveal the properties, singularities, banalities and features of his audio environment in perspective to his status as a citizen of the city, presented in a gatefold CD package with a color 60-page booklet of photos and text. ... Click to View

Electric Bird Noise: The Spider / The Christ Child / The Crow (Silber)

Guitarist Brian McKenzie is known best for his dramatic rock persona, where his multi-instrumental approach to song-writing shows great skill; on this album, McKenzie gets down to the guitar itself, with loops, effects and electronics creating a cohesive set of 9 pieces that maintain an edgy, discordant approach to enthralling sound. ... Click to View

Ezio Piermattei : Tre Madri Ludopatiche [CASSETTE] (Discombobulate)

Using an eclectic set of audio tools, objects, voice and electronics, Ezio Piermantel creates a bizarre sound world of concrete and inexplicable sound that fascinates the listener in a strange non-narrative that still manages to tell a story in sound and noise; truly unique. ... Click to View

Flamingo Creatures: Fisch Versucht Das Sprechenlernen (Discombobulate)

Ten tracks of unusual electroacoustic experiments from the duo of Ronnie Oliveras and Ruth Maria Adam, using sound boxes and a variety of instruments to create a psychedelic yet embraceable set of recordings that leave the listener scratching their head but still grounded by tangible music, albeit in the strangest of settings. ... Click to View

Mike Majkowski : Days and Other Days [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

Following double bassist Mike Majkowski's previous Astral Spirts cassette "Neighbouring Objects", this vinyl release is Majkowski's 7th solo album, here using analog synthesizer, percussion, piano, vibraphone, samples, and field recordings to create an amazing sonic universe through sound, tone, timbre, deep cogitation and mutant interjections. ... Click to View

Christian Wolfarth : Spuren [VINYL] (Hiddenbell Records)

The two parts of "Spuren" from Swiss percussionist Christian Wolfarth cover each side in an album of concentrative timbre and strategy, evoking continuous sounds that are diverted into unexpected avenues, drawing the listener into trance-like states with rich resonance, tone, and malleable rhythms, then surprising with unforseen audio twists. ... Click to View

Peter Zumthor Conradin : Grunschall [VINYL] (Hiddenbell Records)

Percussionist Peter Conradin Zumthor presents a stunning debut solo album, capturing one of the truly independent voices in the Swiss musical landscape in a 7-part contiguous work recorded at Radio Studio 1 in Zurich with a great feeling for form, distances and dynamics, as an incredibly focused, virtuosic, creative and deeply felt story is told. ... Click to View

Joe McPhee / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder: Six Situations (Not Two)

Frequent collaborators, West Coast double bassist Damon Smith and AACM charter member Alvin Fielder on drums travel north to join free improv saxophone legend Joe McPhee at Roulette in New York City in 2016, recording this excellent example of informed free improvisation. ... Click to View

Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Nuno Torres / Eduardo Chagas / Antonio Chaparreiro / Rodrigo Pinheiro / Carlos Santos / Jose Oliveira : Jadis La Pluie Etait Bleue (Creative Sources)

The second volume of the project heard in the previous Creative Sources album, "Suspensao", here in a 9-piece electroacoust ensemble with viola, cello, doublebass, alto sax, trombone, piano, electric guitar, computer and percussion, suspenseful lowercase music that unfolds in mysterious, beautiful and rewarding ways. ... Click to View

Various: 910 Noise Presents (910 Noise)

A compilation of sound artists within the 910 area code, the North Carolina coastal region including Wilmington, NC, the home of Squidco, with artists including Carl Kruger (Caucasians, Baby Daddy), Grant Stewart as subterrene, Ryan Lewis in Food World and Baby Daddy, Phil Zampino (CHANGES TO blind), Jason Ward, August Traeger, and Authorless. ... Click to View

Christiane Bopp / Jean-Luc Petit: L'eorce Et La Salive (Fou Records)

A uniquely voiced dialog between two skilled improvisers -- Christiane Bopp on trombone and Jean-Luc Petit on bass clarinet & soprano sax -- bringing experience and technique to improvisations that push their instruments into extreme territory yielding fantastic and original language while keeps their listeners on the edge of their seats. ... Click to View

Irene Kepl: SololoS (Fou Records)

