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Musica De Selvagem (Decloedt / Nader / Rodrigues / Ferreira / Marques): Volume Unico (Shhpuma)

Reacting to negative comments about Brazilian music, Sao Paulo born double bassist Arthur Decloedt recruited saxophonist Filipe Nader to create a new, spontaneous and free form take on Brazilian jazz, using pop songs as a jumping off point, with four vocalists and a five piece band creating compelling new and unusual hybrids of Brazil's rich, rhythmic and compelling music. ... Click to View

Julien Desprez / Luis Lopes: Boa Tarde [VINYL] (Shhpuma)

Two guitarists with unique approaches to their instruments -- Paris-based Julen Depsrez and Lisbon-based Luis Lopes -- in an experimental album of evolving sound through extreme modification of guitar sound and sustain, mysteriously building their interactions from whispering sonics to growling harmonics, tightly controlled but bristling with complex energy. ... Click to View

Albatre (Costa / Almeida / Ernstring): The Fall Of The Damned (Shhpuma)

Rotterdam based band comprising two Portuguese players--Gonccalo Almeida on bass and Hugo Costa on sax--and German drummer Philipp Ernsting, the trio adding electronics, keys and effects, in their third album slamming hard free jazz and rock angst into a controlled chaos, a maelstrom of powerful riffs, rugged soloing, and mesmerizing grooves. ... Click to View

Knalpot (Fanoli / Jager / Caron): Dierendag (Shhpuma)

Sporting a strange sense of humor and blending rock and improvisation, instrumentally this Amsterdam is the duo of Raphael Vanoli on guitar, synth, & electronics and Gerri Jager on drums, synths, & electronics, with Sandor Caron providing sound design, here in an album of stylistic amalgamations of unexpected and upbeat rhythmic oddity and fun melodic inventiveness. ... Click to View

Rupp Olaf / Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues: RRR (Creative Sources)

Electric guitarist Olaf Rupp joins the father son duo of violist Ernesto Rodrigues and cellist Guilherme cello, in a studio recordings from Berlin in 2017, as three disparate strings intertwine in acoustics and electronics for an intensely evolving two part work of textured tapestry of slow bowing, sustaining tones, unusual progressions, and odd percussive invention. ... Click to View

Chris Pitsiokos / Susana Santos Silva / Torbjorn Zetterberg: Child Of Illusion (Clean Feed)

A profound sense of drama in free playing from the young collective trio of NY saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos with the establish partnership of Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva and Swedish bassist Torbjourn Zetterberg, in jazz is chamber-like, informed by their musical background that spreads over a myriad of aesthetics, full of nuance and beautiful interplay. ... Click to View

Friends & Neighbors (Roligheten / Johansson / Gronberg / Rune Strom / Ostvang): What's Next? (Clean Feed)

A great example of the Norwegian creative jazz scene, the quintet of Andree Roligheten on sax & clarinet, Thomas Johansson on trumpet, Oscar Gronberg on piano, Jon Rune Strom on double bass, and Tollef Ostvang on drums take their name from an Ornette Coleman LP, as they show us 'What's Next' by blending lyrical and free approaches with unexpected twists and turns. ... Click to View

Jacob Sacks: Fishes (Clean Feed)

Eleven new works from New York pianist Jacob Sacks in a quintet with some of NY's finest--Ellery Eskelin on tenor saxophone, Tony Malaby on tenor & soprano saxophones, Michael Formanek on bass, and Dan Weiss on drums--referencing traditional jazz influences like Monk & Mingus with superbly creative soloing fostered by the freedom of Sack's compositions. ... Click to View

Mette Rasmussen / Chris Corsano: A View Of The Moon (From The Sun) (Clean Feed)

Following their Relative Pitch album "All the Ghosts at Once", the free improvising duo of alto saxophonist Mette Rasmussen and drummer Chris Corsano, also on slide clarinet, release their 2nd album, a live concert at Cankarjev dom, in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2015, pushing the limits on both instruments through radical technique and inventive approaches to their playing. ... Click to View

