The Squid's Ear

Mark Dresser Seven: Ain't Nothing but A Cyber Coup & You (Clean Feed)

Mark Dresser Seven:
Ain't Nothing but A Cyber Coup & You
(Clean Feed)

Hildegard Kleeb / Roland Dahinden / Alexandre Babel: Lines (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Hildegard Kleeb / Roland Dahinden / Alexandre Babel:
(ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Hans Koch / Jacques Demierre: Incunabulum (Herbal International)

Hans Koch / Jacques Demierre:
(Herbal International)

String Theory: 3 of 9 Dimensions (Evil Clown)

String Theory:
3 of 9 Dimensions
(Evil Clown)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Parallel Moments Unbroken (FMR)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra:
Parallel Moments Unbroken

Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble: Turizmus (FMR Records)

Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble:
(FMR Records)

String Theory: Krypton (Creative Sources)

String Theory:
(Creative Sources)

Doreen Girard / Tim Olive: Boro (845 Audio)

Doreen Girard / Tim Olive:
(845 Audio)

Quatuor Bozzini: Phill Niblock: Baobab (Collection QB)

Quatuor Bozzini:
Phill Niblock: Baobab
(Collection QB)

Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble: Citromfa (FMR)

Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble:

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Recent Selections @ Squidco:

Georg Graewe Quintet:
October 1998
(Random Acoustics)

Werner Dafeldecker:
Parallel Darks

Skeleton Crew
(Frith /
Learn to Talk
(ReR Vinyl)

Frederick Galiay
(Viard /
Sebastien /
Boudart /
Time Elleipsis

(Alexander Hawkins /
John Edwards /
Steve Noble) With Joe McPhee:

Prevost /
Solberg /
Pettersen /
Moore /
Brice /
Plumes of Ash
in Moonlight
[2 CDs]
(Split Rock Records)

Ensemble SuperMusique /
Symon Henry:
voir dans le vent
qui hurle les
étoiles rire
et rire
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Jean Derome:
Somebody Special
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Raoul Bjorkenheim:
Solar Winds
(Long Song Records)

Ratchet Orchestra:
Coco Swirl
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

(Honest Jons Records)

Muhal Abrams Richard:
Celestial Birds

Rob Burke /
Ben Monder /
Tom Rainey /
Ben Grayson:
Slip Sliding

Astroturf Noise
(Harmet /
Nagano /
Swanson /
Martin /
Astroturf Noise

Quatuor Bozzini:
Ana Sokolovic: Short Stories
(Collection QB)

Brunhild Ferrari /
Jim O'Rourke:
Le Piano Englouti
(Black Truffle)

Will Guthrie:
(Black Truffle)

Luigi Archetti /
Bo Wiget:
(Die Schachtel)

Michael Formanek
Very Practical Trio
(w/ Tim Berne /
Mary Halvorson):
Even Better