Heard in our catalog on albums from Improvising Beings and Another Timbre, here we have a stunning solo album of improvised violin from Viennese violinist Irene Kepl, showing a great range of style and technique while keeping the music playful and interesting, invoking a quote from Trisha Brown: "Dancing on the edge is the only place to be." ... Click to View

Maria Capurso Luisa / Jean-Marc Foussat: En Respirant (Fou Records)

A live recording at POP in Berlin between synth and electronics player Jean-Marc Foussat and vocalist and electronicist Maria Luisa Capurso, subverting the voice through electronics and effects to create wildly encompassing sound environments that contrast Foussat's synthetics with the organic quality of the human voice; rich, hallucinatory, wonderful. ... Click to View

Christof Kurzmann / Mats Gustafsson: Falling And Five Other Failings [VINYL] (Trost Records)

Two versatile and innovative improvisers, Mats Gustafsson on saxophones and Christof Kurzmann on electronics and voice, extracted improvisations recorded in the studio to create the 7 parts of this rich, pulse-based and intensely understated work about Falling and Failing. ... Click to View

Johan Berthling / Martin Kuchen / Steve Noble: Threnody, At The Gates [VINYL] (Trost Records)

Urgent and inspired free jazz from the Swedish/UK trio of Martin Kuchen on tenor and soprano sax, flute and retardophone, Johan Berthling on double bass, and Steve Noble on drums and percussion, recording a series of "Gate" improvisations, anguished laments of power and pulchritude. ... Click to View

Peter Brotzmann / Heather Leigh: Sex Tape (Trost Records)

The second album between European Free Jazz legend Peter Brotzmann and US-born, Scottish residing pedal steel guitarist Heather Leigh, performing live at Music Unlimited Festival, in Wels, Austria in 2016 for a biting yet intimate set between the two, both players on fire as they weave long sinuous lines in an emotional and often brutal orgy of sound. ... Click to View

Ned Rothenberg / Hamid Drake: Full Circle - Live in Lodz (Foundation Listen)

Two legendary improvisers, Downtown New York multi-reedist and shakuhachi player Ned Rothenberg met Chicago drummer Hamid Drake at Ciagoty I Tesknoty, in Lodz, Poland in 2016 to record this effusive, extraordinary live concert of improvised music, demonstrating both enormous instrumental skill while imparting wonderfully upbeat energy; outstanding! ... Click to View


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Squidco Sales

Op-Ed (Opinions and Editorials)
  • June 16, 2017:

    Firstmost: at the end of this summer, Squidco is going to move locations! Wilmington's downtown is growing quickly, and the building we've been leasing has sold twice, right at the end of our lease. The new, gentrified, rent is exorbitant, and we've found a better location not far from the downtown area, which is more modern and accommodating to our work, and a better value than our current lease. We'll continue to have customers visit by appointment, but we're dropping our performance space, and partner with local venues to present music instead. You'll see us selling inventory and odd items during the summer months as we look to lighten the load pre-move. We're excited and trepidatious about the move at the same time, but it makes the most sense for us moving forward.

    One last entry about Creative Sources:

    I've been listening to the Creative Sources label since its inception, thanks to Ernesto Rodrigues reaching out to us with review CDs in our earliest years. Once I heard what Rodrigues was up to, which at the time was mostly small group lowercase acoustic or electroacoustic improv, I was hooked. The label has been successful and diverse over the years, and we've had quite a ride keeping up with the now very accelerate pace of releases as Creative Sources horizons have continually expanded. To this day I marvel at the artists I've first learned about on this label, or for whom I went searching for information about only to realize that we'd had a release on Creative Sources for said person for many years.

    Against that, the pace is fast for releases, particularly for the label leader himself. And Rodrigues and family (for his son also performs with him, in a case of the fruit staying with the tree) seem to record every opportunity they get! The case is that most of the material they record is interesting, some amazing, but all deserving of a wider audience and attentive ears; I can't think of any clinkers or albums Rodrigues has played on that I wouldn't play again. The issue becomes, it's hard to find the truly exceptional releases amongst the larger set.

