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Krennerich / Schubert / Osswald / Fischer:
Degrees Above (Creative Sources)

Four German saxophonists are heard in three sophisticated and extremely creative chamber-oriented improvisations recorded at Kulturzentrum Hufeisen from Andreas Krennerich on soprano, sopranino & baritone saxophones; Frank Paul Schubert on alto & soprano saxophones; Hartmut Osswald on tenor sax & bass clarinet; and Nils Fischer on baritone sax & contrabass clarinet. ... Click to View

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Almeida / Hencleeday / Parrinha / Parrinha / Santos / Valinho:
Spiegel II (Creative Sources)

The concept of a Spiegel, or mirror, is explored by this perceptively patient electroacoustic octet led by violist Ernesto Rodrigues, each of the 3 tracks an evolution of the first recorded improvisation, the 2nd "Spiegel" layering and reacting to the first recording, and the 3rd to the previous two, ultimately reflecting a conversation of 24 virtual musicians. ... Click to View

Pan (Kim / Benes / Haag / Alsadi / Saremi):
I Had A Dream (Creative Sources)

Perhaps referring to their "Pan"-global membership, with improvisers from Europe, Iran, Palestine and South Korea, an unusual instrumentation including the kanun and keneche, the Pan quintet recorded this album using unconventional composing methods and the integration of sound processing and extraneous interjections, a truly unique album of encompassing improvisation. ... Click to View

Stephen Flinn:
Red Bell (Creative Sources)

An immersive album of solo percussion, slowly sculpted through bowed cymbals, tension across drum heads, resonance and extraneous percussive elements, from New York-based experimental percussionist, composer & improviser, each piece unfolding a meditative yet substantial story built of powerful elements, creating mysterious and often daunting soundscapes. ... Click to View

Schindler / Kepl:
Fabulierblattchen (Creative Sources)

Track titles are borrowed from Friederike Mayröcker for their "concentrated word acrobatics and linguistic sensuality", and apt analogy to the duo of Udo Schindler on clarinets & cornet, and Iren Kepl on violin, who are recorded live at the 95th Salon für Klang+Kunst Krailling in Munich, 2019, in a set of 9 delicately virtuosic dialogs that use extended and unusual techniques. ... Click to View

Naoki Kita / Guilherme Rodrigues / Naoto Yamagishi :
S/T (Creative Sources)

The trio of Portuguese cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, Japanese percussionist Naoto Yamagish currently residing in France, and Japanese violinist Naoki Kita, active in improvisation and contemporary fields in Portugal and Berlin, met in Saitama, Japan at Barber Fuji to record these open conversations integrating extraneous noise and incidental instrument sounds. ... Click to View

Rasmus Borg:
Improvisations (Creative Sources)

Seven improvisations for solo piano from Swedish composer and pianist Rasmus Borg, recording in Stockholm in a contemplative contemporary mode, as evidenced by titles like "Nocturne", "Waltz", "Toccata", &c, referencing established forms through instant compositions, a reflection of his statement that Borg likes "melody, harmony, going in circles, canons". ... Click to View

Franklin / Gill:
To My Left Is Where The Lake Is (Creative Sources)

A series of improvisations recorded in an afternoon in Melbourne, Australia between bass guitarist Joseph Franklin and saxophonist Sam Gill on alto & soprano, this the debut of their duo work that since 2018 has developed a unique discourse of adept interaction from calmly precise to rapid & disciplined exchanges, connected by with textural and exploratory periods. ... Click to View

Other Plastics (Dominic Coles / Hunter Brown):
Overtime Liquor (Creative Sources)

Unusual glitch and extreme electronics improvised by the duo of New York artist Dominic Cole and Chicago/NY artist Hunter Brown (Sound Tribe Sector Nine), using approaches including glitch, noise & circuit bending in 9 pieces with tongue-in-cheek titles, balancing erratic moments with exploratory sections and near silence, an interesting and enigmatic album of aberrant electronics. ... Click to View

