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Ristic, Manja / Joana Guerra / Veronica Cerrotta: Slani pejzazi [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Tsss Tapes)

TSSS Tapes brought together these three performers -- Belgrade violinist and sound artist Manja Ristić; Lisbon exploratory improviser and cellist Joana Guerra; and Argentine pianist and sound artist living in Rio de Janeiro, Veronica Cerrotta -- developing these two intensely detailed compositions of acoustic performance, field recordings and acousmatic sound.

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Veronica Cerrotta-composer, performer

Joana Guerra-composer, performer

Manja Ristic-composer, performer

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Label: Tsss Tapes
Catalog ID: tst047
Squidco Product Code: 34928

Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: Italy
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded by the artists.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"[...] Slani pejzaži features complementary musicians who had not previously known each other, their common link being Francesco, who helped to bring the three together. The label owner writes, "Manja is a violinist, Joana a cellist, Veronica a pianist ... (they) met in this place where (their) music somehow has the same feeling." According to Manja, "we gradually built a sonic simulacrum of places and moments frozen in time." Manja sent the initial recordings to Verónica, who added material and sent it to Joana, who sent it back to Manja. Piece by piece, three worlds became a shared and sacred space.

Each of these three worlds also represents multiple locations; Manja's recordings of Korčula are joined by recordings from the limestone quarries of the South Adriatic and the Austrian-Czech borderlands; she also plays a cardboard box. Verónica's field recordings in and above Rio De Janeiro are mixed with film samples and shortwave radio. She writes, "I felt that one sound was calling to another. It was like painting a picture, mixing colors, highlighting figures, creating textures, outlining shapes." Joana's layer includes prepared cello, Moroccan flute, an old organ, bowed Portuguese guitar and her own voice. She writes, "The first track carried me to fluid, sandy shores, misty and mysterious landscapes, reminiscent of a lost memory or dream. In the second track, I sensed a cyclical motion, an ode to the beauty found in everyday rituals, hinting at an interconnectedness that binds all existence."

This interconnectedness becomes the binding agent of the album. "Diario de sueños" ("Dream diary") begins with chimes, rustles and birds, like the curtain pulled back on an ancient temple, revealing dusty bowls, emptying nests. There is holiness in connection, symbolized here by the musical conversation. Some parts are meant to be harmonic, others distinct yet not dissonant: a sign that every participant can be heard without all agreeing on every matter. Collaboration, in this instance, leads to consensus. As the women share memories of the places they've been, they create a global dialogue, meeting on common ground. The cello plays a lullaby over trains and traffic, stability and movement implied at the same time. Thunder begins to rumble; droplets descend on the instruments, producing nature's own notes. Joana's voice imitates a theremin, introducing an otherworldly tone balanced by the sound of footsteps on gravel.

And then to "O vento retoma o seu lugar inicial," a line from Yannis Ritsos roughly (Google) translated as "The wind takes over its initial place." At first, prospective travelers mill abound, seemingly at ease, waiting for the transport that will take them home or away; then the agitated cello, implying that the journey may not be so calm. The soothing voices of the station operators paper over any leftover anxiety. In this tape, leaving home also connotes leaving one's comfort zone, surrendering control, accepting that collaboration may produce something greater than individual efforts. The wind blows in at the midpoint: the winds of change or even a spiritual wind. An Irish forecast is followed by a drenching, formidable rain, into which the flute soars, unafraid. A snippet of summer poetry produces an intense calm. Now tame as a tea kettle, the wind has come back around, safe as houses, safe as playgrounds. [...]"-A Closer Listen

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Artist Biographies

"Argentine sound artist. She studied Visual Arts at the National University of Art (U.N.A.) and Music at the Juan Pedro Esnaola Music School, with a specialty in piano. She works in the field of sound art, placing listening and the everyday landscape in focus. Her artistic production is based on the use of field recordings and oscillates between soundscape and experimental music. She has several pieces published in compilations from Argentina, Brazil, Barcelona, ​​Chile, Peru, and the UK. She currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she does sound design and cultural production work. She directs the Fonoteca Maresia, an archival project that brings together field recordings and soundscapes by RJ and is part of the independent collective Estúdio Escuta that promotes the dissemination of experimental music and sound art artists from Latin America."

-Earth.FM (Translated by Google) (

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Joana Guerra: "I was born in 1983 and grew up in the Lisbon suburbs, specifically in Rinchoa.

My musical studies began at the neighborhood school where, curiously, also had karate lessons! Subsequently, I pursued my musical education at the Lisbon Conservatory of Music while concurrently earning a degree in Portuguese Literature from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Balancing my musical pursuits, I navigated through a series of less-than-ideal part-time jobs.