Aly Keita /
Jan Galega Bronnimann /
Lucas Niggli:
Kalan Teban

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15 Corners of the World / Eugeniusz Rudnik: Motion Picture Sound Essay (Bolt)
176 (Chris Abrahams / Anthony Pateras): Music in Eight Octaves (Immediata)
300 Basses: Sei Ritornelli (Potlatch)
A.M.K.: The Lonesome Echo (Transparency)
Aaron Sigel: Science Is Only a Sometimes Friend (Lock Step)
Abbott / Dumont / Kanngiesser: Loiter Volcano (Another Timbre)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno: Journey Into the Cosmic Inferno (Very Friendly)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno: Pink Lady Lemonade You're From Outer Space (Riot Season)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parriso U.F.O.: Dark Side of the Black Moon / What Planet Are We On? (Important Records)
Activity Center (Renkel / Beins): lohn & brot (Absinth Records)
ADA Trio + Pat Thomas: Live at Cafe Oto (PNL)
Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus: Yo (Tzadik)
Agnel / Gauguet / Neumann: Spiral Inputs (Another Timbre)
Agusti Fernandez / Barry Guy: Some Other Place (Maya)
Agusti Fernandez: Un Llamp Que no S'acaba Mai (psi)
Ahleuchatistas: Heads Full Of Poison (Cuneiform)
Ahmad Jamal: In Search Of: Momentum [1-10] (Birdology/Dreyfus)
Aidan Baker / Tim Hecker: Fantasma Parastasie (Alien 8)
Akchote / Foussat / Turner: Acid Rain (Ayler Records)
Aki Takase and Louis Sclavis: Yokohama (Intakt)
Akio Suzuki / John Butcher: Immediate Landscapes (Ftarri)
Akira Sakata / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Ketil Gutvik / Paal Nilssen-Love: The Cliff of Time (PNL)
Al Margolis/If Bwana: Rex Xhu Ping (Pogus)
Alan Broadbent: You and the Night and the Music (A440)
Alan Courtis: Unstringed Guitar And Cymbals (Blossoming Noise)
Alan Licht: A New York Minute ()
Alan Licht/Aki Onda: Everydays (Family Vineyard)
Alan Silva & Burton Greene: Parallel Worlds (Long Song Records)
Alan Tomlinson Trio: Inside Out (FMR Records)
Alan Tomlinson/Steve Beresford/Roger Turner: Trap Street (Emanem)
Alber Ayler Quartet: Copenhagen Live 1964 (hatOLOGY)
Albert Ayler: Stockholm, Berlin 1966 (Hatology)
Albert Ayler: Lorrach/Paris (Hatology)
Albert Ayler Quartet: European Radio Studio Recordings 1964 (hatOLOGY)
Albert Ayler Quartets: Spirits To Ghosts Revisited (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)
Alessandro Bosetti: The Notebooks (Bolt)
Alessandro Bosetti / Chris Abrahams: We Who Had Left (Mikroton Recordings)
Alessandro Bosetti / Chris Abrahams: A Heart That Responds from Schooling (Unsounds)
Alessandro Bosetti, Gregor Hotz, Kai Fagaschinski, Rudi Mahall: Berlin Reeds (Absinth)
Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda/Bhob Rainey: Places dans l'air (Potlatch)
Alex Cline: Continuation (Cryptogramophone)
Alex Mincek: Lift-tilt-filter-split (Carrier)
Alexander Elgier / Victor Grinenco / Samual Sahlieh: Veiled (Creative Sources)
Alexander Frangenheim: Talk for a Listener (Creative Sources)
Alexander Hawkins and Louis Moholo-Moholo: Keep Your Heart Straight (Ogun)
Alexander von Schlippenbach: Friulian Sketches (psi)
Alexander von Schlippenbach: broomriding (psi)
Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano Solo '77 (FMP)
Alexander von Schlippenbach & Aki Takase: Live at Cafe Amores (NoBusiness)
Alexander von Schlippenbach/Eddie Prevost: Blackheath (Matchless)
Alfred 23 Harth / Hans Joachim Irmler / Günter Müller: Taste Tribes (For4Ears)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: anatomy of inner place (Monotype)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Miguel A. Garcia: AQ'AB'AL (Mikroton)
Allen Eager: In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee, 1947-1953 (Uptown Records)
Alva Noto: Unitxt (Raster-Noton)
Alva Noto: Xerrox Vol. 2 (Raster-Noton)
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern: Utp (Raster-Noton)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto: Vrioon (Raster-Noton)
Alvin Lucier: (Amsterdam) Memory Space (Unsounds)
Ambarchi / Fennesz / Pimmon / Rehberg / Rowe: Afternoon Tea (Black Truffle)
Ambarchi / O'Rourke / Haino: Tima Formosa (Black Truffle)
Ami Yoshida / Toshimaru Nakamura: Soba to Bara (Erstwhile)
Amir ElSaffar: Alchemy (Pi Recordings)
Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble: Inana (Pi Recordings)
AMM: Trinity (Matchless Recordings)
AMM: Sounding Music (Matchless)
AMM: Uncovered Correspondence: A Postcard From Jaslo (Matchless)
AMM: Spanish Fighters (Matchless)
AMM: An Unintended Legacy (Matchless)
Amy Denio: Chickenhawks Ought Not (2004) (Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: The Big Embrace (Spoot Music)
Anders Dahl & Skogen: Rows (Another Timbre)
Andre / Tokar / Kugel: Varpai (Nemu Records)
Andre Goudbeek / Peter Jacquemyn / Le Quan Ninh: Uwaga (Not Two)
Andrea Neumann/Michael Renkel/Olaf Rupp/Serge Baghdassiarians: Berlin Strings (Absinthe)
Andrea Parkins: Faulty (Broken Orbit) (Important Records)
Andrea Parkins / Laurent Bruttin / Dragos Tara: quick-drop (Creative Sources)
Andrew Drury: A Momentary Lapse (Innova)
Andy McWain Quartet: Starfish (Fuller Street Music)
Angelica Castello / Billy Roisz / Burkhard Stangl / Dieb13: Scuba (Mikroton)
Angelica Castello / Jerome Noetinger: Disturbio (Mikroton Recordings)
Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji: ffansïon | fancies (Another Timbre)
Angharad Davies / Axel Dorner: A.D. (Another Timbre)
Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Michael Duch, Lina Lapelyte, John Lely, John Tilbury: Goldsmiths (Another Timbre)
Angles 8: By Way of Deception-Live in Ljubjana (Clean Feed)
Angles 9: Injuries (Clean Feed)
Angles 9: Disappeared Behind the Sun (Clean Feed)
Angus MacLise: Astral Collapse (Quakebasket)
Anker / Courvoisier / Mori: Alien Huddle (Intakt)
Anker / Pinheiro / Faustino: Birthmark (Clean Feed)
Anne LeBaron: 1, 2, 4, 3 (Innova)
Annea Lockwood: A Sound Map of the Danube (Lovely Music, Ltd.)
Annea Lockwood: A Sound Map of the Hudson River (Lovely Music Ltd.)
Annette Krebs & Rhodri Davies: Kravis Rhonn Project (Another Timbre)
Anoice: Remmings (Important)
Antenata: Antenata (Ambiances Magnétiques)
Anthony Braxton: Four Compositions (GTM) 2000 (Delmark)
Anthony Braxton: Solo (NYC) 2002 (Parallactic)
Anthony Braxton: Solo (Milano) 1979 (Leo Golden Years)
Anthony Braxton: 12+1tet (Victoriaville) 2007 (Victo)
Anthony Braxton: Seven Compositions (Trio) 1989 (hatOLOGY)
Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra (Koeln) 1978 (Hatology)
Anthony Braxton: Town Hall (Trio & Quintet) 1972 (Hatology)
Anthony Braxton: Echo Echo Mirror House (Victo)
Anthony Braxton: Eight (+1) Tristano Compositions 1989 for Warne Marsh (hatOLOGY)
Anthony Braxton: Ensemble Montaigne (Bau 4) 2013 (Leo)
Anthony Braxton: Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993 - First Set (hatOLOGY)
Anthony Braxton: Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993 - Second Set (hatOLOGY)
Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey: First Duo Concert (London, 1974) (Emanem)
Anthony Braxton / Ben Opie: Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008 (OMP Recordings)
Anthony Braxton / Gerry Hemingway: Old Dogs (2007) (Mode Avant)
Anthony Braxton, Milford Graves, William Parker: Beyond Quantum (Tzadik)
Anthony Braxton/Taylor Ho Bynum: Duets (Wesleyan) 2002 (Innova)
Anthony Burr: solo clarinet (Skirl)
Anthony Burr/Anthony Pateras: The Long Exhale (Immediata)
Anthony Coleman: Freakish (Tzadik)
Anthony Pateras: Chromatophore (Tzadik)
Anthony Pateras: Chromatophore (Tzadik)
Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim: The Slow Creep of Convenience (Immediata)
Antoine Beuger: un lieu pour etre deux (Copy For Your Records)
Antoine Beuger: Ockeghem Octets (Another Timbre)
Antoine Beuger Konzert Minimal: The Berlin Series No. 5: tschirtner tunings for twelve (Another Timbre)
Antoine Beuger and colectivo maDam: ...of being numerous (Edition Wanderweiser Records)
Aperiodic: Future Feedback (Phratry Records)
Aram Bajakian: Kef (Tzadik)
Arcane Device: Devices 1987-2007 (Monochrome Vision)
Archetti, Luigi / Bo Wiget: Low Tide Digitals III (Rune Grammofon)
Architek Percussion: Metatron (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Arditti Quartet: Thirty Pieces/komposition für streichquartett 2 (hr2 kultur)
Arg: Animali (Creative Sources)
Armen Donelian: Quartet Language (Playscape Recordings)