[SNDNG STTNS] Kifpfmuller / Janek feat. Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues :
Case Study: Sertao (Creative Sources)

Since 2014 the collective [SNDNG STTNS] has explored theatrical situations between musictheatre, staging and composition with live music, instruments, recordings, samples, speach and live editing, this work featuring cellist Guilherme Rodrigues bridges the art of the brazilian "violeros" with contemporary music, acoustic and electronic composition and improvisation. ... Click to View

Cortex (Hoyer / Nilssen / Alberts / Johansson):
Legal Tender (Clean Feed)

Seriously joyful and consequential "avant-garde party music" from the Norwegian Cortex quartet of Ola Hoyer on double bass, Gard Nilssen on drums & percussion, Kristoffer Berre Alberts on saxophone, and Thomas Johansson on trumpet, in their 6th album of irresistible, upbeat free jazz. ... Click to View

Ballrogg (Ellerhusen-Holm / Arntzen / Stackenas):
Rolling Ball (Clean Feed)

The Norwegian trio Ballrog, which started as the duo of Klaus Ellerhusen-Holm on clarinet and Roger Arntzen on double bass, then expanded with guitarist Ivar Grydeland, who is replaced by guitarist David Stackenäus, a perfect choice for the lyrical chamber approach of intertwining lines and fluid melodic statement, with a sense of "free chamber americana"; beautiful. ... Click to View

Chrome Hill (Lerheim / Arntzen / Lofthus / Nymo):
This is Chrome Hill (Clean Feed)

Self-described as Scandinavian jazz rock noir, the Chrome Hill quartet of Asbjorn Lerheim on baritone guitar, Roger Arntzen on double bass, Torstein Lofthus on drums & vibraphone, and Atle Nymo on tenor saxophone, present a dramatic album of contrasts inspired by cinematic and musical moods, merging elements of folk, Delta blues and cowboy rock into their darkly cool sound. ... Click to View

Warriors of the Wonderful Sound Expanded Ensemble, The:
Soundpath (Clean Feed)

AACM legend Muhal Richard Abrams was commissioned by Philadelphia saxophonist Bobby Zankel to compose for Zankel's large ensemble Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, this monumental piece premiered in 2012, but only in 2018 was a 2nd performance possible, conducted by Marty Ehrlich and receiving 2 standing ovations, the band recording this studio version the next day at Drexel University. ... Click to View

Lencastre / Nuno / Faustino / Valinho:
Anthropic Neglect (Clean Feed)

Three heavy "Concept" pieces of electric jazz from the quartet of Lisbon saxophonist José Lencastre, electric bassist Felipe Zenicola (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), drummer João Valinho and Jorge Nuno, a guitarist generally associated with psychedelic rock, as the band slowly seethes through a brew that flirts with rock and 70s fusion in unique ways. ... Click to View

Savina Yannatou / Joana Sa:
Ways of Not Seeing (Clean Feed)

A gorgeous and sinuous album of piano and voice from Portuguese pianist Joana Sá, using preparations and props to accompany the incredibly illustrative voice of Greek vocalist Savina Yannatou, whose profound skills create a sense of mystery and narrative that surpasses language and intent, creating something uniquely fragile yet fiercely alluring. ... Click to View

Luisa Goncalves :
Unno (Clean Feed)

A rich and lyrical album of solo piano improvisation from Lisbon-based Portuguese pianist Luísa Gonçalves, improvised yet merging elements of contemporary compositional music into beautiful and graceful forms that she reveals in a contemplative and pensive mood, savoring her notes and progressions while allowing melody to come forward in sophisticated ways. ... Click to View

Joao Lobo (Lobo / Lobo / Kempeneer):
Simorgh (Shhpuma)

Drummer Joao Lobo's trio with guitarist Norberto Lobo and double bassist Soet Kempeneer perform the drummer's dynamic compositions, along with one traditional works, a tight trio of highly interactive playing and a sense of familial interplay as the band weaves around Lobo's layered drumming and emphatic grooves, taking time for introspection among their energetic spontaneity. ... Click to View