    There is one broad exception to that observation, which is in the large ensemble work that Rodrigues organizes, and which is usually captured live. In particular IKB and Variable Geometry Orchestra present large works with direction, bringing the best of small group experimentation into detailed, slow moving tapestries that give focus to the odd sonorities and sonic approaches, acoustic and electronic, that have emerged over the lat 20th and 21st century. The dynamics on these performances are outstanding, drawing the listener into slowly swirling cyclones then releasing them to build again. To draw parallels to the big band era of old, these sonic ensembles of like-minded and highly skilled musicians are the modern listener's equivalent.

    The bottom line, if you want to be a really adventurous listener, pick up this label's albums!

    (Very) honorable mention... David Stackenas: Bricks - the owner of an important and historic European label (who shall go nameless) wrote me the day that I posted the missing David Stackenas album on Clean Feed Records, very excited about buying a copy from us. And I understood by then why, because this album is an outstanding solo guitar album unlike others in my collection, and though I'd heard his playing in other setting, it was the case that I'd never heard what he was really capable of.

    Some updates from the last week or so:

    June 16, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Various Artists - 910 Noise Presents (910 Noise) by Phil Zampino. June 14, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Christoph Erb/Jim Baker/Frank Rosaly -...Don't Buy Him A Parrot...
    Paula Shocron/German Lamonega/Pablo Diaz -Tenzegridad
    Tristan Honsinger/Nicolas Calioa/Jesse Zubot -In The Sea
    Christian Lillinger/Tobias Deluis -Dicht
    Isabelle Duthoit/Franz Hautzinger -Lily
    Orphax/Machinefabriek -Weerkaatsing
    Machinefabriek -Assemblage
    Lambs Gamble -Farewell Body Bags [VINYL]
    June 14, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Harry Miller - Different Times, Different Places Volume Two (Ogun) by Brian Olewnick. June 14, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: John Butcher & Andy Moor - Experiments With a Leaf (unsounds) by Kurt Gottschalk. June 12, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: subterrene - Bathetic Resonance (Mystery School Records) by Darren Bergstein. June 9, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    David Stackenas -Bricks
    Elton Dean Quintet -Welcomet - Live in Brazil, 1986
    Jean-Luc Guionnet + Eric La Casa -Reflected Waves [60 pages 21x25 cm + DVD video 1h48mn]
    Anthony Pateras -Blood Stretched Out
    Jerome Noetinger/Anthony Pateras/Synergy Percussion -Beauty Will Be Amnesiac Or Will Not Be At All
    Eric La Casa -Paris Quotidien [CD+60 page booklet of photos & text]
    Electric Bird Noise -The Spider/The Christ Child/The Crow
    Ezio Piermattei -Tre Madri Ludopatiche [CASSETTE]
    Flamingo Creatures -Fisch Versucht Das Sprechenlernen

  • June 8, 2017:

    As I hope these blog entries are of interest to our customers, I hope more that the biographies we've been collecting of the artists featured on albums we sell is useful to you. With more than 1,000 biographies located so far, and our database updating older entries in our catalog with new biography listings, we've added a tremendous amount of information into our store. If you haven't spent time reading them, you'll find them under the information section for each product's detailed description; clicking on a name will expand the biography in its column. Clicking again will hide that artist's biography.

    The collecting process has, of necessity, been as quick as possible, and it's not been possible to edit and correct entries as we find them. I try my best to format them as I found them, but that's often not practical, and some concessions are made. Many biographies are in the musician's native language, and we rely on Google's translator to convert them to English.

    Since starting the project I've gotten into the habit of copying the pertinent biographies for a release and reading through them as I catalog each new album for the store. Generally speaking, the information is very useful, helping me to connect artists I'm unfamiliar with to other artists in our catalog or that I'm familiar with. (If I could give new artists one valuable suggestion, it would be to establish the simplest of websites and get your biography and discography posted to it, it's an invaluable way to help listeners put you in perspective!) That said, I'm often horrified at what I find while reading through selected biographies, particularly in terms of content, formatting, and translation. Every source we find is documented by its internet URL, and I encourage readers to find the original text to get the latest and more accurate biography available. After all, reading about music and musicians is the best accompaniment to the music you buy.

    As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we've acquired a large number of Creative Sources titles as we catch up with the catalog. We're trying to do our best in providing detailed information about each release, and we didn't want them to take over our "Just In" category (there will be 115 of them when we're done!) So we created a new category called "Back Catalog" that we introducing the new releases into. We're just getting started with them so if you want to stay current with our additions, just click below, or choose the "Back Catalog" link from our homepage.