Arnal / Block / Dugan: Silver Ash [7" Record] (Generate)
Arnal / Eichmann / Huges / Weins: Pail Bug (Generate Records)
Arnold Schonberg: Works for Piano (hat[now]ART)
Art Ensemble of Chicago: Tribute to Lester / The Meeting (ECM / Pi Recordings)
Arthur Doyle's Free Jazz Soul Orchestra: Bushman Yoga (Ruby Red)
Arto Lindsay / Paal Nilssen-Love: Scarcity (PNL Records)
Asad Qizilbash: Sarod Recital Live in Peshawar (Sub Rosa)
Asmus Tietchens: h-Menge (Line)
Asmus Tietchens/Jon Mueller: Acht Stücke (Auf Abwegen)
Assif Tsahar & Tatsuya Nakatani: I Got It Bad (Hopscotch Records)
Astro/Hiroshi Hasegawa: The Echo from the Purple Dawn (Important)
Atmospheres without Oxygen 4: Live in Oxford (FMR)
Atolon / Chip Shop Music: Public Private (Another Timbre)
Auris + Gino: Rub (Public Eyesore)
Avi Belleli: Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder (Ad Hoc)
Axel Dorner / Mia Dyberg / Pierre Bore / Ernesto Rodrigues / Tristan Honsinger / Guilherme Rodrigues: Laura (Creative Sources)
AYCH (Jim Hobbs/Mary Halvorson/Taylor Ho Bynum): As the Crow Flies (Relative Pitch)
Baghdassarians / Baltschun / Scherzberg / Thein: Ilinx (FMP)
Bailey / Butcher / Robair: Scrutables (Weight Of Wax)
Baja: Wolfhour (Other Electricities)
Bar Kokhba: Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10 (Tzadik)
Barnacled: Charles (ESP)
Baron / Chevillon / Sharp / Vigroux: Venice, Dal Vivo (D'Autres Cordes)
Barre Phillips: Portraits (Kadima Collective)
Barre Phillips and Joelle Leandre: A L'improviste (Kadima Collective Recordings)
Barrel (Blunt / Kallin / Marshall): Gratuitous Abuse (Emanem)
Barry Guy London Jazz Composers Orchestra With Irene Schweizer: Radio Rondo (Intakt)
Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Lytton: Phases of the Night (Intakt)
Barry Weisblat / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Ernesto Rodrigues: Diafon (Creative Sources)
Barton McLean: Soundworlds (Innova)
BB&C (Tim Berne/Jim Black/Nels Cline): The Veil (Cryptogramophone)
Beehatch: (Lens Records)
Beehive and the Barracudas / CVA / Hella / The Husbands / Friends Forever / Sightings / These Arms are Snakes: ()
Ben Bennet / Jack Wright: Tangle (Public Eyesore)
Benge: 20 Systems (Expanding Records)
Bennett / Johnston / Mezzacappa / Rosaly: Shipwreck 4 (NoBusiness Records)
Benoit Delbec Unit: Phonetics (Songlines)
Bernard Falaise: Lézardes et zébrures (Ambiences Magnetiques)
Bernard Falaise: Lezardes et zebrures (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Beta Collide: Psst... (Innova)
Bevan / Corsano / Lash: Monster Club (Foghorn)
Bevan / Morris / Buck / Lash: Tony-Joe Bucklash (Foghorn Records)
Bill Dixon: Envoi (Victo)
Bill Laswell: Invisible Design II (Tzadik)
Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano: The Raw and The Cooked (Palilalia)
Billy Bang: Distinction Without a Difference (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Billy Bang / William Parker: Medicine Buddha (NoBusiness)
Billy Sokol: The Way Back (Sokol)
Biosphere: Wireless (Touch)
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: The Iridium Controversy (Cunieform Records)
Birgit Ulher / Heiner Metzger: Blinzeln (Creative Sources)
Birgit Ulher / Leonel Kaplan: Stereo Trumpet (Relative Pitch)
Birgit Ulher/Ernesto Rodrigues/Carlos Santos: Doppelgänger (Creative Sources)
Bishop / Blonk / Mallozzi / Rosaly: At the Hideout (Kontrans)
BJ Nilsen: The Short Night (Touch)
BJ Nilsen: The Invisible City (Touch)
Black Dice: Miles of Smiles (DFA)
Blast 4tet: Sift (ReR Megacorp)
Bleak House: Dark Poetry (Creative Sources)
Bley / Koglmann / Peacock: Annette (Hatology)
Blob: Earphonious Swamphony (Innova)
Blue Gene Tyranny: Take Your Time (Lovely Music Ltd.)
Blue Gene Tyranny/Joel Ryan: The Intermediary (Lovely Music Ltd.)
Bob Ostertag: DJ of the Month (Seeland)
Bobby Bradford with John Stevens and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble: (Nessa)
Bobby Bradford-John Carter Quintet: Comin' On (hatOLOGY)
Bobby Few: Transcontinental Jazz Express (Boxholder)
Bobby Naughton / Wadada Leo Smith / Perry Robinson: The Haunt (NoBusiness)
Bobby Previte: Counterclockwise (Palmetto)
Bogan Ghost: Zerfall (Relative Pitch)
Bondi / d'incise / Rodrigues / Chagas / Torres / Moimeme: Brume (Creative Sources)
Bondi / Martel / Schiller: tse (Another Timbre)
Boni, Lazro, McPhee, Tchamitchian: Next to You (Émouvance)
Borah Bergman: Meditations for Piano (Tzadik)
Borah Bergman & Thomas Chapin: Toronto 1997 (Boxholder)
Borah Bergman Trio: Luminescence (Tzadik)
Borbetomagus: Trente Belles Anneés (Agaric)
Borbetomagus: Zurich (Agaric)
Boris Hauf Sextet: Next Delusion (Clean Feed)
Boris Hegenbart & 19 Artists: Instrumentarium (Monotype Records)
Boubaker / Rodrigues / Moimem: Le Beau Deviant (Creative Sources)
Box: Studio 1 (Rune Grammofon)
Boxhead Ensemble: Dutch Harbor (Atavistic)
Bradford / Dresser / Ferris: Live in LA (Clean Feed)
Bradford / Gjerstad / Håker Flaten / Nilssen-Love: Reknes (Circulasione Totale)
Bradford / Gjerstad / Nilssen-Love: Dragon (PNL)
Brendan Murray: Commonwealth (23 Five)
Brendan Murray: Wonders Never Cease (Intransitive)
Brendan Murray / Seth Nehil: Sillage (Sedimental)
Brett Larner/Joelle Leandre/Kazuhisa Uchihashi: No Day Rising (Spool)
Brion Gysin: Live In London 1982 (Sub Rosa)
Broken Consort: Done (Quakebasket)
Brotzmann / Edwards / Noble: Soulfood Available (Clean Feed)
Brotzmann / Kondo / Pupillo / Nilssen-Love: Hairy Bones (Okkadisk)
Brotzmann / van Hove / Bennink: 1971 (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Bruce Gilbert: Oblivio Agitatum (Editions Mego)
Bruno Duplant/Philo Lenglet/Rachel Wadham: Proverbes (Bug Incision)
Bryan and the Haggards: Pretend It's the End of the World (Hot Cup Records)
Bryan and the Haggards featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne: Merles Just Want to have Fun (Hot Cup)
Bryan Eubanks & Stephane Rives: fq (Potlatch)
Bryn Harrison: Vessels (Another Timbre)
Bryn Harrison: Receiving the Approaching Memory (Another Timbre)
Buckethead: Bucketheadland 2 (ION)
Buffalo Collision: Duck (Screwgun)
Burkhard Beins / Enrico Malatesta / Michael Vorfeld / Christian Wolfarth / Ingar Zach: Gluck (Mikroton)
Burkhard Beins / Lucio Capece / Martin Küchen / Paul Vogel: Fracture Mechanics (Mikroton)
Burkhard Beins / Lucio Capece / Rhodri Davies / Toshimaru Nakamura: SLW (formed.records)
Butcher/Muller/Van Der Schyff: Way Out Northwest (Drip Audio)
Buttercup Metal Polish (Field / Babel) & Jacques Demierre: Brain & Balls (Creative Sources)
Byetone: Death Of A Typographer (Raster-Noton)
Cal Lyall / Tim Olive: Lowering (845 Audio)
Cancura / Morris / Nazary: Fine Objects (Not Two)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Dichotomy (Ozit Morpheus Records)
Carbon & Chairs: Acker Velvet (Monotype)
Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Primordial Soup: Souped-Up (Jazzwerkstatt)
Carl Stone: Al-Noor (Intone)
Carl Stone: Woo Lae Oak (Unseen Worlds)
Carl Testa: Sway Prototypes Volumes 1 and 2 (Sway)
Carla Kihlstedt / Matthias Bossi / Shahzad Ismaily: Causing a Tiger (Victo)
Carlo Costa Quartet: Sediment (Neither/Nor Records)
Carlo De Rosa's Crossfade: Brain Dance (Cuneiform)
Carlos Costa: Door of No Return (Aural Terrains)
Carolyn Yarnell: Sonic Vision (Tzadik)
Casey Anderson, / Jason Kahn / Norbert Moslang / Gunter Muller / Mark Trayle: Five Lines (Mikroton)
Cassandra Miller: O Zomer! (Another Timbre)
Cassiber: The Way it Was (Recommended Records)
Catherine Jauniaux / eRikm: Mal Des Ardents / Pantonéon (Mikroton)
Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang: Viola Torros (Another Timbre)
Cecil Taylor: Garden, 2nd Set (Hatology)
Chabala / Jones / Martin / Mukarji / Nakamura: Unbalanced In (Unbalanced Out) (Another Timbre)
Chadbourne, Eugene:: New Directions in Appalachian Music (Chadula)
Chang / Davies / Drouin / Durrant / Patterson / Tilbury: Variable Formations (Another Timbre)
Charbin / Van Isacker: Kryscraft (Creative Sources)
Charig / Tippett / Winter: Pipedream (Ogun)
Charity Chan: Somewhere the sea and salt (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Charlemagne Palestine: From Etudes to Cataclysms (Sub Rosa)
Charlemagne Palestine: Four Manifestations on Six Elements (Alga Marghen)
Charles / Gross / Hautzinger / Marchetti: TSSTT! (Monotype)
Charles Gayle Quartet: Blue Shadows (Silkheart)
Charles Gayle Trio: Look Up (ESP)
Charles Hayward: One Big Atom (Recommended Records)
