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Matthew Shipp : Magnetism(s) (RogueArt)

The creative NY jazz trio led by pianist Matthew Shipp with Rob Brown on alto sax and flute and William Parker on bass re-release and re-master their 1999 Bleu Regards album "Magnetism", a 20-part suite of concise and informed dialogs; and add a live CD of the trio recording three larger "Magnetism" improvisations capture live at the Stone, 2016. ... Click to View

Larry Ochs / Sax and Drumming Core: Wild Red Yellow (RogueArt)

Rova leader Larry Ochs takes his Sax and Drumming Core to the next level with this charged album of mind-bending album of free improvisation with an hallucinatory edge, joined by Libra artists Satoko Fujii on piano & synth and Natsuki Tamura on trumpet, with Scott Amendola on drums, William Winant and Matthias Bossi on a wild set of percussive instruments. ... Click to View

The Seen: Archive: Volumes I - V (2005 - 2009) [5-CD BOX SET] (Confront)

Since 2005 bassist and percussionist Mark Wastell has been organizing concerts of ever-changing groups of improvising musicians under the collective name The Seen, using predominantly improvised material with occasional instructions or themes, here presented in 5 CDs, each a complete concert recorded at venues including Cafe Oto, Red Rose Theatre, &c. ... Click to View

Nicole Mitchell : Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records)

The second astounding album from Chicago Flutist Nicole Mitchell on the FPE label, continuing her project in the sphere of Sun Ra and Afrofuturists, merging fiction, fantasy and sound in an electro-chamber octet, encompassing contemporary classical, globally oriented fusion, gospel, avant-rock, spoken word, and funk-inspired groove research. ... Click to View

Nicole Mitchell : Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds [VINYL] (FPE Records)

The second astounding album from Chicago Flutist Nicole Mitchell on the FPE label, continuing her project in the sphere of Sun Ra and Afrofuturists, merging fiction, fantasy and sound in an electro-chamber octet, encompassing contemporary classical, globally oriented fusion, gospel, avant-rock, spoken word, and funk-inspired groove research. ... Click to View

Michael Foster / Ben Bennett: In It [CASSETTE] (Astral Spirits)

The second release for the duo of Ben Bennett on drums, percussions and membranophones, and Michael Foster on tenor, soprano, sopranino saxophones and aerophone, in uniquely voiced improvisations that develop both carefully and, at times, erratically, but always with an ear to interesting dialog that captivates and confuses the listener. ... Click to View

Andrew Smiley : Dispersal [CASSETTE] (Astral Spirits)

An uncommon solo guitar album from Andrew Smiley, a member of Little Women and the Chris Pitsiokos Quartet, creating textures on the guitar by applying unconventional techniques with his pick and fingers instead of using effects or guitar preparations, and accompanying himself on voice in Haino-esque ways, creating an album of sharp contrast and color. ... Click to View

Emmanuelle Waeckerle : Ode (owed) to O [2 CDs] (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

London-based composer Emmanuelle Waeckerle in a project of spoken word, flute and melodica with contributors including Antoine Beuger, using minimal and multiple narrations in texts that blend erotic literature, conceptual writing and verbal scores, presented as 2 Scores for voice(s) and instrument(s) based upon Pauline Reage's "Story of O". ... Click to View

HMS (Joe Houpert / Nathan McLaughlin / Erich Steiger): Tetrad [CASSETTE] (Astral Spirits)

Blurring the lines between experimental music, improv, and composition, the trio of Joe Houpert, Nathan McLaughlin, and Erich Steiger use the studio to rework their improvisations, accenting aspects of the acoustic and electronic elements and morphing them in unexpected ways; "think Henry Flynt meets Cluster meets Revolutionary Ensemble". ... Click to View

W-2 (Sam Weinberg / Chris Welcome): Fanatics [CASSETTE] (Astral Spirits)

The Brooklyn duo of saxophonist Sam Weinberg (Captain Phillips) and synth player Chris Welcome (Chris Pitsiokos, Mike Pride) in an album of abrasive, rhythmically abraded and contorted electro-acoustic improvisation, each player embedding themselves into each other's sound, at time making their instruments indistinguishable from one another. ... Click to View