Master Oogway: The Concert Koan [VINYL] (Clean Feed)

Powerful electric jazz roots from the Norwegia quartet of Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll on saxophone, Havard Nordberg Funderud on guitar, Karl Erik E. Horndalsveen on double bass, and Martin Mellem on drums, shredding inspirations from 60s electric Miles and Ornette, with a rock influenced rhythm section and electric guitar work driving great soloing. ... Click to View

Heaven (Henrik Pultz Melbye / Ole Mofjell): IAPOE [VINYL] (Clean Feed)

Inspired by European improvisation, 60's NY-loft-avant-garde and Ethiopian jazz, Heaven, the Norwegian collaborative project of Danish saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye and Norwegian drummer Ole Mofjell, merge rhythmic and melodic realms, adding stretches of noise and non-idiomatic sounds, in fast-paced, highly-energetic, and highly-informed performances. ... Click to View

Peter McEachern Trio : Bone-Code (Clean Feed)

A trombone trio led by Peter McEachern, with the frequent collaborators, the formidable rhythm team of Mario Pavone on bass and Michael Sarin on drums; here they dedicate their lyrical, blues tinged but avant embracing album to Roswell Rudd as they play a set of McEachern compositions, along with one from Mario Pavone and one from Alice Coltrane. ... Click to View

Jonas Cambien Trio (w / Roligheten / Wildhagen): We Must Mustn't We [VINYL] (Clean Feed)

Leveraging influences in improvisation and contemporary compositional music, Belgian/Oslo pianist Jonas Cambien, a member of Simiskina and Platform, extends his own trio of saxophonist Andre Rolighete and drummer Andreas Wildhagen with trumpeter Torstein Lavik Larsen on 2 tracks, as they balance jazz, avant, free improv and other hybrid forms in a compellingly creative album. ... Click to View

Gunter Sommer Baby (w/ Till Bronner): Baby's Party (Intakt)

For his 75th birthday celebration, German free jazz legend Guther "Baby" Sommer joined with German trumpeter and flugelhornist Till Bronner for a rhythmically inventive, lyrical, and joyful album of free improvisation, nine pieces from Sommer plus "Danny Boy" (Weatherly) and Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood", making for a stylish and upbeat party! ... Click to View

Stefen Aeby Trio (w/ Andre Pousaz / Michi Stulz): The London Concert (Intakt)

The Stefan Aeby Trio at the Intakt Festival at Vortex Jazz Club in London 2017, the pianist leading his trio with bassist Andre Pousaz and drummer Michi Stulz through lyrical original compositions from Aeby, with one from Pousaz, a wonderful example of the modern piano trio that embrace a wealth of styles and approaches while flowing clearly in jazz history. ... Click to View

Skerebotte Fatta: Riders From The Ra (Creative Sources)

Members of the Polish Infant Joy Quintet and Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra--saxophonist Jan Malkowski and drummer Dominik Mokrzewski--pair off in a dynamic album of solid free jazz, influences feeling like Albert Ayler or Steve Lacy, as the two show great technical and creative skills, sometimes in great motion, sometimes reflective, showing great command and direction. ... Click to View

Ornette Coleman : Looking For Ornette [DVD] (La Huite)

Two films documenting and seeking insight into the work of late alto saxophonist and free jazz trail blazer Ornette Coleman, to some an iconoclast, to others a pioneering musician; the first film by Jacque Goldstein creates a portrait through interviews of those influenced by him; the 2nd, Stephane Jourdain follows Coleman's influence in today's music. ... Click to View

Donald Sturge / Anthony McKenzie II (feat. Elliot Sharp, Bill Laswell, Vernon Reid): Silenced II - Views from the Auction Block [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (577)

Drummer Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II trades off duos with a set of masterful musicians in the second volume of his "Silenced" project, here with guitarist Elliott Sharp for a complex and inspired dialog; with bassist Bill Laswell for a rich and moody soundscape; and with guitarist Vernon Reid in a piece for McKenzie's daughter; plus one solo drum piece. ... Click to View