Charles Ives: A Songbook (Hat now [ART])
Charles Tyler: Ensemble (ESP)
Charlie Kohlhase Quintet: Play Free or Die (Boxholder)
Cheer-Accident: Fear Draws Misfortune (Cuneiform)
Chester Hawkins: Magnetisk Nord (Intangible Arts)
Chesterfield (Burkhard Stangl / Angelica Castello): Consuelo (Mikroton Recordings)
Chien-Yin Chen: Purr (Tzadik)
CHiPs: Aram Bajakain/Sean Noonan (Innova)
ChipShop Music with Toshimaru Nakamura: Protocol (Mathka)
Chop Shop: Oxide (23Five)
Chris Abrahams: Memory Night (Room 40)
Chris Abrahams & Mike Cooper: Ocean-Feeling-Like (Room 40)
Chris Abrahams / Lucio Capace: None of Them Would Remember It That Way (Mikroton Recordings)
Chris Abrahams and Magda Mayas: Gardener (Relative Pitch)
Chris Brown & Pauline Oliveros: Music In The Air (Deep Listening)
Chris Corsano: Cut (Hot Cars Warp Records)
Chris Corsano: Cut (Hot Cars Warp Records)
Chris Cutler: Solo (Recommended Records)
Chris Cutler / Thomas Dimuzio: Dust (Recommended Records)
Chris Dadge: A Moth That Smiles As It Burns Is Better Than You (Bug Incision)
Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth: Deluxe (Clean Feed)
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath: Procession -- Live at Toulouse (Ogun)
Chris Pitsiokos / CP Unit: Silver Bullet in the Autumn of Your Years (Clean Feed)
Chris Speed, Chris Cheek, Stephane Furic Leibovici: Jugendstil (ESP)
Christian Wolfarth: Acoustic Solo Percussion Vol 1-4 & Remixes (Hiddenbell)
Christian Wolff: Early Piano Pieces (Hat[now]ART)
Christian Wolff: Kompositionen 1950-1972 (Edition Rz)
Christian Wolff and Eddie Prévost: Uncertain Outcomes (Matchless)
Christina Carter: Original Darkness (Kranky)
Christina Kubisch: Night Flights (Important)
Christina Kubisch: Five Electrical Walks (Important Records)
Christina Kubisch: Licht Himmel (Gasometer Oberhausen)
Christina Kubisch: La Ville Magnetique / The Magnetic City (Ville De Poitiers)
Christine Abdelnour & Chris Corsano: Quand Fond La Neige, Ou Va Le Blanc? (Relative Pitch)
Christof Kurzmann: El Infierno Musical (Mikotron Recordings)
Christof Kurzmann / Burkhard Stangl: neuschnee (Erstwhile)
Christoph Erb / Frantz Loriot: Sceneries (Creative Sources)
Christoph Erb / Jim Baker / Frank Rosaly: ...Don't Buy Him A Parrot... (HatOLOGY)
Christoph Schiller / Lea Danzeisen: 47 Degrees 13' N 7 Degrees E (Creative Sources)
Christophe Rocher / Joe Fonda / Harvey Sorgen: New Origin (Not Two Records)
Christopher Campbell: Sound the All-Clear (Innova)
Christopher Fox: Works for Piano (Hat[now]ART)
Christopher Fox: Topophony (hat[now]ART)
Chrysakis / Matthews / Pedreira: Garnet Skein (Aural Terrains)
Circuit (Dunmall / Taylor / Gibbs): Electro Acoustic Ensemble (FMR)
Circuit Electro Acoustic Ensemble: Genesis (FMR)
Cirera, Albert / Hernani Faustino / Gabriel Ferrandini / Agusti Fernandez: Before The Silence (NoBusiness Records)
Clara de Asis: Do Nothing (Another Timbre)
Clear Frame: (Continuity...records (Recommended Records))
Clusone 3: Soft Lights and Sweet Music (hatOLOGY)
CM von Hausswolff / Jason Lescalleet / Joachim Nordwall: Enough!!! (Monotype)
Coclea: (Shhpuma)
Cogburn / Jones / Rainey: Arena Ladridos (Another Timbre)
Coh Plays Cosey: (Raster-Noton)
Colin McLean / Andy Moor: Everything but the Beginning (Unsounds)
Common Objects: Whitewashed with Lines (Another Timbre)
Common Objects: Whitewashed With Lines (Another Timbre)
Common Objects (Davies / Butcher / Davies / Lapelyte / Patterson / Thomas): Skullmarks (Meenna)
Connie Crothers / David Arner: Spontaneous Suites for Two Pianos (RogueArt)
Conny Bauer: Der Gelbe Klang (Jazzwerkstatt)
Convergence Quartet (Bynum / Einsenstadt / Hawkins / Lash): Song/Dance (Clean Feed)
Copland, Marc's New York Trio: Night Whispers (Pirouet)
Cordame: Satie Variations (Malasartes)
Cornelius Cardew: Treatise (Mode Records)
Cornelius Cardew / London Experimental Ensemble: Treatise (Split Rock Records)
Crawling With Tarts: Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7 / The Decadent Opera (Rococo) (Pogus)
Cristian Alvear / Seijiro Murayama: Karoujite (Potlatch)
Cyril Epinat / Mathias Forge / Jerome Bertholon: Duos... (Creative Sources)
Cyro Baptista's Banquet of the Spirits: Infinito (Tzadik)
d'Autres Cordes: Franck Vigroux - Tristate lilas
Michel Blanc - Le passage éclair
Hélène Breschand - Le gout de sel
Bruno Chevillon - Hors-champ
(d'Autres Cordes)
d'incise / Cristian Alvear: Appalachian Anatolia (14th Century) (Another Timbre)
Dalaba / Frith / Glick Rieman / Kihlstedt: (Accretions)
Dan Kaufman: Force Of Light (Tzadik)
Dan Warburton: Profession Reporter (Aural Terrains)
Daniel Carter and Reuben Radding: Luminescence (AUM Fidelity)
Daniel Levin Quartet: Don’t Go It Alone (Riti)
Daniel Levin Quartet: Organic Modernism (Clean Feed)
Daniel Menche: Glass Forest (Important Records)
Daniel Meyer Gronvold / Havard Volden: (Creative Sources)
Daniel Studer: Extended: For Strings & Piano (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)
Daniel Zamir: I Believe (Tzadik)
Darrell Katz: The Death of Simone Weil (Innova)
Darren McClure: Softened Edges (Thelandof)
Das Rad (Archer / Robinson / Dinsdale): Das Rad (Discus)
Daughter: Skin (AUM Fidelity)
Daunik Lazro / Jean-Luc Cappozzo / Didier Lasserre: Garden(s) (Ayler)
Daunik Lazro / Joelle Leandre: Hasparren (NoBusiness)
Dave Ballou: Solo Trumpet (Clean Feed)
Dave Burrell and Steve Swell: Turning Point (NoBusiness)
Dave Douglas: Freak In (RCA)
Dave McDonnel Group: The Dragon And The Griffin (New Atlantis)
Davey Williams: Antenna Road (trans museq)
David Area / Tomas Gris / Ernesto Rodrigues: Chorismos (Creative Sources)
David Budbill/William Parker/Hamid Drake: Songs for a Suffering World (Boxholder)
David Dunn: Four Electroacoustic Compositions (Pogus)
David Lee Myers: Multiplication of the Arcs (Pulsewidth)
David S. Ware: Saturnian (Aum Fidelity)
David S. Ware: Shakti (Aum Fidelity)
David S. Ware String Ensemble: Threads (Thirsty Ear Blue Series)
Davies / Doneda / Martin / Minton / Patterson: Midhopestones (Another Timbre)
Davies / Mukarji / Lazaridou-Chatzigoga: Outwash (Another Timbre)
Dead Neanderthals: Worship the Sun (Relative Pitch)
Dean Roberts: Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
Decoy and Joe McPhee: OTO (Bo Weavil Recordings)
Dedalus: Antoine Beuger / Jurg Frey (Potlatch)
Deep Joy Trio: Live in Austria (FMR)
Delta Saxophone Quartet: Dedicated to You...But You Weren't Listening: the Music of Soft Machine (Moon June)
Denman Maroney Quintet: Udentity (Clean Feed)
Dennis Gonzalez/Yells at Eels: Pictogram/Home Away from Home (Daagnim)
Dennis Rea: Views from Chicheng Precipice (Moonjune)
Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble: Horizon Event (Drimala)
Derek Bailey: Poetry and Playing (Paratactile)
Derek Bailey: Standards (Tzadik)
Derek Bailey: A Silent Dance (Incus)
Derek Bailey: More 74 (Incus)
Derek Bailey: Concert in Milwaukee (Incus)
Derek Bailey: Lot 74 (Honest Jon's Records)
Derek Bailey / Trevor Watts / John Stevens: Dynamics of the Impromptu (FMR)
Derek Bailey, Antoine Berthiaume, Fred Frith: Soshin (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Desprez / Duboc / Loutelier: Tournesol (Dark Tree Records)
Detail: In Time Was (Circulasione Totale)
Devorah Day: Light of Day (Abaton Books)
Dganit Elyakim: Failing Better (Aural Terrains)
Diamanda Galas: Guilty Guilty Guilty (Mute)
Diaz-Infante / Rodrigues / Robair / Mota: Our Faceless Empire (Pax Recordings)
Digital Primitives (Cooper-Moore / Tsahar / Taylor): Hum Crackle Pop (Hopscotch)
DIS.PLAYCE: Habitat (Creative Sources)
DJ /rupture and Andy Moor: Patches (Unsuitable)
DJ Spooky: Dubtometry (Thirsty Ear)
DJ Spooky: Sound Unbound (Sub Rosa)
Dom Minasi: The Vampire's Revenge (CDM Records)
Dom Minasi's DDT+2: Time Will Tell (CDM)
Dominic Duval & Cecil Taylor: The Last Dance Volumes 1 & 2 (Cadence Jazz)
Dominik Karski: GLIMMER Flute o'clock (Bolt)
Don Cherry: Live At Cafe Montmartre Volume Three (ESP-Disk)
Don Rendell - Ian Carr Quintet: Live At The Union 1966 (Reel Recordings)
Doneda/Leimgruber/Rowe: The Difference Between a Fish (Potlatch)
Doreen Girard / Tim Olive: Boro (845 Audio)
Dorner / Hayward / Krebs / Neumann: The Berlin Series No. 3 (Another Timbre)
Dorner / Sanders: Stonecipher (Fataka)
Dorner / Schroder / Thomas / Steidle: Das Treffen (Jazzwerkstatt)
Dot Tape Dot: Tomavistas (Selected Rarities 2002-2007) (Other Electricities)
Double-Basse (Petit / Duboc): This is Not Art (Clean Feed)