Steve Lacy: Free for a Minute (1966-72) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

Four sessions on a 2 CD set, all featuring Steve Lacy and Kent Carter: (1) DISPOSABILITY, the 1965 trio record with Aldo Romano of jazz standards, originals and free improv; (2) SORTIE, the 1966 free improv quartet + Enrico Rava album; (3) previously unissued 1967 'Free Fall' Film Cues in a quintet with Rava, Karl Berger, & Paul Motian; (4) two never issued '72 quintet pieces with Steve Potts, Irene Aebi on cello and Noel Mcghie. ... Click to View

Paul Rutherford : In Backward Times (1979-2007) (Emanem)

Four very different previously unissued concert settings featuring trombonist Paul Rutherford: 2 festival solos - one from 1979 with electronics and one from 2004 without; a 1988 duo with Paul Rogers a few months before their ROGUES CD; and a 2007 trio with Veryan Weston and Marcio Mattos, which turned out to be Rutherford's last public appearance. ... Click to View

Barry Guy: Frogs [VINYL 7-inch PICTURE DISC] (Trost Records)

A 7" limited vinyl picture disc made to celebrate legendary European Free Jazz bassist Barry Guy's 70th birthday, with Guy providing "acoustic sounds" along with his collaborating frogs, Wasserfrosch (Rana Esculenta) and Laubfrosch (Hyla Arborea), size A presenting Frogs & Barry Guy, and side 2, Barry Guy & Frogs; quirkly and wonderful free improv. ... Click to View

Christian Wolff : Berlin Exercises [VINYL] (God Records)

A series of shorter works composed by Christian Wolff written to explore the process of practicing and working within specified limits, exercises for both the composer and the performers, recorded live in Berlin in 2000 by an ensemble directed by Peter Ablinger and including Wolff on piano & melodica, Robin Hayward on tuba, Anette Krebs on guitar, &c. ... Click to View

Phill Niblock: Rhymes With Water [VINYL] (God Records)

A beautiful set of minimalist compositional drone from New York composer Phill Niblock, commissioned by the performers Natalia Pschenitschnikowa on bass flute and Erik Drescher on glissando flute, recorded at PIETHOPRAXIS, in Cologne, Germany by Marcus Schmickler, and in Berlin, Germany, by Thomas Ankersmit. ... Click to View

Simon Rummel Ensemble: IM MEER (Umlaut Records)

German composer and improviser Simon Rummel presents the 2nd release from his 11-piece Simon Rummel Ensemble, blending his interest in acoustic phenomena and improvisational harmonics in an extended work that shift from beautiful tonal work to disruptive cacophony and back to melodic music, blending jazz and 20th century approaches; a great achievement. ... Click to View

Joe McPhee / Bryan Eubanks: My Undocumented Alien Clarinet [VINYL] (Penultimate Press)

Recorded and presented as part of Pauline Oliveros Foundation's New Vanguard Series in Kingston, NY in 2006, the unusual duo of Joe McPhee on b-flat and e-flat alto clarinets and synthesizer and Bryan Eubanks on open circuit electronics explores unusual dynamics and psychoacoustic intersections of both acoustic and electronic instruments. ... Click to View

Blaise Siwula / Jorge Nuno: Waterscapes (Creative Sources)

Waterscapes is the performing duo of New York saxophonist Blaise Siwula and guitarist Jorge Nuno, interwining distinct approaches to acoustic and electric improvisation, creating rich sound environments and rapid interaction that draws the listener in and then sweeps them off their feet with passionate, complex and informed dialog. ... Click to View

Carlo Mascolo: My Tubes (Creative Sources)

A unique take on this large brass instrument from Italian trombonis and Free Flow Festival director Carlo Mascolo, using preparations, focusing on components of the instrument, and using extreme techniques to create a startlingly diverse set of sounds, vocalisations, microtonal output and simply bizarre utterances as Mascolo brings new language to horn. ... Click to View