Andre Goncalves :
Instrumentals (Shhpuma)

A compilation of compositions for conventional, acoustic, musical instruments, performed through synthetics and computer processing as an album of electronic music, composed by Lisbon based sound and media artist André Gonçalves, each of 9 parts simply titled "Instrumental", and each a fascinating microcosm of kinetic, synthetic-acoustic potential. ... Click to View

Kahil El'Zabar:
Kahil El'Zabar's America The Beautiful (Spiritmuse Records)

Chicago multi-percussionist Kahil El'Zabar composes, arranges and conducts a tour de force musical testament to speak about the turbulent issues in America and the world today, as well as his hopes and love for a better tomorrow, in a 12-piece ensemble including Hamiet Bluiett, Tomeka Reid, Corey Wilkes, Dennis Winslett, and the James Sanders String Quartet. ... Click to View

Sabu Toyozumi / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan / Isla Antinero / Stella Ignacio:
The Search for the Five Senses (Sol Disk Records)

Recorded during Sabu Toyozumi's first collaboration with Rick Countryman in 2017, this album features music from the same nights that produced Jya-Ne and Center of Contradiction: 6 tracks from an August 11th quintet performance with voice and trombone, and electric bass; plus 2 tracks from the following night in a trio format with acoustic bass. ... Click to View

Schubert / Schlippenbach / Blume:
Forge (Relative Pitch)

"Merge" aptly describes the nearly telepathic interplay between these three European Free Improv masters -- Alexander von Schlippenbach on piano, Frank Paul Schubert on alto & soprano saxophones, and Martin Blume on drums -- recorded live in 2019 at Ruhr Jazz Fest, in Bochum, Germany, for an expansive 47 minute improvisation and a brief "Forgin the Work" conclusion. ... Click to View

Jooklo Trio (Genta / Vanzan / Lopez):
It Is What It Is (Relative Pitch)

A raucous blast of free jazz, electrifyingly extending the Italian improv unit Jooklo Duo of drummer/percussionist David Vanzan and saxophonist Virginia Genta, here on amplified tenor & sopranino saxophones, with New York improviser Brandon Lopez on electric bass, burning six hair-raising pieces of aggressive free improv of exemplary relentlessness. ... Click to View

Samara Lubelski :
Partial Infinite Sequence (Relative Pitch)

Performing solo on violin with surrounding effects that emphasize the dramatic tension in her extended sequences, Samara Lubelski presents two substantial journeys into the infinite, swirling in delays and reverb as her bow transitions from rapid up and down to long drawing and sustaining, pulling a variety of sounds that elate her listeners in spirals and eddies. ... Click to View

Susanna Gartmayer / Christoph Kurzmann:
Smaller Sad (Klanggalerie )

The first meeting between the Austrian duo of bass clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer and Christof Kurzmann, here using ppool software, voice and rubber band, creating 4 elusive and immersive works that float somewhere in the void between experimental electronics, improvisation and song, creating diaphanous tension and mysterious environments; spellbinding. ... Click to View

Tomeka Reid / Joe Morris:
Combinations (RogueArt)

New York and Chicago string improvisers combine for an album of dense abstractions through individual lines that weave between the two players, briefly combining then moving off to independent methods, as guitarist Joe Morris and cellist Tomeka Reid meet in a Brooklyn studio to record ten improvisations, including one each dedicated to their home cities. ... Click to View

Charlotte Greve / Vinnie Sperrazza / Chris Tordini:
The Choir Invisible (Intakt)

The first recording for the New York-based trio formed in 2017 by Germany/NY saxophonist Charlotte Greve, Brooklyn-based bassist Chris Trodini and drummer Vinnie Sperazza, all three composing for the band as they integrate composed structures and improvised sections with an ear towards lyrical interplay, create a diverse and optimistic first outing of buoyant jazz. ... Click to View