Doug Theriault / Bryan Eubanks: Big Clouds in the Sky Today (Creative Sources)
Douglas Ewart With Leo Smith / Tatsu Aoki / Hamid Drake: Velvet Fire: Dedicated to Baba Fred Anderson (Arawak)
Douglas, Dave & Brass Ecstasy: Spirit Moves (Greenleaf Music)
Dr. Eugene Chadbourne / Victor DeLorenzo / Brian Jackson / Brian Ritchie: G.O.I.N. "Get Out of Iraq Now" (Straw2Gold)
Dresser, Mark: Sonic Brotherhood (Kadima)
Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble: Organized Pitches Occurring in Time (Important Records)
Dudu Pukwana / Han Bennink / Misha Mengelberg: Yi Yole (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Dunmall / Edwards / Gibbs / Sanders: Boundless (FMR)
Dunmall / Gibbs / Rogers / Sanders: Kithara (FMR)
Earl Howard: 5 Saxophone Solos (Mutable Music)
Earl Howard: Clepton (New World Records)
Earle Brown: Synergy (Hat [now] ART)
Ease: Klaus Filip / Noid: No No No, No (Mikroton Recordings)
Ecstasy Mule: Ecstasy Mule Contemplates Hunting and Drinking When the Rainbow is Enuf (Batterrie)
Eddie Prevost / John Butcher: Visionary Fantasies (Matchless)
Edith Alonso: Collapse (Aural Terrains)
Edwards, John/Sanders, Mark: Nisus Duets (Emanem)
EFT (Bukelman, Davidovski, Bymel): Spatial Awareness (OutNow Recordings)
EKE: Live at the BIM (Red Note)
EKG (Kyle Bruckmann & Ernst Karel): Electricals (Another Timbre)
Eliane Radigue: Vice Versa, etc... (Important)
Eliane Radigue: Triptych (Important)
Eliane Radigue: Transamorem - Transmortem (Important Records)
Ellen Fullman & Sean Meehan: (Cut)
Ellery Eskelin / Andrea Parkins / Jim Black: One Great Day (hatOLOGY)
Ellery Eskelin Trio (w/ Gary Versace / Gerry Hemingway): Willisau Live (Hatology)
Elliot Sharp / Tectonics: Errata (Neos)
Elliott Sharp: String Quartets: 1986-1996 (Tzadik)
Elliott Sharp: Octal: Book Two (Clean Feed)
Elliott Sharp: Spectropia Suite (Neos)
Elliott Sharp: The Velocity of Hue: Live in Cologne [DVD] (PanRec)
Elliott Sharp: Momentum Anomaly (New Atlantis)
Elliott Sharp / Bernhard Lang: War Zones (NEOS Music)
Elliott Sharp / Melvin Gibbs / Lucas Niggli: Crossing The Waters (Intakt)
Elliott Sharp and Carbon: Void Coordinates (Intakt)
Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields: AFIADACAMPOS (Neos Jazz)
Elliott Sharp Tectonics: Abstraction Distraction (D'Autres Cordes)
Elton Dean's Ninesense: Happy Daze + Oh! For the Edge (Ogun)
Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Bianco: Remembrance (No Business Records)
En (Pal Toth) / Quentin Rollet / Zsolt Sores: Paw Music (Hermes Discorbie)
Encomiast: s/t (Lens)
Ensemble en Pièces: Jardin d'exil (Ambiances Magnétiques)
Ensemble Für Neue Musik: Isaac Babel's The Sin of Jesus-Englechen (Hat [now] Art)
Ensemble SuperMusique: Y'a du bruit dans ma cabane (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Ensemble SuperMusique: Bruit court-circuit (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Ensemble Supermusique: Jeux de Pistes (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Ensemble SuperMusique: Les Porteuses d'Ô (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Ergo: Multitude, Solitude (Cuneiform)
Eric la Casa: air.ratio (Sirr.Records)
Eric La Casa: Paris Quotidien (Swarming)
Eric La Casa and Eamonn Sprod: Friche : Transition (Swarming)
Eric Normand + Bent Spoon Duo: Circuitry (Bug Incision Records)
Eric Revis Quartet: In Memory of Things Yet Seen (Clean Feed)
Erik Carlsson: The Bird and the Giant (Creative Sources)
Erik Friedlander: Quake (Cryptogramophone)
Erik Friedlander: Maldoror (Brassland)
Erik Friedlander: Volac: Book of Angels Volume 8 (Tzadik)
Erik M: Steme (Room40)
Erik Satie (Aleman / Vandromme): Socrate (Edition Wandelweiser Records)
eRikm: Austral: Le Son, la Memoire et la Chair (D'Autres Cordes)
eRikm: Doubse Hysterie (Monotype)
ErikM & Michel Doneda: Razine (Monotype)
eRikm & Natacha Muslera: Cartouche (Monotype)
Erikm (Luc Ferrari) & Thomas Lehn: Les Protorythmiques (Room40)
eRikm / Norbert Moslang: Stodgy (Mikroton Recordings)
eRikm/Dieb13: ©haos ©lub (erstwhile records)
Ernest Dawkins - Capetown Shuffle (Delmark);
Jeff Parker - Like Coping  (Delmark): ()
Ernesto Rodrigues / Christine Abdelnour / Axel Dorner: NIE (Creative Sources)
Ernesto Rodrigues / Antonio Chaparreiro / Jose Oliveira: Paris (Creative Sources)
Ernesto Rodrigues / Lauri Hyvarinen / Abdul Moimeme / Carlos Santos: Kuori (Creative Sources)
Ernesto Rodrigues / Ulrike Brand / Olaf Rupp: Traintracks, Roadsides, Wastelands, Debris (Creative Sources)
Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, Carlos Santos: Cyclic Symmetry (Creative Sources)
Ernst Karel: Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder)
Escargot (Quost / Émaille / Malmendier / Fertin / Freres): Dart Love (Creative Sources)
Espers: Espers II (Drag City)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Be Known Ancient/Future/Music (Spiritmuse)
Eugene Chadbourne: Don't Burn the Flag, Let's Burn the Bush (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Horror Part V – The Return of the Evil Club (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Horror Part IV – The Thing with Two Heads (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Horror Part Six: Frankenstein on Ice (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Country Boobs (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Horror Part 11 (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne: Museo Della Musica (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne / Andrea Centazzo: The German Horse (Ictus)
Eugene Chadbourne / David Sait: Auspicious Fish: Postage Paid Duets Vol. 1 (Apprise Records)
Eugene Chadbourne / Warren Smith: Odd Time (Engine)
Eugene Chadbourne with Chadklappmuntz ; Eugene Chadbourne with Chadkytrapp: (Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black: The Jack And Jim Show Live @ The Stone, NYC 2007 ()
Eugene Chadbourne/René Lussier-L'oasis
Satoko Fuji/Tatsuya Yoshida-Toh-Kichi: (Victo)
Evan Parker: Saxophone Solos (psi)
Evan Parker: House Full of Floors (Tzadik)
Evan Parker: Whitstable Solo (psi)
Evan Parker: Set (psi)
Evan Parker: Monoceros (psi)
Evan Parker & GGRIL (Grand Groupe Regional d'Improvisation Liberee): Vivaces (Tour De Bras)
Evan Parker & Kinetics: Chiasm (Clean Feed)
Evan Parker / Joe Morris / Nate Wooley: Ninth Square (Clean Feed)
Evan Parker / John Russel / Ian Brighton / Phillip Wachsmann / Marcio Mattos / Trevor Taylor: Reunion: Live from Cafe Oto (FMR)
Evan Parker / John Wiese: C-Section (Second Layer)
Evan Parker / Paul Dunmall / Tony Bianco: Extremes (Red Toucan)
Evan Parker / Peter Evans / Craig Taborn / Sam Pluta: Rocket Science (More is More Records)
Evan Parker / Zlatko Kaucic: Round About One O'Clock (dedicated to Mike Osbourne & Ozzie) (Not Two)
Evan Parker and Sylvie Courvoisier: Either Or And (Relative Pitch)
Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Barry Guy, Eddie Prevost: Supersession (Matchless)
Evan Parker/ Ingebrigt Haker Flaten: The Brewery Tap (Smalltown Super Jazz)
Evan Parker/Barry Guy - Obliquities (Maya);
Birds and Blades  (Intakt): ()
Evans / Pluta / Altieri: sum and difference (Carrier Records)
Eve Risser: des pas sur la neige (Clean Feed)
Evidence: Out of Town (Deep Listening)
Evolution Control Committee: Plagiarhythm Nation Vol. 2.0 (Seeland)
Exploding Star Orchestra: Stars Have Shapes (Delmark)
Eyvind Kang: Virginal Coordinates (I Dischi di Angelica)
Eyvind Kang: The Yelm Sessions (Tzadik)
FAB Trio: A Night In Paris (Marge)
FAB Trio: Live in Amsterdam (Porter Records)
Fake The Facts: Soundtrack (Trost Records)
Falling Water: Bamboo Rainsticks (Amulet)
Farmer / Kilymis / Hughes / Cornford: No Islands (Another Timbre)
Faust: C'est Com... Com... Complique (Bureau B)
Feedback: Order From Noise (Mikroton)
Fenn O'Berg: The Magic Sound & Return Of... (Editions Mego)
Fenn O'Berg: Magic & Return (Editions Mego)
Fenn O'berg: In Stereo (Mego Editions)
Fennesz: Black Sea (Touch)
Fennesz: Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56' 37 (Touch)
Fennesz: Becs (Editions Mego)
Fennesz / Brandlmayr / Dafeldecker: Till The Old World's Blown Up And A New One Is Created (Mosz)
Fennesz / Daniell / Buck: Knoxville (Thrill Jockey)
Ferguson / van Heumen: Whistle Pig Saloon (Creative Sources)
Ferran Fages: Radi D'or (Another Timbre)
Fessenden: V1.1 (Other Electricities)
Few and Far Between: Due (Creative Sources)
Fight the Big Bull: All is Gladness in the Kingdom (Clean Feed)