Listening Group (feat. Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Jeff Snyder / Stelios Mihas / Federico Ughi): Live at the Forward Festival 2016 [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (577)

A live performance at Forward Festival 2016, in Brooklyn, NY, merging chamber music, free improvisation, free and avant jazz and other forms in a an ensemble with Daniel Carter (sax & trumpet), Claire de Brunner (bassoon), Patrick Holmes (clarinet), Nick Lyons (sax), Jeff Snyder (electronics), Stelios Mihas (guitar), Jonah Rosenberg (piano), Zach Swanson (bass), and Federico Ughi (drums). ... Click to View

Listening Group (feat. Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Jeff Snyder / Stelios Mihas / Federico Ughi): Live at the Forward Festival 2016 (577)

A live performance at Forward Festival 2016, in Brooklyn, NY, merging chamber music, free improvisation, free and avant jazz and other forms in a an ensemble with Daniel Carter (sax & trumpet), Claire de Brunner (bassoon), Patrick Holmes (clarinet), Nick Lyons (sax), Jeff Snyder (electronics), Stelios Mihas (guitar), Jonah Rosenberg (piano), Zach Swanson (bass), and Federico Ughi (drums). ... Click to View

Choi Bae Sun / Junji Hirose / Motoharu Yoshizawa / Kim Dae Hwan: Arirang Fantasy (NoBusiness)

A 1995 live concert at Romanisches Cafe in Tokyo from the South Korean and Japanese free improvising quartet of Choi Sun Bae on trumpet, Junji Hirose on tenor & soprano saxophones, Motoharu Yoshizawa on electric vertical five strings bass, and Kim Dae Hwan on percussion, in five collective improvisations including an homage to Charlie Parker. ... Click to View

Choi Bae Sun / Junji Hirose / Motoharu Yoshizawa / Kim Dae Hwan: Arirang Fantasy [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

A 1995 live concert at Romanisches Cafe in Tokyo from the South Korean and Japanese free improvising quartet of Choi Sun Bae on trumpet, Junji Hirose on tenor & soprano saxophones, Motoharu Yoshizawa on electric vertical five strings bass, and Kim Dae Hwan on percussion, in five collective improvisations including an homage to Charlie Parker. ... Click to View

Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories & Piano [2 CDS] (Hat [now] ART)

Two substantial works for solo piano from late composer Morton Feldman, performed by Dutch avant-garde pianist John Snijders; "Triad Memories" is presented in two sections over 2 CDs, following Feldmans's socre, Snijders holding the sustain pedal halfway down for unusual harmonic decay, while "Piano" exploring permutations in a work of suspended time and motion. ... Click to View

Morton Feldman: Trio (Hat [now] ART)

Reissuing the 1996 recording of Morton Feldmans' "Trio" performed by Ives Ensemble members Job Ter Haar on cello, John Snijders on piano, and Josje Ter Haar on violin, Feldman's compositions sparse with tension over spacious moments of lyrical beauty, tense dissonance, unhurried repetition, and a sense of drifting momentum, evasive yet beautiful music. ... Click to View

Metal Chaos Ensemble: Blast Furnace (Evil Clown)

PEK and Yuri Zbitnov's working project exploring chaotic rhythms on metallic instruments using a wide range of sonorities, including gongs, chimes, glockenspiel, Tibetan Bowls and other metallic sounds and horns, plus accompaniment tracks, with special guests Bob Moores on trumpet and guitar and Eric Woods on analog synth, and performing real time Signal Processing. ... Click to View

Leap Of Faith: Proof Theory (Evil Clown)

The core trio of the Leap of Faith Orchestra is Boston area PEK on clarinets, saxophones, double reeds & flutes, Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic & voice, and Yuri Zbitnov on drums & percussion, here expanded with Eric Dahlman on trumpet, whistles and game calls, and and Jim Warshauer on saxophone, in an incredibly diverse live performance at Outpost 186, in Cambridge, 2018. ... Click to View

Antonis Anissegos / Christos Yermenoglou: Intertitles (Creative Sources)