Christoph Irniger Trio (w / Raffaele Bossard / Ziv Ravitz):
Open City (Intakt)

Swiss saxophonist & composerChristoph Irniger extends his long-running trio of bassist Raffaele Bossard and drummer Ziv Ravitz with Brooklyn alto saxophonist Loren Stillmand and German trombonist Nils Wogram, combining arrangement and improvisation in the jazz tradition, performed with inventive clarity and a strong regard for melody, making this an upbeat and creative album of modern jazz. ... Click to View

Ernesto Rodrigues / Miguel Almeida / Andre Lanca / Bernardo Alvares / Felice Furioso:
Un Seul Regard Le Chant Petri De Beaute Un Mot Vert (Creative Sources)

Acoustic and sublime minimal acoustic improvisation with an emphasis on strings from the Portuguese quintet of Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Miguel Almeida on acoustic guitar, Andre Lanca on electric guitar, Bernardo Alvares on double bass, and Felice Furioso on percussion, performing live during the Small Format Materials Festival at Galeria Monumental, in Lisbon. ... Click to View

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Op-Ed (Opinions and Editorials)
philz Squidco Blog
  • November 24, 2020:

    The last three weeks have been consumed by a flood of new releases, planning for new purchases, and placing orders for a number of very exciting releases expected in the next few weeks. Highlights for my ears are a set of 9 new albums on Lithuania's exemplary NoBusiness label, with artists including Derek Bailey, Sam Rivers, Frank Gratkowski, Mats Gustafsson, Sabu Toyozumi, Red Trio Celebration Band, Barry Guy and Nate Wooley! We're also expecting the 2nd Charlie Parker reissue on ezz-thetics by Hat Hut, Ltd in the next week, and the Vinny Golia / John Hanrahan / Henry Kaiser / Wayne Peet / Mike Watt project "A Love Supreme & Meditations A Love Supreme Electric".

    A number of new Confront titles are on their way to us, including a new The Seen and Sealed Knot albums. The latest two erstwhile releases — Toshiya Tsunoda / Taku Unami: Wovenland 2 and Choi Joonyong / Jin Sangtae: Hole in My Head — will be accompanied by three recent Elsewhere releases from Melanie Dailbert, Jurg Frey, and Shira Legmann. There's also a double 7" box set from SpleenCoffin that includes a side with Jeph Jerman; a new Balance Point Acoustic trio with Lisa Cameron / Damon Smith / Alex Cunningham; a new Remote Viewers album; a new Improvisers series on Kontrans from the trio of Blonk, Mallozzi & Vandermark; and two albums on Listen! Foundation from Pauli Lyytinen / Maciej Garbowski / Krzysztof Gradziuk and OWL, The feat. Pablo Held.

    As always, you can ask us to notify you when any of these releases are available, with no obligation to purchase, by using our upcoming release page.

    So you can see, we've been busy! On top of that, I've spent three weekends preparing for and executing an upgrade to our database server, all part of a project to advance our office technology to allow for more efficient processing of our customer's orders. And to make sure the next week is just as busy, this week we're preparing for our annual Black Friday sales, which will start early on Friday morning and run through the weekend!

    Throughout all of it, we've been focused on the US elections and the unusual challenges we've been witness to. Regardless of anyone's political affiliation, following the rule of law and having faith in the people who execute and protect the integrity of our vote has prevailed, as we should all desire. I am hopefully thinking that the coming few years will help cure some of the angst and frustration we've been subjected to, and will be a good time to reflect on societal priorities and finding common ground.

    Sadly, common ground also includes a global pandemic. My own family has experienced the coronavirus, with my brother's family all having contracted and been symptomatic with covid-19; they're all on the mend, but it was a frightening two weeks for our family, and brought home the seriousness of the times and the need for effective leadership as new vaccine options become available.