Florian Hecker: Acid in the Style of David Tudor (Editions Mego)
Flow Trio: Set Theory, Live at The Stone (Ayler Records)
Foodsoon: Some Love (& Records)
Fossils: A Common Confusion (Bug Incision)
Foton Quartet: Zomo Hall (Not Two)
Francisco Lopez: Untitled #74 (a-version)
Francisco Lopez: Live In Auckland (Monotype)
Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne: Call Me Madame (Good News From Wonderland) (D'Autres Cordes)
Francois Carrier / Steve Beresford / John Edwards / Michel Lambert: OUTgoing (FMR Records)
Francois Carrier / Michel Lambert: Out of Silence (FMR)
Francois Carrier and Michel Lambert: Nada (Creative Sources)
Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert, Alexey Lapin: The Russian Concerts Volume 2 (FMR Records)
François Carrier, Michel Lambert, Alexey Lapin: Freedom is Space for the Spirit (FMR Records)
Francois Houle, Alexander Hawkins, Harris Eisenstadt: You Have Options (Songlines)
Frank Denyer: Whispers (Another Timbre)
Frank Lowe Orchestra: Lowe and Behold (Musicworks (1978))
Frank Paul Schubert / Matthias Muller: Foils (FMR)
Fred Anderson: Staying in the Game (Engine)
Fred Anderson / Hamid Drake / "Kidd" Jordan / William Parker: 2 Days in April (Eremite)
Fred Fried: When Winter Comes (Ballet Tree)
Fred Frith: Prints (Recommended Records)
Fred Frith: Impur ()
Fred Frith: Nowhere, Sideshow, Thin Air (Recommended Records / Fred Records)
Fred Frith: Impur II (Recommended Records)
Fred Frith: Live in Japan (ReR/Fred Records)
Fred Frith / Evan Parker: Hello, I Must Be Going (Victo)
Fred Frith / Evelyn Glennie: The Sugar Factory (Tzadik)
Fred Frith / John Zorn: The Art of Memory II (Fred Records)
Fred Frith And Arte Quartet: Still Urban (Intakt)
Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Myles Boisen: all is bright but it is not day (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Fred Hersch Trio: Live at the Village Vanguard (Palmetto)
Fred Lonberg Holm / Frode Gjerstad: Life On Sandpaper (FMR)
Fred Lonberg-Holm and the Amphibians of the Everglades featuring Gustavo Matamoros: Bow Hard at the Frog (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Frederic Blondy/Le Quan Ninh: Exaltatio Utriusque Mundi (Potlatch)
Free Fall: Furnace (Wobbly Rail)
Free Zone Appelby 2002: (psi)
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson: Invisible Means (Fledg'ling)
Frode Gjerstad / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: Bergen (FMR)
Frode Gjerstad and Derek Bailey: Nearly a D (Emanem)
Frode Gjerstad Trio: East of West (Circulasione)
Frode Gjerstad Trio + Steve Swell: Bop Stop (Clean Feed)
Full Blast (Brotzmann / Pliakas / Wertmuller): Black Hole (Atavistic)
Funf: La regle (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Furt: Sense (psi)
Galina Ustvolskaya: Piano Sonatas 1 - 6 (hat[now]ART)
Ganesh Anandan / Hans Reichel: Self Made (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Ganesh Anandan/Malcolm Goldstein/Rainer Wiens: Speaking in Tongues (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Gao Hong: Flying Dragon (Innova)
Gato Barbieri: In Search Of The Mystery (ESP)
Gato Libre (Fujii / Tamura / Kaneko): Neko (Libra)
Gauci / Cline / Filiano / Pride: Red Feast (Cadence Jazz Records)
Gauguet / Hautzinger / Lehn: Close Up (Monotype)
Gen Ken Montgomery: Pondfloorsample (XI)
Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara: Upstream (Moonjune)
George Cartwright - "GloryLand PonyCat" (Innova);
Curlew - "Mercury"  (Cuneiform): ()
George Cremaschi / Irene Kepl / Petr Vrba: Resonators (Another Timbre)
George Khan: Ah! (Emanem)
George Lewis & Splitter Orchester: Creative Construction Set™ (Mikroton Recordings)
George Lewis / Roscoe Mitchell: Voyage and Homecoming (RogueArt)
George Schuller: 'round 'bout now (Playscape)
Gerald Cleaver / William Parker / Craig Taborn: Farmers by Nature (Aum Fidelity)
Geraldine Equiluz: Rubedo'ro (Malasartes)
Gerry Hemingway Quintet: Riptide (Clean Feed)
Gerry Hemingway/Thomas Lehn (Tom & Gerry): Kinetics (Auricle Records)
Giacinto Scelsi: Tre Canti Popolari + Due Componimenti Impetuosi (Sub Rosa)
Giampaolo Verga: Fadensonnen (Creative Sources)
Giant Dwarf: Rabbitwood (Engine)
Giuliano d'Angiolini: Cantilena (Another Timbre)
Giuseppe Ielasi: August (12k)
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Poetics (Creative Sources)
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Parallel Moments Unbroken (FMR)
Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 5: Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere (Atavistic)
GoodandEvil: The GoodandEvil Sessions (Thirsty Ear)
Gordon Mumma: Music for Solo Piano (1960-2001) (New World Records)
Goyvaerts / Morgan / Buggenhout: White Smoke (Creative Sources)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet: The Breadwinner (Erstwhile)
Great Waitress: Flock (Creative Sources)
Greg Cohen: Golden State (Relative Pitch)
Greg Davis: Mutually Arising (Kranky)
Greg Kelley: Self-Hate Index (Semataproductions)
Grosse Abfahrt: Erstes Luftschiff zu Kalifornien (Creative Sources)
Group Inerane: Guitars from Agadez (Sublime Frequencies)
Grutronic: Essex Foam Party (psi)
Guilherme Rodrigues / David Area / Guillermo Torres / Tomas Gris: Aleph (Creative Sources)
Guilherme Rodrigues / Johan Moir: Hollow Wood (Creative Sources)
Guillermo Gregorio / Brandon Lopes: 12 Episodes (Relative Pitch)
Gunner Madsen: Fall of Troy (G-Spot)
Gunter Muller / Kurt Liedwart / Norbert Moslang: Ground (Mikroton)
Gunther Müller: eight landscapes (For4Ears)
Gurumaniax: Psy Valley Hill (Bureau B)
Gustafsson, Mats: The Vilnius Explosion (NoBusiness)
Gutbucket: A Modest Proposal (Cuneiform)
Guy Klucevsek: Dancing on the Volcano (Tzadik)
Guy Klucevsek: Song Of Remembrance (Tzadik)
H-Alpha (Krauss / Mori / Black): Red Sphere (Skirl)
Haco: Riska (DIW)
Haino Keiji / Seijaku: Mail From FUSHITSUSHA (Doubtmusic)
Haino Keiji / Seijaku: You Should Prepare to Survive Through Even Anything Happens (Doubtmusic)
Haino Keiji / Yoshida Tatsuya: Uhrfasudhasdd (Tzadik)
Hal Rammel: Agog (Penumbra Music)
Hamid Drake & Ned Rothenberg: Full Circle - Live in Lodz (Foundation Listen)
Hamid Drake / Sylvain Kassap: Heads or Tails (Rogue Art)
Hanno Leichtmann: Minimal Studies (Mikroton)
Hans Koch / Jacques Demierre: Incunabulum (Herbal International)
Hans Reichel: Bonobo (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Hans Tammen / Christoph Irmer: Oxide (Creative Sources)
Hans Tammen / Denman Maroney: Arson (OutNow)
HAR-YOU Percussion Group: Sounds of the Ghetto Youth (ESP-Disk)
Harris Eisenstadt: Recent Developments (Songlines)
Harris Eisenstadt: Old Growth Forest II (Astral Spirits)
Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day Quartet: On Parade in Parede (Clean Feed)
Harrison Bankhead: Morning Sun Harvest Moon (Engine)
Harry Miller: Different Times, Different Places Volume Two (Ogun)
Havard Volden & Toshimaru Nakamura: Crepuscular Rays (Another Timbre)
Havard Volden / Toshimaru Nakamura: Crepuscular Waves (Another Timbre)
Hayward / Park / Smith / Coxhill: Mathilde 253 (Slam Productions)
Heiner Goebbels: The Italian Concerto (I Dischi di Angelica)
Heiner Goebbels/Alfred Harth: Hommage/Vier Faust Fur Hanns Eisler & Von Sprengen des Gartens ()
Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel: A Map Of Parallels 41-N And 49-N At A Scale Of Ten Seconds To One Degree (Shhpuma)
Helen Stapinski: Baby Plays Around (Villard)
Henri Pousseur: Electronic Experimental and Microtonal 1953-1999 (Sub Rosa)
Henry Brant: The Henry Brant Collection, Vol. 8 (Innova)
Henry Brant: The Henry Brant Collection, Vol. 9 (Innova)
Henry Flynt: Nova'Billy (Locust)
Henry Grimes & Rashied Ali: Going To The Ritual (Porter Records)
Henry Gwiazda: She's Walking... (Innova)
Henry Kaiser & Ed Pettersen: We Call All Times Soon (Split Rock)
Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith: Relations (Balance Point Acoustics)
Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter: Plane Crash Two (New Atlantis)
Henry Kaiser / Killick Hinds: Nikola Tesla High School (H(i)nds(i)ght)
Henry Kaiser / Steve Parker / Damon Smith / Chris Cogburn: Nearly Extinct (Balance Point Acoustics)
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: AGG: Dirt...and More Dirt (Pi Recordings)
Henry Threadgill Zooid: Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Sppa (Pi Recordings)
Herbert Distel: Travelogue (Hat Hut Records)