    Click here to see our Creative Sources Addition!

    The Portugal based Creative Sources label has been a consistently experimental imprint, presenting outside improvisation, taking chances on music that label founder and violist Ernesto Rodrigues has confidence in. His ear is extraordinarily accurate in adding bands and artists to the label, and the imprint now boasts nearly 400 releases, with new additions coming regularly.

    June 6, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Mike Majkowski -Days and Other Days [VINYL]
    Christian Wolfarth -Spuren [VINYL]
    Peter Zumthor Conradin -Grunschall [VINYL]
    Joe McPhee/Damon Smith/Alvin Fielder -Six Situations
    Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues/Miguel Mira/Nuno Torres/Eduardo Chagas/Antonio Chaparreiro/Rodrigo Pinheiro/Carlos Santos/Jose Oliveira -Jadis La Pluie Etait Bleue
    Various -910 Noise Presents
    Christiane Bopp/Jean-Luc Petit -L'eorce Et La Salive
    Irene Kepl -SololoS
    Maria Capurso Luisa/Jean-Marc Foussat -En Respirant

  • June 2, 2017:

    It's been a wonderfully crazy week, as we took the long weekend to run our Memorial Day Sale, which was well received. We are always humbly grateful to our customers for the faith they put in us to present interesting music at reasonable prices, and to get their orders to them safely. Tuesday was an incredibly busy day for us, made the worse by our main router's power supply being burnt up by a thunder storm and power outage, despite its being on a surge protected circuit. We raced to get everything running again, and completed the full round of orders by the end of the day. No doubt it's (unofficially) summer!

    All around the sale we've been furiously receiving and cataloging new music, which has been arriving regularly. In particular, the UK Confront label had been dealing with some pressing issues that held up our last couple of orders. Once that was resolved we received a box with 8 new releases, which include the magnificent Trevor Watts/Steven Grew duo; Chris Cundy's excellent solo bass clarinet album; the Cage-inspired everydayisagoodday from the trio of Rachael Wadham, Philippe Lenglet, and Bruno Duplant; Tin with Dominic Lash, Axel Dorner, and Roger Turner; and unusual abstract sound work from the trio of US sound artist Jeff Jerman with two Italian percussionists--Giacomo Salis and Paolo Sanna. You can see all the latest releases by clicking here.


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    Recent Selections @ Squidco:

    Christof Kurzmann /
    Mats Gustafsson:
    Falling And
    Five Other
    (Trost Records)

    Korekyojinn Acoustic:
    (Magaibutsu Limited)

    Ned Rothenberg /
    Hamid Drake:
    Full Circle -
    Live in Lodz
    (Foundation Listen)

    Rene Lussier /
    Robert Marcel Lepage /
    Quatuor Bozzini:
    Chants et danses
    ...with strings
    (Vol. III)
    (Tour de Bras)

    (Dominic Lash /
    Axel Dorner /
    Roger Turner):
    Uncanny Valley

    Trevor Watts /
    Stephen Grew Duo:
    All There Is

    Isaiah Ceccarelli :
    (Another Timbre)

    Matthew Shipp:
    Invisible Touch
    At Taktlos

    Albert Ayler Quartet:
    Live 1964

    Angles 9:
    Disappeared Behind
    the Sun
    (Clean Feed)

    Rova /
    Bruckmann & Kaiser:
    Saxophone Special
    (Clean Feed)

    Honest John
    (Moe /
    Johannesen /
    Hoyer /
    Nylander /
    (Clean Feed)

    Mat Maneri /
    Evan Parker /
    Lucian Ban:
    Sounding Tears
    (Clean Feed)

    Joshua Abrams
    Natural Information

    (Olaf Rupp /
    Rudi Mahall /
    Jan Roder):
    Happy Jazz
    (Relative Pitch)

    Rob Burke /
    George Lewis /
    Paul Grabowsky /
    Mark Helias:

    Francois Carrier /
    Michel Lambert /
    Rafal Mazur:

    Pedra Contida :

    International Nothing, The:
    The Power
    Of Negative

    Nate Wooley:
    The Complete
    Syllables Music
    [4 CD Box Set]
    (Pleasure of the Text Records)

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