    Be safe and don't be weary of the restrictions we're in, and please be patient with the need to protect others and ourselves during this time. If you're really frustrated, take a deep breath, and put on a beautiful album of creative music while you contemplate a better future.

    A Great Year of Reissues:

    More often than you might expect we receive a phone call with a question similar to: "Do you have [such-and-such] album by Led Zeppelin [or Wayne Newton or Barbara Streisand; pick a common recording artist and insert]". I patiently answer that we're a store specialized in new improvised and compositional music, which typically results in a long pause, and occasionally a sullen goodbye. Around Record Store Day those calls are even more frequent, and result in even deeper disappointment.

    Squidco was formed to sell physical media with an emphasis on new albums, new statements, new ideas & concepts in music and sound. In 2002 we picked up a large amount of back-catalog as we first opened our store, but all on modern, active labels that we intended to keep current with going forward. And so it has been for, gasp, 18 years this January!

    That said, we can also point to our category of album reissues, which currently lists albums from labels otherwise actively releasing new music, including Corbett vs. Dempsey, Discus, ezz-thetics by Hat Hut, Ltd, Honest Jons Records, NoBusiness Records, Sub Rosa, KARLRECORDS, and Recommended Records. Here are the top 12 selling reissues of 2020 by customer sales, listed in descending sales order. Pick up a bit of history and still-vital music with any of these impressive albums that have thankfully returned to active status.

    Parker, Charlie : Selections From The SAVOY Recordings (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    The second of two volumes in celebration of legendary saxophonist Charlie Parker's 100th birthday, here remastering his landmark recordings for the Savoy label in New York City between 1945-48, performing with jazz greats including Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Lewis, Curley Russel, Max Roach, &c. for some of be-bop's finest and best known compositions.

    Ayler, Albert: Spirit Rejoice & Bells Revisited (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    Revisiting two of the most essential and influential albums of saxophonist Albert Ayler's discography, both recorded in 1965 — Spirits Rejoice in a sextet and Bells in a quintet — both drawing from some of NY's finest players including Charles Tyler, Henry Grimes, Gary Peacock, Sunny Murray, Donald Ayler and Lewis Worrell, properly remastered to showcase Ayler's stunning conceptions in free jazz.

    Parker, Charlie : Selections From The DIAL Recordings (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    The first of two volumes in celebration of legendary saxophonist Charlie Parker's 100th birthday, here remastering his landmark recordings for the Dial label on the US West Coast between 1946-47, performing with jazz greats including Miles Davis, Lucky Thompson, Erroll Garner, Barney Kessel, Red Calender, JJ Johson, Max Roach, &c. for some of Parker's best known and essential compositions.

    Ayler, Albert Quartet With Don Cherry: European Recordings Autumn 1964 (Revisited) [2 CDs] (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    Essential radio and live recordings from saxophonist Albert Ayler's European tour in 1964 with Don Cherry on cornet, Gary Peacock on double bass and Sunny Murray on drums, a quintessential grouping for Ayler's compositions, here in outstanding renditions of classic works including "Spirits", "Ghosts", "Vibrations", "Mothers", "Childrens", plus Don Cherry's "Infant Happiness".

    Ayler, Albert Trio: 1964 Prophecy Revisted (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    With the essential sidemen to express his unique voice and approach to free jazz, saxophonist Albert Ayler, double bassist Gary Peacock, and drummer Sunny Murray, recorded these sessions in 1964 for the ESP label as "Prophecy", this excellent reissue & remaster also adding the live "Albert Smiles with Sunny" (inRespect) from the same concert; essential.

    Kowald, Peter Quintet: Peter Kowald Quintet (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

    First ever CD reissue of the only band under bassist Peter Kowald's own name, remastered; originally released by FMP in 1972, this is exemplary European Free Jazz from one of the orignal innovators in a quartet with Peter Kowald on tuba, bass, & alphorn, Gunter Christmann and Paul Rutherford on trombones, Peter van der Locht on alto saxophone, and Paul Lovens on drums.