Berlin pianist Antonis Anissegos and Greek drummer Christos Yermenoglou in an album of obscurely titled free improvisations, sophisticated and thoughtful discourse using both traditional and extended techniques, Anissegos inside and out of the piano, as the two converse through understated yet strong melodic threads, a truly lovely and accomplished album. ... Click to View

Univers Zero: Ceux Du Dehors [VINYL] (Sub Rosa)

A remarkable work of chamber rock in the the 1981 third album from Belgian band Univers Zero led by drummer/percussionist Daniel Denis, who alo provides the complex and darkly brooding compositions for the ensemble, inspired and guided by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, here in a much-needed vinyl reissue. ... Click to View

Mike Westbrook: Starcross Bridge (Hatology)

A solo piano album of lyrical jazz compositions from London pianist and band leader Mike Westbrook, including pieces from Monk, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Lennon & McCartney, and original work from himself and his partnership with Kate Westbrook, an album of musical and personal references with the title track dedicated to saxophonist Lou Gare. ... Click to View

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble: Throwing Coins (Hatology)

Swiss pianist and composer leads her Luzia von Wyl Ensemble, a 10 piece band orchestrated with piano, bass, drums, flute, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and marimba, in a series of original jazz pieces that embrace third-stream jazz and Middle Eastern modal melodies, her players taking on exceptional solo spots fueled by her sophisticated compositions. ... Click to View

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  Joelle Leandre 
  A Woman's Work [8 CD BOX SET]  
  (Not Two) 

   review by Phil Zampino
Joelle Leandre: A Woman's Work [8 CD BOX SET] (Not Two)

A disclaimer: I've long been a fan of Joëlle Léandre, and as a buyer for Squidco, always pick up any album that I see her leading or playing on. I admire her impressive skills on the double bass, both plucking and bowing, showing characteristics from the history of free jazz bass players and her own, very unique path on the instrument. And for myself, even more endearing are her vocals, very much in the vein of Phil Minton or Joane Hétu; her vocalizations are confident and strange, the two highest compliments I can give to a free improvising vocalist. She has an outstanding discography of more than 100 albums as a leader and/or in the company of some of free improvisation's finest global players. Her creative interests seems restlessly infinite, and the diversity of her projects is exemplary. But more specifically to my disclaimer: Léandre has also been a very encouraging angel for Squidco, writing to us in the most charming manner since our earliest days, thanking us for taking on the music that we sell and bringing a sense of satisfaction to me that we are part of the globally connected set of musicians that are driven to create the music we so admire.

I was excited when I saw that she had an 8-CD box set on the Polish Not Two label, a retrospective of sorts bringing a variety of settings and groups together into one magnificent package. Not Two does not disappoint, providing a sturdy box with an outer sliding sleeve jacket, inside a 16 page 10" x 5" booklet that rests over two compartments containing 4 CDs each. The booklet starts with an essay from Stuart Broomer, and a longer retrospective article on Léandre from Marciej Karlowski, plus photos, quotes and credits. Each of the CDs presents a different grouping of Léandre with other like-minded improvisers, with the exception of disc 6 which is pure Léandre solo. The groupings are: CD 1, Les Diaboliques (Léandre, Irene Schweizer, Maggie Nicols); CD 2, Léandre & Mat Maneri; CD 3, Léandre & Lauren Newton; CD 4, Léandre & Jean-Luc Cappozzo; CD 5, Léandre & Fred Frith; CD 6, Léandre solo; CD 7, Léandre in a quartet with Zlatko Kaučič, Evan Parker and Augusti Fernandez; CD 8 duos between Léandre and Zlatko Kaučič, Evan Parker and Augusti Fernandez. Most of the material was recorded in 2015 & 2016, with the Solo disc from 2005 and the Maneri duo from 2011.

CD 1:

The first disc of the box opens strongly with Les Diaboliques, the trio of Joëlle Léandre on bass, Irene Schweizer on piano, and Maggie Nicols on voice. "Diaboliques" or "little devils" is an apt name for this grouping, bring both superlative playing skills and a sense of mischievousness to their improvising. The trio is caught live in DOM in Moscow in 2015.