Hijokaidan / Akira Sakata: Made In Studio (doubtmusic)
Hilde Marie Kjersem: A Killer For That Ache (Rune Grammofon)
Hildegard Kleeb / Roland Dahinden / Alexandre Babel: Lines (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)
Hirose Junji: The Elements (Doubtmusic)
HMMH (Hetu / Martel / Mouchous / Hubsch): Fleur de chaos (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Hoahio - Peek-ara-boo (Tzadik);Haco and Hiromichi Sakamoto - Ash in the Rainbow (Detector/ReR); Yesterday’s Heroes - 1979 (La Louche): ()
Hollis Taylor: Post Impressions: A Travel Book for Tragic Intellectuals (Twisted Fiddle Productions)
Honsinger, Tristan & Massimo Simonini: Call Me Us (I Dischi de Angelica)
Howard Riley: Live With Repertoire (NoBusiness Records)
Howard Riley/John Tilbury/Keith Tippett: Another Part of the Story (Emanem)
Humcrush: Rest At Worlds End (Rune Grammofon)
Humcrush: Enter Humcrush (Shhpuma)
Iannis Xenakis: Phelgra, Jalons, Keren, Nomos Alpha, Thallein, Naama... (Apex/Warner Classics)
Iannis Xenakis: String Quartets (Mode Records)
ICP Orchestra: Jubilee Varia (Hatology)
ICP Tentet: Tetterett (Corbett vs Dempsey)
If, Bwana / Dan Warburton: I Am Sitting In Phill Niblock's Kitchen (Monotype)
Ignaz Schick/Martin Tetreault: Live-33-45-78 (Ambiances Magnetiques)
IKB: Apteryx Mantelli (Creative Sources)
Ikue Mori: Bhima Swarga ()
Ikue Mori: Class Insecta (Tzadik)
Ikue Mori and Steve Noble: Prediction and Warning (Fataka)
Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart: Vtoroi (Mikroton Recordings)
Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart / Abdul Moimeme / Ernesto Rodrigues: Kletka (Creative Sources)
Ilia Belorukov/Gabriel Ferrandini: Disquiet (Clean Feed)
Illogical Harmonies (Chang / Majkowski): Volume (Another Timbre)
Ima Ensemble: Tumma (Eema Records)
Imai Kazuo Trio: Blood (Doubtmusic)
In Cahoots: All That (Cuneiform)
In The Country: White Out (Rune Grammofon)
Indigo Trio: Anaya (RogueArt)
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten: Steel: Live in Bucharest (Tektite Records)
Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten New York Quartet: Now Is (Clean Feed)
Ingrid Laubrock: Anti-House (Intakt)
Ingrid Laubrock: Ubatuba (Firehouse 12)
Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey: Buoyancy (Relative Pitch)
Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey: Utter (Relative Pitch)
Ingrid Lee: Mouth To Mouth (Another Timbre)
Inhabitants: A Vacant Lot (Drip Audio)
Inner Ear: Return from the Center of the Earth (Bocian)
Ino / Imai / Dorner / Nori: Rostbestandige Zeit (Doubtmusic)
Insub Meta Orchestra: 13 & 27 (Another Timbre)
Irabagon, Jon with Mike Pride and Mick Barr: I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues - Volume 2: Appalachian Haze (Irabbagast Records)
Iro: Tamafuri (PSF)
Isaiah Ceccarelli: Breviaire d'Epuisements (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Iskra 1903: Goldsmiths (Emanem)
Iskra 1903: South on the Northern (1988/9) (Emanem)
Isotope: Golden Section (Cuneiform)
Ivar Grydeland / Thomas Lehn / Ingar Zach: Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin (Musica Genera)
Ivo Perelman / Rudi Mahall: Kindred Spirits (Leo Records)
Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp: Live in Nuremberg (SMP Records)
Ivo Perelman Quartet: The Hour of the Star (Leo Records)
J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky: Gigantic (Love Slave Records)
J.B. Floyd: transporting transmittance: Music of J.B. Floyd ()
Jaap Blonk: Keynote Dialogues (Monotype)
Jaap Blonk: Irrelevant Comments (Kontrans)
Jaap Blonk / Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Chris Dogburn: North of Blanco (Balance Point Acoustics)
Jack Wright with Hell & Bunny: over the transom (Bug Incision)
Jacob Sacks: Fishes (Clean Feed)
Jacob Wick / Andrew Greenwald: 37:55 (Creative Sources)
Jacqueline Humbert: Chanteuse (Lovely Music)
Jacques Coursil with Alan Silva: FreeJazzArt: Sessions for Bill Dixon (RogueArt)
Jacques Fochia, Mike Goyvaerts, Christoph Irmer, George Wessel: Canaries on the Pole #2 (Creative Sources)
Jakob Ullmann: Muntzers stern solo II (Edition Rz)
James Blackshaw: O True Believers (Important)
James Tenney: Bass Works (performed by Dario Calderone) (hat[now]ART)
Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen: Sometimes We All Disappear (Another Timbre)
Jamie Saft: Black Shabbis (Tzadik)
Jamie Saft: A Bag of Shells (Tzadik)
Jane Ira Bloom: Chasing Paint (Arabesque)
Janek Schaefer: Extended Play (Line)
Jason Alder / Thanos Chrysakis / Caroline Kraabel / Yoni Silver: Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics (Aural Terrains)
Jason Cady: Happiness is the Problem (Lockstep Records)
Jason Kahn: Sihl (Sirr.Records)
Jason Kahn: Vanishing Point (23five)
Jason Kahn: Timelines Los Angeles (Creative Sources)
Jason Kahn: Sin Asunto (Creative Sources)
Jason Kahn / Tim Olive: Two Sunrise (845 Audio)
Jason Koa Hwang and Burning Bridge: Blood (True Sound Recordings)
Jason Lescalleet: This Is What I Do Volume One (Glistening Examples)
Jason Lescalleet; Jason Lescalleet's Due Process: Electronic Music; Combines XIX-XX (RRRecords; We Break More Records)
Jason Roebke: In the Interval (Self-Released)
Jean Derome: Chamber Music 1992-2012 (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jean Derome: Resistances (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jean Derome & Joane Hetu: Shaman - Nouse percons les oriles (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jean Derome / Malcolm Goldstein / Rainer Wiens: 6 Improvisations (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jean Derome et Les Dangereux Zhoms: To Continue (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jean Derome et les Dangereux Zhoms + 7: Plates-formes et Traquenards (Victo)
Jean-Luc Cappozzo & Geraldine Keller: Air Prints (Ayler Records)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Dan Warburton / Eric La Casa: Metro Pre saint-Gervais (Swarming)
Jean-Luc Guionnet & Toshimaru Nakamura: Map (Potlatch)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Dedalus: Distances Ouïes Dites (Potlach)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa: Home: Handover (Potlatch)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa / Philip Samartzis: Soleil D'Artifice (Swarming)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa / Philip Samartzis: Stray Shafts Of Sunlight (Swarming)
Jean-Luc Guionnet / Seijiro Murayama: Window Dressing (Potlatch)
Jeanne Lee-Natural Affinities; Jeanne Lee/Mal Waldron-After Hours: (Sunnyside/Owl)
Jeb Bishop & Jorrit Dijkstra: 1000 Words (Driff Records)
Jeff Gburek: Remote Provinces (Aural Terrains)
Jemeel Moondoc / Connie Crothers: Two (Relative Pitch)
Jemeel Moondoc Tentet: Jus Grew Orchestra Live at the Vision Festival 2001 (Ayler Records)
Jennifer Allum & Ute Kanngiesser: Bell Tower Recordings (Matchless)
Jenny Scheinman: Shalagaster (Tzadik)
Jeph Jerman: Prayer * Tactus ()
Jeph Jerman: The Angle of Repose (no label)
Jeph Jerman / Doug Theriault: Tathata (Nitkie)
Jeph Jerman/Jon Mueller: Nodes and Anti-Nodes (Crouton)
Jeremiah Cymerman: Purification / Dissolution (5049 Records)
Jeremiah Cymerman / Evan Parker / Nate Wooley: World of Objects (5049 Records)
Jerome Cooper: A Magical Approach (Mutable)
Jerome Noetinger & SEC_: La Cave Des Etendards (Mikroton)
Jerome Noetinger/Erik M & Keith Rowe/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler: What a Wonderful World & Rabbit Run (Erstwhile)
Jesse Zubot: Dementia (Drip Audio)
Jessica Pavone: Songs Of Synastry And Solitude (Tzadik)
Jessica Pavone: In the Action (Relative Pitch)
Jim Black's Alas No Axis: Splay (Winter & Winter)
Jim Denley / Eric Normand: Plant II (Tour De Bras)
Jim Haynes: Sever (Intransitive)
Jim McAuley: Gongfarmer 36 (Long Song Records)
Jim O'Rourke: Long Night (Streamline)
Jim O'Rourke: The Visitor (Drag City)
Jim Sauter & Kid Millions: Boanerges (Doubtmusic)
Jimmy Giuffre 3: Graz Live 1961 (Hat Hut Ezz-thetics)
Jimmy Giuffre 3 (with Paul Bley & Steve Swallow): Bremen & Stuttgart 1961 (Emanem)
Jimmy Lyons: Push Pull (Corbett Vs Dempsey)
Jin Sangtae & Tim Olive: naar/voor (845 Audio)
Joana Sa & Luis Jose Martins: Almost a Song (Shhpuma)