    Oxley, Tony: February Papers (Discus)

    Reissuing percussionist and electronic innovator Tony Oxley's 1977 Incus album, collecting works from Oxley's evolving approaches, including a quartet with bassist Barry Guy and violinists David Bourne & Philipp Wachsmann; a trio with Barry Guy and Ian Brighton on electric guitar; and solo pieces including a piece for Evan Parker emulating his sound through electronics.

    Sun Ra Arkestra: Heliocentric Worlds 1 and 2 (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    The two volumes of "Heliocentric Worlds", recorded 7 months apart in 1965, represent perhaps one of greatest chapters in Sun Ra's legacy, bringing together his immense orchestration skills with future-leaning free jazz, allowing his players expanse inside disciplined compositions that reflect on both space and the then-new freedom explored by jazz soloists.

    Sun Ra And His Solar-Myth Arkestra: The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol. 1 & 2) [2 CDs] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

    Originally issued on the BYG label as a 2 volume set, these albums present a variety of tracks from various undocumented sessions in New York and Philadelphia in the 1960s, with similar personnel in the makeup of the Arkestra during this time, here fully remastered and presented as a 2-CD set including a bonus track correcting an original mastering problem; essential Ra!

    Brotzmann, Peter: 14 Love Poems [VINYL] (Cien Fuegos)

    Reissuing German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann's 1984 solo album on the FMP label, inspired by a poetry booklet by Kenneth Patchen of the same name, a little known poet whose booklet Brötzmann carried with him around the time of this recording, evoking passionate and emotional playing on alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinets, & tarogato.

    Schlippenbach Quartet: Three Nails Left (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

    Remastered and with the original cover, the expanded Schlippenbach Trio of pianist Alexander Von Schlippenbach, saxophonist Evan Parker on soprano & tenor, drummer/percussionist Paul Lovens, and German double bassist Peter Kowald, a stellar group captured in two incredibly inventive concerts at Third New Jazz Festival Moers and at Quartier Latin in 1974 & 1975.

    15 Kinder & Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink: Free Jazz und Kinder [VINYL] (Tochnit Aleph)

    Originally released in 1973 on the FMP label as 2 7" records, this obscure gem brings the European Free Improvising masters Peter Brötzmann (tenor sax), Fred Van Hove (piano) and Han Bennink (drums & percussion) into a workshop at Akademie der Kunste, Berlin to record with 15 children between the ages of 8 and 11, a curios merging of free jazz & interactive field recording.

    Squidco Publishing Roundup:

    I end with a number of updates to our site and The Squid's Ear over the last couple of weeks. You can always keep up with the latest additions to our catalog as they enter our Just In Stock Section, meaning that we physically have an album and are able to ship it with an order. You can also see recent restocks of previous items at our Recently Restocked page. You can see a list of the releases we're anticipating on our upcoming releases page, where you can request that we inform you via email of any release that you're interested in, with no obligation to purchase.

    November 23, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Klaus Filip / Moe Kamura - Passagein (Wind's Measure) by Brian Olewnick.

    November 19, 2020: New @ Squidco:
    Cortex (Hoyer/Nilssen/Alberts/Johansson) -Legal Tender [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Ballrogg (Ellerhusen-Holm/Arntzen/Stackenas) -Rolling Ball [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Chrome Hill (Lerheim/Arntzen/Lofthus/Nymo) -This is Chrome Hill [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Warriors of the Wonderful Sound Expanded Ensemble, The -Soundpath [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Lencastre/Nuno/Faustino/Valinho -Anthropic Neglect [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Savina Yannatou/Joana Sa -Ways of Not Seeing [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Luisa Goncalves -Unno [CD] (Clean Feed)
    Joao Lobo (Lobo/Lobo/Kempeneer) -Simorgh [CD] (Shhpuma)
    Andre Goncalves -Instrumentals [CD] (Shhpuma)
    Kahil El'Zabar -Kahil El'Zabar's America The Beautiful [CD] (Spiritmuse Records)
    Sabu Toyozumi/Rick Countryman/Simon Tan/Isla Antinero/Stella Ignacio -The Search for the Five Senses [CD] (Sol Disk Records)

    November 19, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Alvin Lucier - String Noise (Black Truffle) by Brian Olewnick.

