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Preliminary Saturation (de Turck / Jaspers / Smolders): You Are The Universe (Moving Furniture)

In 2004, sound artist Jos Smolders released his Textures and Mobiles album on the CONV label; so taken by the sound, which is based on dtmf and ccitt tones generated by phones and pure sine waves, the Preliminary Saturation duo of Steffan de Turck and Wouter Jaspers created these three diverse edits and remixes of the album, one for a live performance at Smolder's 2006 birthday party.

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product information:

Label: Moving Furniture
Catalog ID: MFR060
Squidco Product Code: 31062

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Netherlands
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in The Netherlands by the artists.


Steffan de Turck-editing

Wouter Jaspers-editing

Jos Smolders-source material

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Artist Biographies:

"Steffan de Turck (Goirle, 1974), known by the pseudonym Staplerfahrer, is a sound artist. His work is mainly characterized by the use of digital samples and analog noise, whereby everyday utensils produce distorted sounds through electrotechnical modification.

In September 2007 he curated the acoustic noise project at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg. He also played at the Interpenetration Festival in Graz and the NUmusic Festival in Stavanger, Norway.

He is a member of the underground label and artist collective Vatican Analog from Tilburg."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (,sc)

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"Wouter Jaspers (Deurne, February 22, 1985) is a sound artist.

His work mainly consists of minimal soundscapes and drones for which he often experiments with effects equipment, modified synthesizers and contact microphones, where analog noise and field recordings form the basis of various melodic structures. Jaspers - then still stationed in Tilburg - played more than 400 times around the world between 2007 and the end of 2010, making it one of the most touring artists in the Dutch experimental music scene.

In 2007 at Vatican Analog released CD Babi Yar, an exploration includes a tribute to the victims of the massacre at Babi Yar in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1941. On the CD Exhibition, released in the spring of 2008, he translates field recordings he made in Ukraine, India, Poland and Germany into new compositions. For this CD he traveled to Theresienstadt, among other places, and used recordings from the radioactiveinfected area around Chernobyl.

His album Glorious Days was released in 2009, on which he collaborated with, among others, the lead singer of the Norwegian band Serena Maneesh, Emil Nikolaisen, who also worked as a producer and sound engineer on albums by the American band Woven Hand. To promote the album, Jaspers toured the United States, much of Europe and Asia.

In August 2010, Jaspers spent a week in the primeval forests around Brno, Czech Republic to work on a new album, which will be released in mid- April 2011 on his Vatican Analog record label. On September 27, 2010 he gave an artist workshop in Amsterdam at STEIM, institute for electronic music.

Besides his solo work, Jaspers is also active in other projects within and outside his noise collective Vatican Analog, such as in 4DALADIEZ, an experimental improv band with Vincent Koreman, Steffan de Turck, Bas Welling and Bas Verbeek. Together with De Turck he also forms the occasional duo Preliminary Saturation, he performs with Frans de Waard as Ezdanitoff and he performed with the Norwegian Sten Ove Toft with drone and noise project The Professional Skaters. He also collaborates with the American cellist Audrey Chen.

As an experimental musician, Jaspers developed a fascination for modifying analog equipment. For example, in 2010, together with technician and musician Christian Zollner, he set up the company Koma Elektronik, with which the duo started producing analog equipment for adventurous musicians from Berlin. The company now has a large group of employees and the products of the brand are sold all over the world. In 2016, the company also opened a workshop and shop in Berlin, Common Ground."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (,sc)

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"Jos Smolders (Deurne, The Netherlands, October 20th, 1960) studied architecture at the Delft Technical University but quit and continued the musical tape experiments of his childhood. He started musicological studies of electronic and recorded music, was six years co-editor of Vital Magazine. Active in the underground electronic scene, founding member of the renowned Dutch electroacoustic ensemble THU20, he released his own music on cassette, LP and CD. He now works as a sound designer and composer in Tilburg (The Netherlands). Founder of online magazine and mp3 label Earlabs. Owner of EARLabs Studios."

-Discogs (

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track listing:

1. Weltraumforscher 10:08

2. Die Schwerelosigkeit 16:14

3. Umkreisen 13:20
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"It was late 2004 when Spanish label CONV released Textures and Mobiles, by Jos Smolders, in a limited run of only 100 CDr's. This amazing album was based on a limited set of sounds: dtmf and ccitt tones that were generated by telephones and pure sine waves that interfere with each other. It came in like a wrecking ball! For us at least. A couple of years later, at Jos' birthday party, we used samples of this album in a celebratory live performance. A couple of more years and years later we decided to make a recycle / remix project out of it, processed Jos' original sounds, added some of our own spices and poured the results into this album."-Moving Furniture

"[...] Relatively more active, yet created out of more static stuff, is "You Are the Universe" by Preliminary Saturation, which is credited to the duo of Steffan de Turck (aka Staplerfahrer) and Wouter Jaspers. Though perhaps calling this a duo album is unfair, because there is a phantom third member of the band here: Jos Smolders provided the source sounds in a roundabout sort of way. His 2004 album "Textures and Mobiles", itself made out of CCITT and DTMF tones (sine waves and crinkling white noise) from telephone interference, made such a strong impact of de Turck and Jaspers that they used it the basis of a live collaboration at a concert for Smolders' birthday. Perhaps to further honour the highly influential Smolders or perhaps just in the spirit of discovery in continual recycling, de Turck and Jaspers went back to "Textures and Mobiles" to transform it into something else entirely. Considering how brittle the foundational sound elements are, this album contains warm and very full-sounding music, some of it even approaching accessible, somewhat ambient electro-pop. The first of the three sections is not dissimilar to Moving Furniture's preferred mode of pleasantly-somnolent hum, with an engaging depth and attention to sonic detail. While the component sounds are most recognizable on this track, the artists transform them radically. The second section, "Die Schwerelosigkeit" ("The Weightlessness") is strangely titled, as it's the most grounded of the three. The opening rhythmic beep reminded me of Kraftwerk's "Radio-Activity", a spare pulse that morphs into laid-back techno-pop. Reader, I must admit that at this point, I had a huge smile on my face. Had to go back to listen a second time before moving on. The album's closer is another looping crackle with some depth-charge bass tones underpinning jabs of tape-remind punctuation and electric-shock percussion. A wonderful album, full stop. [...]"-HS, Vital Weekly
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