Alfredo Monteiro Costa / Miguel A. Garcia: Aq'Ab'Al (Mikroton Recordings)

Audio experimenters Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Miguel A. Garcia join forces in an album titled after "Aq'ab'al", the Mayan Astrology Sign about polar opposites-- dawn and dusk, hot and cold, black and white--which represents renewal and change, through a series of opposing audio events, forceful sounds of texture, feedback, and intervention. ... Click to View

John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: Last Dream Of The Morning (Relative Pitch)

A studio album between three UK master improvisers -- John Butcher on sax, John Edwards on double bass, and Mark Sanders on drums -- the trio pushing the envelope in technique and dialog in nearly telepathic playing that transports the listener into their environment, as the music builds and releases in effortless ways that are stunning and exulant; highly recommended. ... Click to View

Fred Van Hove / Roger Turner: The Corner (Relative Pitch)

Pioneering improvising pianist Fred Van Hove at UK's Cafe OTO for the first time, captured in a duo with UK drummer/percussionist Roger Turner, their first recording together, for a night of exceptional improvised interplay, sophisticated and complex playing that is constantly buoyant and charming, an enthralling conversation between two veteran players. ... Click to View

Magda Mayas / Jim Denley: Tempe Jetz (Relative Pitch)

A pairing of two innovative players, Berlin-based pianist Magda Mayas and Australian sound and wind artist Jim Denley, Mayas playing inside and out of the piano and Denley on alto sax and bass flute, both providing field recordings adding unexpected elements in a set of extremely balanced recordings that entrance the listener with unlikely and captivating settings. ... Click to View

John Butcher: Resonant Spaces [VINYL] (Blume)

Extreme acoustic space recordings from saxophonist John Butcher, part of Arika's Resonant Spaces event, with performances from resonant and remote corners of Scotland. ... Click to View

Lean Left: I Forgot To Breathe (Trost Records)

The 7th album from the quartet of Netherlands guitarists Andy Moor and Terrie Hessels (The Ex) with Chicago free improvising multi-reedist Ken Vandermark and Netherlands drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love in an album balancing amazing energy with profound introspective moments in thrilling edge-of-your-seat improvisation - excellent! ... Click to View

Lean Left: I Forgot To Breathe [VINYL] (Trost Records)

The 7th album from the quartet of Netherlands guitarists Andy Moor and Terrie Hessels (The Ex) with Chicago free improvising multi-reedist Ken Vandermark and Netherlands drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love in an album balancing amazing energy with profound introspective moments in thrilling edge-of-your-seat improvisation - excellent! ... Click to View

Kontakte Trio (Trevor Taylor / Ian Brighton / Steve Beresford): Kontakte Trio (FMR)

An important and well-matched trio of electroacoustic improvisers, and a welcome addition to guitarist Ian Brighton's return to active music life, with Steve Beresford on piano, prepared piano and electronics, and Trevor Taylor (Circuit) on percussion and electronics, six unhurried improvisations of intricate interplay and interchange themed on physics. ... Click to View

Viv Corringham / Lawrence Casserley: Anemoi (FMR)

Lawrence Casserley is a pioneer of real time electroacoustic music, since the 60s working with other artists and developing his Signal Processing Instrument, using physical gestures to process and morph sounds; here he works with British vocalist and Deep Listening teacher Viv Corringham in an other-worldly collaboration of voice and electonics. ... Click to View

Kamins / Smith / Fielder / Hertenstein: After Effects (FMR)

A great example of traditional free improvisation spanning generations from the quartet of Danny Kamins on baritone saxophone, Damon Smith on double bass, and two drummer/percussionists--Alvin Fielder and Joe Hertenstein--for 10 tracks of swinging free music recorded in the studio in Texas, 2016, jazz with a lyrical intention and powerful rhythmic underpinnings. ... Click to View

Pat Thomas: The Elephant Clock of Al Jazari [VINYL] (Otoroku)

Inspired by the automatic water clock invented by Iraq inventor, engineer, and father of robotics, Badi' al-Zaman ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari built in the 12th century, pianist Pat Thomas recorded these four exceptional improvisations of powerful solo piano with an unusual and inventive twist live at London's Cafe Oto in 2015. ... Click to View

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Op-Ed (Opinions and Editorials)
  • August 1, 2017:

    Sadly, the move of Squidco's location and the general business of the summer months has put this blog on the back burner. Our move is currently schedule for August 25, and my hope is to resume writing again as soon as that is complete. In the meantime I will keep the blog current with the listings from Squidco's home page mini-blog, and perhaps an occasional comment on our move's progress.