As a musician I moved to musical landscapes that could reflect my desire for acoustic experimentation and for the adoption of bolder sound references as well as extended techniques for cello, which led me to become part of Lisbon's free improvisation movement.

I have regularly collaborated with numerous musicians, as well as with dance, performance and theater projects, influencing and interweaving an ever-expanding sound universe. I released four albums of my solo project, dating the last release of 2020 with the acclaimed "Chão Vermelho" (Miasmah Records). I played on several portuguese venues and festivals, as well as across borders: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, São Tome and Principe.

I am also part of several projects in the spectrum of exploratory and improvised music: Lantana, The Alvaret Ensemble, Joana Guerra & Gil Dionísio or the Cornelius Cardew inspired ensemble 'Tratado de Cardew. In addition to other collaborations with Joëlle Léandre, Maria do Mar, Surma, Spectrum Awareness, Carlos Godinho, Gume, Victor Herrero, Lula Pena, Yaw Tembe, Asimov, Angelica Salvi, Tiago Sousa, João Ferro Martins, Pop Dell'Arte, João Pais Filipe, Paulo Vicente, Beat the Odds, Raquel Lima, Trigger, Ricardo Jacinto, Pedro Melo Alves, Mia Distonia, Orquestra do Ruído, Cícero, Bernardo Álvares...

As a composer and a performer, I've been involved in projects from other artistic fields: in dance performance, I've worked with the choreographers Clara Andermatt, Madalena Victorino and Marina Nabais; in theatre, with the João Garcia Miguel Company and Hotel Europe; in cinema/documentary, I've made the soundtrack for Os campos em volta, by João Botelho, presented at Festival IndieLisboa 2015 and also for Peceras, by Asur Fuente.

This vibrant melting pot of artistic experience enriches my being as a musician and as a composer. I share this constant evolution with the audience during my live performances!"

-Joana Guerra Website (

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"Manja Ristić, born in Belgrade in 1979, is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator, and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001), then awarded at the Royal College of Music, London, with PGDip Solo/Ensemble Recitalist (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician, as well as a composer and an improv musician She has performed all across Europe and in the US, involving collaborations with established conductors, performers, multimedia artists, poets, and theatre/film directors.

Ristić's sound-related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro-acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts.

Ristić has created commissions for ORF musikprotokoll, Radiophrenia, Radio Art Zone, Kunstradio - Radiokunst, Radio Cona, Semi-Silent, Radia.FM, Framework Radio, REVEIL Soundcamp, all national broadcasting agencies across SE Europe, and many independent media platforms. She co-curated sonoAdriatic Tales at Ars Electronica 2020, and in the last 20 years curated and developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences, and educational platforms in the fields of inter-media, experimental sound-related arts, scene, and multimedia arts mostly as a founder and manager of the Association of Multimedia Artists "Auropolis", but also as a sound-related arts curator of Gallery 12 HUB, programme editor of the Cultural Centre "Parobrod", co-curator of Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF, project manager of NOFM Radio collective.

The winner of several distinctive awards for solo and chamber classical music, laureate of the Academy Charles Cros Sélection Musiques Expérimentales 2024, holds an honorable mention from the Phonurgia Nova Awards, and a Golden Award for the extended media from the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia. She is a founding member of CENSE - Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies.

In the last decade, Ristić has published sound art independently as well as for labels and publishing bodies: LINE, Kamizdat, DASA tapes, Objects & Sounds, Unfathomless, mappa, Verdure Engraved, Troublesome House, Cona Zavod, Naviar Records, Flag Day Recordings, Framework Seasonal, Inexhaustible Editions, Elan Vital Recordings, Radio Art Zone, SIRR-ECORDS, Sonospace, Cities & Memories, Auropolis, UIII / AIIR, 20 Seconds Art Magazine, AMPLIFY 2020, sonic matter, and more.

Manja signs several independent theater and movie productions as an author, composer, and performer (The Deserters - by Damir Markovina, Munje - by R. Andrić, Between Dream and Dream - by M. Stojnić, Life of Lenka Reinerova Mnemosyne the Theater of Memories - by M. Ristić / S. Leboš, Penumbra - by G. Hudson, Tale of the Forbidden Flower - by B. Lyregaard, Red Coats - by D. J. Duncan, Some Alaska - by H. Pinter, Judith - by H. Barker, Nose - by N. Gogol, Midsummer Night Dream - by W. Shakespeare, Mansion Beckett - by S. Beckett, Oxygen - by I. Viripaev).

Works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia."

-Manja Ristic Website (

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Track Listing:


1. Diario de suenos 16:50


1. O vento retoma o seu lugar inicial 16:52

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