All three are masterful players, technically superb and with long histories in a variety of settings and approaches to improvised music. They are also all interested in unique approaches to improvisation, and their performances have both sophisticated and polished playing extremely balanced by unusual vocalization, inside piano playing, and eccentric bass technique. The result is exhilarating and unpredictable. The concert begins with the full trio for an extended dialog with tight interactions that take strange twists and turns, Nichols and Léandre both bringing bending notes and odd utterances over Schweizer's anchor; halfway through, the converstation takes a strange turn, breaking down to both Nichols and Léandre singing and speaking, Schweizer inevitably returning in a strong direction that takes all three players to the top of their game, Nichols closing on a sighing note. Nichols and Léandre follow with a dynamic duo, Nichols getting wilder as her voice warms, trading operatic exercises with raspy cries and odd wordless phrasing, while Léandre trades similar statements in furious bowing, powerful plucking and unusual harmonics. The performance continues in wonderfully consistent work through to the 5th piece, where Léandre and Nichols step back for a solo from Schweizer that showcases her powerful technique and nimble mind as she constructs lyrically inclined and extended statements that blend compositional and jazz phrasing in effortless ways. The concert ends with the full group uniting in a tour de force finale.

The next four CDs in the set are all recorded in superb clarity by French engineer Jean-Marc Foussat, who is also a free improvising keyboardist, electronics whiz, and vocalist, bringing a unique perspective to his engineering work. Fou als runs his own label imprint, Fou Records, which releases both his own new material and also essential recordings from the 80s with artists including Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Joëlle Léandre, Willem Breuker Kollektief, &c.

CD 2: Duo of Joëlle Léandre & Mat Maneri

This duo set brings the French bassist together with New York violinist Mat Maneri for 6 improvisations in a chamber jazz vein. The confluence of strings is unique to the box, different than the CD with Fred Frith in the seemingly traditional approaches both bring to the set. Recorded at La Java in Paris, both bring a mix of contrasting and complementary styles to their playing. The music is perhaps more sober than other albums in the set, but no less exciting in the sophisticated approaches both employ. I particularly enjoy the contrast between Léandre's plucking and Maneri's bow work, providing staccato counterpoint to Maneri's journeying forays. What's not heard in this set is Léandre's voice, lending a distinct air of profundity to their improvisation, which is somewhat unique to the other more eccentric performances heard in the box.

CD 3: Duo of Joëlle Léandre & Lauren Newton

The 3rd disc continues the series of duo recordings that dominate the set. The pairing of Léandre on double bass and free improvising vocalist Lauren Newton, captured in superb clarity, are from the Lecture Room at FRAC of Besnançon. There is nothing conventional about this format, though on the surface it is straight-forward that Léandre is the agile foundation for Newton's exquisite voice and flights, sallies, and expeditions in free directions.

While mostly wordless free vocalization and double bass, The last improvisation has Newton telling the story of an old lady with a pig going to market, as Léandre accompanies with interaction that supports, responds and interrupts Newton's story. It's dramatic, quirky, and a curiosity, as Newton interjects her incredible vocal technique into the story. As the tale builds in complexity, Léandre's accompaniment builds in intensity, pausing and starting with increased vigor as the old lady's journey continues. It's one of the most amusing moments of the box set without pandering or breaking the continuity of their performance — it makes sense that Newton's wordless vocals would fit so well with actual words, and gives the feeling of pulling back the curtain on what goes on in her mind while she vocalizes.

CD 4: Duo of Joëlle Léandre & Jean-Luc Cappozzo

An ominous and heavy conversation between two French players, the set starts with Léandre bowing over Cappozzo's darkly lyrical and excursive playing, a nearly 10 minute masterpiece of clarity in conversation. Cappozzo is three years Léandre's younger, so the two share both country and generation. Their compatibility is clear, and their similar experiences brings patience and wisdom to their playing. For the second piece Léandre adds her voice, ruminating over distant twilight trumpet. The set continues through a mix of bowing, plucking, lyrical, serpentine, and pointillistic playing, a wonderful blend of style and approaches as the two jump from topic to topic and find common ground in every conversation. Léandre uses her voice sparingly as an accent to the playing, Cappozzo sometimes responding to her uniquely idiosyncratic ways. In many ways this disc is one of the most consonant of the set, as the two seem ideally suited to each other's playing and perspective.