    New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Thanos Chrysakis / Christian Kobi / Christian Skjodt / Zsolt Sores - Carved Water (Aural Terrains) by Darren Bergstein.

    July 21, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Alexandra Grimal/Benjamin Duboc/Valentin Ceccaldi -Bambu
    Daunik Lazro/Jean-Luc Cappozzo/Didier Lasserre -Garden(s)
    Kyle Bruckmann Degradient -Dear Everyone [2 CDs]
    Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/Gerald Cleaver -The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 3
    Ivo Perelman/Joe Morris/Gerald Cleaver -The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 5
    Simon Nabatov Trio -Picking Order
    Michael Pisaro -Sometimes
    Burkhard Schlothauer -More Chamber Events [2CDs]
    Maria de Alvear/ Antoine Beuger ‎ -Besando El Tiempo [2CDs]
    Skogen/Magnus Granberg -'Ist gefallen in den Schnee' (2010) and 'Despairs had Governed Me Too Long' (2012) [double CD reissue]
    Lawrence Casserley/Jeffrey Morgan -Exoplanets
    Farhadian/Rodrigues/Rodrigues/Kurvers/Torres -De-Col//age_
    Ilia Belorukov/Ernesto Rodrigues/Nuno Torres -Tak Prosto
    Warble & MDuo -Ama

    July 24, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: d'incise / Cristian Alvear - Appalachian Anatolia (14th Century) (Another Timbre) by Dave Madden.

    July 20, 2017: 6 new FMR releases, 5 new Mikroton CDs, , plus we initiate Christian Meaas Svendsen's Nakama label with 3 albums each on CD or LP, in our In Stock section.

    July 19, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: MKM (Jason Kahn / Gunter Muller / Norbert Moslang) - Instants // Paris (Mikroton) by Jeph Jerman.

    July 13, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Ron Samworth (Samworth/Adler/JP Carter/Naylor/Lee/Meger) - Dogs Do Dream (Drip Audio) by Phil Zampino.

    July 12, 2017: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Angles 9 - Disappeared Behind the Sun (Clean Feed) by John Eyles.

    July 11, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Eric Revis -Sing Me Some Cry
    Max Johnson -In The West
    Nate Wooley -Knknighgh (Minimal Poetry for Aram Saroyan)
    Rob Mazurek -Rome
    LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst -Metamorphosis
    Platform (Xavier Charles/Katrine Schiott/Jan Martin Gismervik/Jonas Cambien) -Flux Reflux
    Roots Magic -Last Kind Words
    Vítor Rua and The Metaphysical Angels -Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitars? [2CDs]
    Mind Games (Niescier/Maroney/Ilgenfritz/Drury) -Ephemera Obscura
    Luis Martins Jose -Tentos - Invencoes E Encantamentos
    Big Bold Back Bone (Marco von Orelli/Sheldon Suter/Luis Lopes -In Search Of The Emerging Species
    Raphael Vanoli -Bibrax
    Kokotob (Taiko Saito/Niko Meinhold/Tobias Schirmer) -Flying Heart
    Jonah Parzen-Johnson -I Try To Remember Where I Come

  • July 10, 2017:

    Apologies for the distraction, it's been awhile since posting. Two things are pulling me in different directions. First is the imminent move to our new location at the end of August, which requires a large amount of planning. We've signed the lease and set up the most basic of services, and coordinated with the new owners of our current building to be released from our current lease early. For a little background, the building was sold twice, once at a price I would say corresponds to the value of the building; the second at an enormous profit. As our lease ends November 30 of this year, we were facing a doubling of rent, which we rejected. Our new location will be, oddly enough, on Shipyard Boulevard here in Wilmington, NC, two blocks from the ports. We'll continue to have retail by appointment, but shows and concerts will be held at local and like-minded venues, the first of which is this week at Wilmington's Juggling Gypsy Cafe.

