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Darren Bergstein - Darren Bergstein has been a music writer and editor for well over three decades. A passionate historian, archivist, and collector of electronic and experimental music, he founded and published the paper-based i/e and e/i Magazines (continuing online at, and writes for numerous print and web publications, including The Squid's Ear, Signal to Noise, Perfect Sound Forever, and others. He can be contacted at

Wyman Brantley - Wyman Brantley is a member of the duo Operators and Things and has played improvised music since 1988. He is a writer and works in educational assessment.

John Chacona - John Chacona, was producer and host of the "After Hours" program on the NPR affiliate in Erie, PA, and writes about jazz and world music for several publications in print and on the Internet. He can be reached at

Mike Chamberlain - Mike Chamberlain is a father and a music writer living in Montreal who told us to write his bio for him.

Nate Dorward - Nate Dorward edits the poetry magazine The Gig and writes occasional music reviews for Coda, Cadence, Paris Transatlantic and other journals. He lives in Toronto.

John Eyles - John Eyles has been writing about music since 1992 for a variety of publications, including BBCi and All About Jazz as well as The Squid's Ear. He plays alto or sopranino saxophone in London Improvisers Orchestra, London Experimental Ensemble and Apocalypse Jazz Unit among other groupings.

Scott K. Faingold - Scott K. Faingold lives in Chicago. He is the author of the novel Kennel Cough and is a founding member of the band Pop 1280. Scott has never been to Auschwitz, but he did go to Hebrew school.

Kurt Gottschalk - Kurt Gottschalk was once the editor of The Squid's Ear, and still writes about music actively. He can be reached at

Reid Gray - Reid Gray's interests include sound waves and the English language. He lives in New York.

Eyal Hareuveni - Eyal Hareuveni, currently lives in Jerusalem, but not for much longer. He dreams to relocate to Oslo, and to settle near The BLA club (or to Shinjuku, near the Pit-Inn club). He is the proud father of three female cats, and can be contacted at:

Mike Heffley - Mike Heffley is a musician and scholar who has worked both on the bandstand and in the classroom with Anthony Braxton. He has established an extended body of writings that about creative music and creative music science, including the first serious theoretical treatise on Braxton's music, published in 1996, and is currently working on a book about FMP records and the free jazz movement in Germany.

Skip Heller - Skip Heller is a jazz musician, and he's not ashamed of it.

Andrey Henkin - Andrey Henkin is a writer based in Queens, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, NPR, Stereophile, WeJazz and accompanying numerous albums. He maintains the obituary website

Alan Jones - Alan Jones, who lives with the unforgiving elements and dismal scenery of the Pacific Northwest, is a seasoned Navy submariner who spends more time spouting shit about music than he does defending democracy. He wonders if there will ever be a comfy balance. At the moment he prefers the Dismemberment Plan to Tangiers and hockey to curling.

Okkyung Lee - Okkyung Lee is a cellist and a connoisseur of the culinary arts. She can be reached at

Dave Madden - "Salt Lake City based Dave Madden's earliest memory is the outro of "I Am the Walrus" - and he never recovered. As with most active improvising musicians, turntablists, composers and writers, he is currently an employee of a major corporation that has nothing to do with creative endeavors. Dave can be reached at"

Tom Mellish - "A philosophy student at King's College London who has a love for that type of music that'll blow his face off."

Nick Metzger - "Nick Metzger is a lifelong music lover with a specific devotion to the innovative, complex, and unconventional. His intention is to help others find what they are looking for, and to shine a light into the dimly lit corners where the best art resides. He lives and works in central Indiana. Nick can be reached at"

Urania Mylonas - Urania Mylonas is a writer, singer and twirler living in New York. She has written for such diverse media as The Squid's Ear and Columbia Magazine. She also twirls the baton as a member of the troupe Oh de Twirlette ( and also with the Hungry March Band ( . She likes squid, calamari and octopus, preferably marinated.