    November 18, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: The Geordie Approach (Birkeland / Fadnes / Sharkey) - Shields (Discus) by Dave Madden.

    November 17, 2020: New @ Squidco:
    Schubert/Schlippenbach/Blume -Forge [CD] (Relative Pitch)
    Jooklo Trio (Genta/Vanzan/Lopez) -It Is What It Is [CD] (Relative Pitch)
    Samara Lubelski -Partial Infinite Sequence [CD] (Relative Pitch)
    Susanna Gartmayer/Christoph Kurzmann -Smaller Sad [CD] (Klanggalerie )
    Tomeka Reid/Joe Morris -Combinations [CD] (RogueArt)
    Charlotte Greve/Vinnie Sperrazza/Chris Tordini -The Choir Invisible [CD] (Intakt)
    Christoph Irniger Trio (w/Raffaele Bossard/Ziv Ravitz) -Open City [CD] (Intakt)
    Ernesto Rodrigues/Miguel Almeida/Andre Lanca/Bernardo Alvares/Felice Furioso -Un Seul Regard Le Chant Petri De Beaute Un Mot Vert [CD] (Creative Sources)
    Sun Ra And His Outer Space Arkestra -A Fire Side Chat With Lucifer [VINYL] (Modern Harmonic)

    November 17, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Dean Rosenthal - Stones/Water/Time/Breath (Edition Wandelweiser) by Jeph Jerman.

    November 12, 2020: New @ Squidco:
    John Blum/Jackson Krall -Duplexity [CD] (Relative Pitch)
    Alexander Schlippenbach von -Piano Solo: Slow Pieces for Aki [CD] (Intakt)
    OM (Urs Leimgruber/Christy Doran/Bobby Burri/Fredy Studer) -It's About Time [CD] (Intakt)
    James Lewis Brandon Quartet (w/ Taylor/Ortiz/Jones) -Molecular [CD] (Intakt)
    Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter -ST [CD] (ugEXPLODE)
    Chris Pitsiokos/Javier Areal Velez/Kevin Murray -First Blush [CD] (1039 Records)
    George Lewis (w/ Derek Bailey/Douglas Ewart/Joelle Leandre/Steve Lacy) -Rainbow Family [CD] (Carrier Records)
    Diceros -Symbolic Boundary [CD] (Creative Sources)
    Joel Futterman/Ike Levin Trio featuring Kash Killion -LifeLine [CD] (Charles Lester Music)
    Oceans Roar 1000 Drums -[VINYL] (Sacred Realism)

    November 12, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Rhodri Davies - Transversal Time (Confront Recordings) by Paul Serralheiro.

    November 10, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Tomas Cabado & Christoph Schiller - Unconscious Collections (Another Timbre) by John Eyles.

    November 10, 2020: New @ Squidco:
    Talibam! W/ Silke Eberhard/Nikolaus Neuser -This Week Is In Two Weeks [VINYL] (ESP-Disk)
    Horace Tapscott/The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra -Ancestral Echoes: The Covina Sessions, 1976 [CD] (Dark Tree Records)
    Christina Kubisch -Italienische Stucke/Italian Pieces (1974-1984) [CD] (Tochnit Aleph)
    Sam Weinberg/Henry Fraser/Weasel Walter -Grist [CD] (ugEXPLODE)
    Evan Parker -Monoceros [VINYL] (Treader)
    Phillip Greenlief -Barbedwire: 37 Graphic Scores For Trio Volume One [CD] (Creative Sources)
    Hupata! (Rave/Warelis/Tuan Ku) -Microclimates [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Astral Spirits)
    Guilherme Rodrigues -Cascata [CD] (Creative Sources)
    Tester/Caldwell -Little Flower [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Astral Spirits)
    15 Kinder & Brotzmann/Van Hove/Bennink -Free Jazz und Kinder [VINYL] (Tochnit Aleph)

    November 9, 2020: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Thollem / Parker / Cline - Gowanus Sessions II (ESP) by Paul Serralheiro.