    The second distraction was an unexpected visit to my hometown, Syracuse, NY, to help my father with a diagnosis of cancer. Gerald Zampino is a clarinetist, the principal for The Syracuse Symphony for decades, a soloist and member of The Syracuse Woodwind Quartet. He's also been an educator, in colleges and privately, for his adult life. I wouldn't be selling music if it wasn't for his influence, and music always permeated our house from my infancy. The future is uncertain but his spirit is good, and for now he continues to teach and play, showing remarkable dedication at 81 years.

    All that said, amazing music has continued to pour into our current location, and our purchase plans for the rest of the summer are falling into place. More soon!

    Recent Updates and Squid's Ear Reviews:

    June 27, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Sick Boss (Schmidt/Meger/Peggy Lee/JP Carter/Naylor/Page) -Sick Boss
    Ron Samworth (Samworth/Adler/JP Carter/Naylor/Peggy Lee/James Meger) -Dogs Do Dream
    Peregrine Falls (Grdina/Loewen) -Peregrine Falls
    Keiji Haino -Watashi Dake [VINYL + DOWNLOAD CODE]
    Janek Schaefer -Glitter In My Tears
    Barbares (Bopp/Foussat/Petit/Sato) -Debris d'orgueil
    Jurg Frey -Ephemeral Constructions
    Cem Guney -A Hint Of An Emotion
    Eva Houben Maria -Organ Sonatinas And Drones [2 CDs]
    Nick Storring -Exaptations [CASSETTE]
    Chris Strickland -Excruciating... [CASSETTE]
    Stefan Thut/Seth Cooke -Aussen Raum [CASSETTE]
    June 29, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Myra Melford Trio -Alive In The House Of Saints, Part 1
    Ran Blake -Something To Live For
    Noah Kaplan Quartet -Cluster Swerve
    David Ware S. Trio -Live in New York, 2010 [2 CDs]
    William Parker Quartets -Meditation/Resurrection [2 CDs]
    DK & The Perfectly Ordinary -CAR DEW TREAT US
    Steve Baczkowski/Chris Corsano/Paul Flaherty -The Dull Blade [VINYL]
    The Honkies -How Do We Prevent The Advance Of The Desert?
    Bob Drake -Antiquities [6-CD BOX SET]
    Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere -03
    Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere -Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere
    frostlake -White Moon, Black Moon
    July 10, 2017: New @ Squidco:
    Keith Rowe/Michael Pisaro -13 Thirteen [2 CDs]
    Graham Lambkin/Taku Unami -The Whistler [2 CDs]
    Cristian Alvear/Seijiro Murayama -Karoujite
    Bill Orcutt -Bill Orcutt
    Bill Orcutt -Bill Orcutt [VINYL]
    Lunar Error -Selene
    Luis Lopes/Fred Lonberg-Holm -The Pinneaple Circumstance
    Ulrike Brand/Olaf Rupp -Shadowscores
    Mazen Kerbaj/Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues/Carlos Santos/Sharif Sehnaoui -Blue Rain
    IKB -Dracaena Draco [2 CDs]
    Clinamen Trio (Marion/Di Donato/Berger) -Decline
    Scarassatti/Rodrigues/Rodrigues/Torres -Amoa Hi
    Andreas Pollak/Johan Graden -Terror Of Positivity
    Meurs! + Apolune -Meurs! + Apolune
    Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rodrigues/Nuno Torres/Rodrigo Pinheiro/Naoto Yamagishi -Mizutekiteki
    Jorge Valente/Carlos Santos -Metallum

    New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Richard Scott - Awesome Entities (Doubtmusic) by Darren Bergstein.


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