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Brasilia Laptop Orchestra: BSBL0rk: 10 yEars aLive (Public Eyesore)

For more than 10 years since its inception as a spin-off from founder and principal programmer Eufrasio Prates's doctorate research in 2012, the Brasilia Laptop Orquestra has become a regular institution on the Brasiliense experimental and electronic scene, the orchestra an ever-changing collaboration of musicians, heard in 11 recordings captured live between 2013-2020.

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UPC: 195269167783

Label: Public Eyesore
Catalog ID: PE150
Squidco Product Code: 33260

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded between 2012 and 2022.


Conrado Silva-performer

Eduardo Kolody-performer

Ramiro Galas-performer

Victor Valentim-performer

Kiko Barretto-performer

Philip Jones-performer

Elias Melo Filho-performer

Ricardo Borgmann-performer

Victor Hugo Araujo-performer

Joenio Costa-performer

Jackson Mainho-performer

Anesio Azevedo-performer


Bryan Day-performer

Eufrasio Prates-performer

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"When I first saw laptops used in concerts, maybe around 1997 or 1998, I thought, 'how can these poor musicians afford such expensive machines and aren't they afraid it breaks, get stolen or crash? These days, the laptop seems to have disappeared from concerts or is less prominent at least, so imagine my surprise to see a release by something that is the Brasília Laptop Orchestra. At the end of the review, I will list the members. I am not sure, but I don't think I have heard of any of these people before. The orchestra started in 2012, and "they have been committed to incorporating the human body and movement into their production of sounds and images. And to create 'ecosophic' works that emphasize respect for the environment, social inclusion and the promotion of conscious human development and liberty". The orchestra is not fixed in membership, and amateurs and professionals are next to each other. Each player has their own speaker and their own source of sounds, sometimes encircling the audience. In that respect is, the stereo mix on a CD only half the fun. They use cameras to record their hand and body movements and translate that into music. Again, something is not present on the CD. As much as I like the music on this CD, I find it also hard not to think about the things we don't see and hear. In that respect, the CD falls short of the true thing. And, certainly, with the use of laptops, this is important. One of the things that saw them disappear off stage is that audience had no idea what the laptop did: "is the musician checking his email?" was heard a lot in the first decade of this century. The music reminds me of early electronic music and musique concrète and not as much of the much-used glitches, crackles and sine waves that crowded stages in the previous decade. The music is sometimes spacious, but that is also because these are live recordings picked up with a microphone. Among the pieces, there is a fine amount of variation to be noted, and throughout these pieces are around five minutes, which keeps this in some fine speed in the music, urgency if you will. Next time a DVD, please!"-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

Eufrasio Prates aka euFraktus_X holds a PhD in Arts/Performance, and is a Music A.I. researcher. He performs on Guitar, as a DJ, a Max/Tidal developer and is the founder of @bsblork, known for the Brasilia Laptop Orchestra.

-Eufrasio Prates Instagram Site (

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Track Listing:

1. 2012 - Impromptu Holofractal 19 - Pinheirinho 5:17

2. 2013 - Xfm12-Vi Filosofia E Ficcao 6:24

3. 2014 - Pulsos 8:29

4. 2015 - Impromptu Holofractal 20 - Understanding Visual Music 3:27

5. 2016 - Xfm11-Jaime Del Val Impromptu 3:22

6. 2017 - Tubo De Ensaios Impromptu 6:25

7. 2018 - Lis Marina Impromptu 4:17

8. 2019 - Dia Mundial Da Agua Impromp 3:46

9. 2020 - Covid-19 Impromptu Genomico 10 4:57

10. 2021 - Insetos Impromptu 4 5:53

11. Bonus Track - Chuva Radioativa-Fallout 2020 6:58

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