  • November 5, 2020:

    A huge number of new releases arrived over the last couple of weeks, right after Record Store Day, delaying a new blog entry for over a week. I have been taking notes, and my writing here focuses on a few albums that caught my ear over these last weeks. That ear has been split with an eye on the news, as we're in the midst of an unprecedented election that is clearly not going to be called early or easily.

    2020 has been an unexpectedly turbulent and concerning year, and I know of no one who has not struggled with the times. The only bright spot from my perspective has been the profoundly great music that has been released this year, as new albums continue to come in at a great rate. While the troubles of the world play out, let's all take a bright moment to listen to some incredible music, giving ourselves respite to remember how creative and innovative we are capable of being. Here's hoping that inspiration spills out to the world!

    A personal favorite from the large set of Relative Pitch releases in October is the duo of trumpeters Jacob Wick and Brad Henkel. I've been a fan of both players for many years, Henkel from his work with Prom Night Records in NYC, and Wick from his Creative Sources duo 37:55 with drummer Andrew Greenwald, and his albums collaborating on Prom Night. Henkel and Wick are sourced back to the Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer trio with Weston Minissali in 2012, and this new album shows the creative expansion both have evolved toward their trumpets over the ensuing years. This album is a revelation in extraneous sounds a trumpet is capable of creating, not through mutes, but through the deconstruction of their instruments, and performing through components therein. Their improvisations are not a novelty, though they're certainly uniquely voiced, but instead represent an unusual and thoroughly distinctive dialog, approaching their instruments from the possibilities hidden within. Amazing.

    Jacob Wick / Brad Henkel: Lovely Bag You Have (Relative Pitch)

    Two like-minded experimenters and improvisers meet in Berlin to extract a fascinating mixture of both unusual and traditional tones & textures on their trumpets, energetically disassembling their instruments in aberrant ways to create clicks, clacks, airy hisses and other inexplicable sounds, revealing a dialog of solid ideas that captivate and surprise their listeners.


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    (Clean Feed)

    The Warriors of
    The Wonderful Sound
    Expanded Ensemble, :
    (Clean Feed)

    (Ellerhusen-Holm /
    Arntzen /
    Rolling Ball
    (Clean Feed)

    (Hoyer /
    Nilssen /
    Alberts /
    Legal Tender
    (Clean Feed)

    Susanna Gartmayer /
    Christoph Kurzmann:
    Smaller Sad
    (Klanggalerie )

    Schubert /
    Schlippenbach /
    (Relative Pitch)

    Alexander von Schlippenbach:
    Piano Solo:
    Slow Pieces
    or Aki

    James Lewis Brandon
    Taylor /
    Ortiz /

    John Blum /
    Jackson Krall:
    (Relative Pitch)

    Evan Parker:

    Horace Tapscott /
    The Pan Afrikan
    Peoples Arkestra:
    Ancestral Echoes:
    The Covina Sessions,
    (Dark Tree Records)

    Jim O'Rourke:
    Shutting Down Here
    (Portraits GRM)

    Moore /
    Prevost /

    Butcher /
    Prevost /
    Iklectik Live One

    Kordik /
    Lucas /
    High Laver
    (Matchless /

    Nate Wooley:
    Seven Storey
    Mountain VI
    (Pyroclastic Records)

    Mary Halvorson's
    ode Girl:
    Artlessly Falling
    (Firehouse 12 Records)

    Ernesto Rodrigues /
    Carlos Santos:
    (Creative Sources)

    Hermione Johnson:
    (Relative Pitch)

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