Brian Olewnick - Brian Olewnick, 48, is a long-time listener to improvised and contemporary music, and was seduced by the Net to begin writing about it. He has been a so-called "expert" for All-Music Guide since 2000 and has written occasional pieces in TimeOut NY and other fora. He is currently working on a biography of Keith Rowe with an anticipated gestation period to be measured in decades.

Nick Ostrum - Nick Ostrum is a historian by training and a passionate fan of avant-garde music. He has lived in five cities and two countries over the past half-decade and has somehow always managed for find a vibrant local scene. (Fingers crossed that this trend continues.) He currently resides in New Orleans.

Kristen Persinos - Kristen Persinos moved to NYC from Boston in 1991 and is the founding member/den mother of Impostor Syndrome, a Lower East Side based rock trio.

Matt Rand - One of Matt Rand's music theory teachers in college had long hair and said that all classical composers would rather be rock stars like Oasis (he was British). The class would laugh and relax. And then the teacher would talk about how sexy dissonance was and grab for fistfuls of air, trying to catch hold of the chords that the class listened to as they shook through the room. He grabbed passionately but always seemed to come up empty handed. The attempts, though, made a big impression on Rand.

Massimo Ricci - Massimo Ricci has been manipulating sounds (typically, but not necessarily, warping them) since he was 3 years old in 1967. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he's been composing and improvising - occasionally recording the results - for decades but never gave a damn about releasing anything until November 2020, when his CD Tracey Feels Worse came out on Elevator Bath. Besides his own Touching Extremes and The Squid's Ear, Massimo has written for Paris Transatlantic and Bagatellen. His prose poems are featured in sound artist Keith Berry's The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish (Crouton). On July 7, 2009 he was ultimately shocked by the experience of casually running into Steely Dan's Donald Fagen and shaking his hand in a central street of Rome. Massimo's sense of guilt for not managing to listen and review ALL the thousands of promos received has never disappeared. His secret dream: the complete abolition of human language in favour of pure sound and telepathy. Looks like it's not going to happen anytime soon.
Michael Rosenstein - Michael Rosenstein has written about music since he first ventured up to the Victoriaville Festival in 1988. He also writes for Signal to Noise, Coda, and Cadence.

Max Schaeffer - Max Schaefer studies Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Victoria. When left to his own devices, he scrawls short-stories and poetry. Now and again, he also plays the piano and composes experimental electronic music. So far as his journalist endeavors are concerned, asides from the Squid's Ear, his past efforts have been bound up with those of E/I, Further Noise, Grooves, and Signal To Noise, amongst others.

Paul Serralheiro - Journalist, musician and poet based in Montreal.

Elliott Simon - Elliott Simon still feels like a NY tourist in his house in Amish Country, PA where he has lived for the past 20 years. With kids going off to college and a new post 911 NYC cultural realization he has returned to his 60s and 70s passion and found that it still speaks to him.

Len37 - Len37
Temporal musician/explorer
New Yorker

Steve Smith - Steve Smith writes about music for Time Out New York, Billboard, The Wire, Chamber Music magazine and points beyond.

Nirav Soni - Nirav Soni is a student at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized study, with a concentration in philosophy. He is currently employed by Erstwhile Records and the NYU's School of Education darkroom, and is on the crew for an cinematic biography of Albert Ayler. When he grows up, he intends to study the law.

Vanessa Wang - Vanessa's musical tastes run from Ravel to rave, from Monk to punk, from Dorothy DeLay to Vladislav Delay. She can be found wandering both coasts, clutching her cello in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

Dan Warburton - Dan Warburton is a violinist, pianist and journalist (The Wire, Signal To Noise) based in Paris. He is Editor-In-Chief of the Paris Transatlantic online magazine (

Flo Wetzel - Florence Wetzel is co-author of Perry Robinson: The Traveler and a staff writer at All About Jazz-New York. She is also author of the novels Madeline and Mrs. Papadakis and Aspasia.

Phil Zampino - Phil Zampino is the editor & publisher of The Squid's Ear. He can be reached at

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