CD 5: Duo of Joëlle Léandre & Fred Frith

As a long-time follower of guitarist Fred Frith's albums, from the earliest of Henry Cow days through his Ralph Records solo albums to his now decades-long career as a free improviser, I was eager to work my way to this disc. I was not disappointed: Frith and Léandre are captured live at Instants Cahvirés in 2016, again by Jean-Marc Foussat, for a beautifully recorded set of 3 dialogs, two of them about 17-minutes in length, with one final shorter piece to finish.

Frith's remarkable creativity and formidable extended techniques on the electric guitar fit perfectly with Léandre's approach, no doubt fueled by years of one-off projects like their 2003 Tempted to Smile release on Spool, or their 2012 MMM Quartet album Live At The Metz' Arsenal on Leo Records. Frith takes a frequently percussive approach to his playing, albeit often in tangential ways, extending his guitar with objects and extracting unusual moans and sighs from the strings. Léandre starts the set with an abstracted approach to an anchored bass line, slowly evolving away from it through forays in both plucking and bowing, along with her typically eccentric techniques that play well with Frith's musings. Settled in, the second dialog begins in a more abstracted way, Frith bringing in sounds like a diving airplane over Léandre's frantic bowing. The discourse continues with great technique and subject, building in intensity as the piece continues, Léandre eventually entering the extreme high registers of the bass as Frith plays a rapid string figure, inspiring Léandre to the only clear vocal additions of the set, as they finish the piece to enthusiastic applause. The final piece ties up the set in a brief encore of about 5 minutes, pulling all of the elements of the concert into play as Léandre bows deeply and Frith cuts loose in assertive playing, both using voice for rhythm and murmuring counterpoint. The set fadies out over Léandre's beautiful cooing. The excitement of the crowd as they applaud this magnificent set is enough to make the listener jealous, but thankful that Foussat did such a wonderful job capturing the night.

CD 6: Solo

The 6th CD in the box is pure Léandre, captured live at a concert titled La voix est Libre [The Voice is Free] recorded by Radio France at Bouffes du Nord in Paris. The audience is large and appreciative, attentive to her playing and responding along with her. The concert starts almost conventionally, but quickly Léandre starts bowing with strong harmonics, alternating between bowing and plucking, pushing herself with short vocal prompts as the pace builds. The great applause after her first piece seems to electrify her, as she starts her second improvisation with upper register bowing that's almost psychedelically electronic sounding. This continues for almost 5 minutes, throwing deep percussive motions and bottom end bowing to return to rapid higher register work, lightly hitting the instrument for a slight percussive accompaniment. Her breathing builds, and suddenly she unleashes an operatic tirade, a powerful voice that descends to the devil, growling, grunting, possessed and virtually speaking in tongues. And then she relents, and starts speaking in an almost imploring tone; I don't speak French so I don't understand what she says that brings laughter from the audience, but it's a wonderful release from the previous intensity, as she finishes the piece with a farcically lyrical turn, bringing cheers, laughter and more hearty applause.

The concert continues, the elements are similar but Léandre experiments and changes her approach so that each break brings something new and unique, bending, rising and lowering notes, her powerful technique making the double bass ring as only a masterful player can. Her confidence and playfulness are at times dark or menacing, but always there's a mischievousness and joy behind it. At times she speaks to herself in a personal language that drives her into unusual forays and frenzies, with a sense that's she's somehow possessed by an impish spirit. She so thoroughly puts herself into her performance I can't imagine how exhausted one would be after a concert like this, yet I have the feeling she could play the entire night, continuing to find inventive, impressive, and awe inspiringly new music to perform. An absolutely magnificent concert.


Joelle Leandre: A Woman's Work [8 CD BOX SET]
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