Joane Hetu: Recites de neige (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Joane Hetu: Filature (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Joane Hetu: La Femme Territoire ou 21 Fragments D'Humus (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Joe Giardullo, Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Art Spirit (Boxholder)
Joe Gilmore: On Quasi-Convergence And Quiet Spaces (Cut)
Joe Maneri / Peter Dolger: Peace Concert (Atavistic)
Joe McPhee: Angels, Devils & Haints (CJR)
Joe McPhee: Glasses (Corbett Vs. Dempsy)
Joe McPhee: Variations on a Blue Line (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Joe McPhee: Sonic Elements (Clean Feed)
Joe McPhee: The Willisau Concert (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Joe McPhee: Nation Time (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Joe McPhee & Andre Jaume: Nuclear Family (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Joe McPhee & Mats Gustafsson: Brace for Impact (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Joe McPhee & Paul Nilssen-Love: Red Sky (PNL)
Joe McPhee/ Paal Nilssen-Love: Tomorrow Came Today (Smalltown Superjazz)
Joe McPhee/Ingebright Haker Flaten: Brooklyn DNA (Clean Feed)
Joe Morris: Colorfield (ESP Disk)
Joe Morris: Camera (ESP)
Joe Morris / Agusti Fernandez / Nate Wooley: From the Discrete to the Particular (Relative Pitch)
Joe Morris / Do Yeon Kim: Macrocosm (Glacial Erratic)
Joe Morris / Luther Gray: Creatures (Not Two)
Joe Morris / Simon H Fell / Alex Ward: The Necessary And The Possible (Victo)
Joe Morris Bass Quartet: High Definition (Hatology)
Joe Morris Quartet: Graffiti In Two Parts (RogueArt)
Joe Morris Quartet: Balance (Clean Feed)
Joe Morris Quartet: Balance (Clean Feed)
Joe Williamson: Hoard (Creative Sources)
Joelle Leandre & Pascal Contet: 3 (Ayler)
Joelle Leandre: Live in Israel (Kadima Collective)
Joelle Leandre: Solo: Conversations with Franck Medioni (Kadima Collective)
Joelle Leandre: A Woman's Work [8 CD BOX SET] (Not Two)
Joelle Leandre & India Cooke: Journey (NoBusiness)
Joelle Leandre & Quentin SirJacq: Out of Nowhere (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Joelle Leandre / Lewis, George: Transatlantic Visions (RogueArt)
Joelle Leandre / Marc Ducret: Chez Helene (Ayler Records)
Joelle Leandre / Serge Teyssot-Gay: TRANS (Kadima Collective)
Joelle Leandre 10: Can You Hear Me? (Ayler Records)
Joelle Leandre and William Parker: Live at Dunois (Leo)
Joelle Leandre with Masahiko Satoh and Yuji Takahashi: Signature Live at the Egg Farm (Red Toucan)
Joelle Leandre/ Phillip Greenlief: That Overt Desire of Object (Relative Pitch)
Johannes Bauer / Thomas Lehn / Jon Rose: Futch (Jazwerkstatt)
John Blum: Naked Mirror (Drimala)
John Butcher: Invisible Ear (Fringes)
John Butcher: Resonant Spaces (Confront)
John Butcher & Andy Moor: Experiments With a Leaf (unsounds)
John Butcher & Mark Sanders: Daylight (Emanem)
John Butcher & Rhodri Davies: Routing Lynn (Ftarri)
John Butcher / Claudia Ulla Binder: Under the Roof (Nuscope)
John Butcher / Gerry Hemingway: Buffalo Pearl (Auricle)
John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: Last Dream of the Morning (Relative Pitch)
John Butcher / Matthew Shipp: At Oto (Fataka)
John Butcher / Phil Durrant / John Russell: The Scenic Route (Emanem)
John Butcher / Rhodri Davies: Carliol (Ftarri)
John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / John Tilbury: EXTA (Fataka)
John Butcher Group: somethingtobesaid (Weight of Wax)
John Butcher/Mike Hansen/Tomasz Krakowiak: Equation (Spool)
John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes (ECM);
John Cage - The Works for Violin 5 (Mode)
John Cage: Dream (Wergo)
John Cage: Cage Performs Cage: Empty Words; Music for Piano; One (Mode Records)
John Cage: Four4 (Allen / Burn / Patterson / Wastell) (Another Timbre)
John Cage: The Works for Percussion 1 (Mode Records)
John Cage: Ryoanji (Hat[now]ART)
John Cage: The Number Pieces 6: Five; Seven; Thirteen (Mode)
John Cage: Music of Changes (Hat [now] ART)
John Cage: Sonatas & Interludes: James Tenney, Piano (hat[now]ART)
John Cage: Klang der Wandlungen (Edition RZ)
John Cage: Number Pieces (Piano) (Edition Wandelweiser Records)
John Cage (Cornford, Costa Monteiro, Curgenven, Fages, Farmer, Jones, Patterson): Cartridge Music (Another Timbre)
John Cage (Ulrich Krieger): A Cage Of Saxophones Vols. 3 & 4 - Indeterminancy Mode (Mode Records)
John Carter and Bobby Bradford: Tandem (Emanem)
John Coxon / Evan Parker / Eddie Prevost: Cinema (Fataka)
John Duncan / Kontakt Der Junglinge / C.M. Von Hausswolff: Untitled (Die Stadt)
John Edwards: Volume (psi)
John Edwards / Mark Sanders / John Tilbury: A Field Perpetually at the Edge of Disorder (Fataka)
John Fahey: + (Revenant)
John Fahey: Vampire Vultures (Drag City)
John Fahey: Old Fashioned Love (Fantasy)
John Fahey: The Mill Pond (Important Records)
John Hebert Trio: Spiritual Lover (Clean Feed)
John Lely and Anton Lukoszevieze: The Harmonics of Real Strings (Another Timbre)
John Russell: Hyste (psi)
John Russell, Phil Durrant, John Butcher: Conceits (Emanem)
John Tilbury: For Tomasz Sikorski (Bolt Records / Bocian Records)
John Zorn: Masada Guitars (Tzadik)
John Zorn: Voices in the Wilderness (Tzadik)
John Zorn: Spillane (Elektra Nonesuch (1987))
John Zorn: The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone (Nonesuch/Icon (1986))
John Zorn: Kristallnacht (Eva (1993))
John Zorn: First Recordings 1973 (Tzadik (1995))
John Zorn: Spy vs Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman (Elektra/Nonesuch (1989))
John Zorn: Redbird (Tzadik (1995))
John Zorn: The Classic Guide to Strategy Volume Two (Lumina (1986))
John Zorn: Filmworks XIV: Hiding and Seeking (Tzadik)
John Zorn: 50th Birthday Celebration Vol. 1: Masada String Trio (Tzadik)
John Zorn: Alhambra Love Songs (Tzadik)
John Zorn: Femina (Tzadik)
John Zorn: Ipsissimus (Tzadik)
John Zorn: The Hermetic Organ Volume 6: For Edgar Allen Poe (Tzadik)
John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell: News For Lulu (HatOLOGY)
Joker: Où est-il donc ce rêve (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Jon Madof: Rashanim (Tzadik)
Jon Rose & Veryan Weston: Tunings & Tunes (Hermes Discorbie)
Jon Rose - Great Fences of Australia (Dynamo House);
Jon Rose - Fleisch: Hyperstring 2  (Saucerlike): ()
Jonas Holgersson: Snick Snack (Moserobie Music Production)
Jonas Kocher: Materials (Creative Sources)
Jorge Atunes: Savage Songs (Pogus)
Jorrit Dijkstra: Pillow Circles (Clean Feed)
Jorrit Dijkstra and Pandelis Karayorgis with Bishop / Malaby / Ho Bynum / &c: Bathysphere (Driff)
Jos Smolders: Gaussian Transient (Megaphone) (NVO)
Jose Maceda: Drone and Melody (Tzadik)
Jose Maceda: Ugnayan (Tzadik)
Joseba Irazoki: Olatuetan (Creative Sources)
Joseph Bacon: Guitar Music of Villa-Lobos (Mutable)
Joseph Kudirka: Beauty and Industry (Another Timbre)
Joyce Hinterding / Dion Workman / Need Thomas Windham: Spectral / Ching / Employment Patterns (Antiopic)
Joyful Talk: Muuixx (Drip Audio)
JoyfulTalk: Muuixx (Drip Audio)
Jozef Van Wissem:
Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear:
Solo Lute Palindromes, Airfield Recordings and Electronics
Julius Hemphill: One Atmosphere (Tzadik)
Junk & The Beast (Petr Vrba / Veronika Mayer): Trailer (Mikroton Recordings)
Juno el Grande: Neo Dada (Rune Grammofon)
Jurg Frey: 120 Pieces of Sound (elsewhere)
Jürg Frey: Circles and Landscapes - works for solo piano played by Philip Thomas (Another Timbre)
Jöelle Léandre: Discography by Francesco Martinelli: (Bandecchi & Vivaldi)
K-Space: Infinity (Ad Hoc)
Kalabalik (Bjorkenheim / Nilsson / Cleaver): Live At Downtown Music Gallery January 2, 2011 (DMG ARC)
Kamran Ince: In White (Innova)
Kanon (Takase, Uchihashi, Dorner): Beauty Is The Thing (Doubtmusic)
Kaoru Abe: The Last Recording (DIW)
Kaoru Abe / Sabu Toyozumi: Mannyoka (NoBusiness Records)
Kapital Band 1: Playing By Numbers (Mosz)
Karl Berger: Strangely Familiar (Tzadik)
Karl Berger: In a Moment (Tzadik)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Bass Clarinet & Piano (MDG)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Plus-Minus (Hat [now] ART)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mantra (Hat [now] ART)
Katharina Rosenberger: SHIFT (hat[now]ART)
Katsura Mouri and Tim Olive: Various Histories (845 Audio)
Kaze: Atody Man (Circum-Libra)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Richard Scott: Awesome Entities (Doubtmusic)
Kazutoki Umezu Kiki Band: Alchemic Life (Not Two Records)
Keiji Haino: The 21st Century Hard-y Guide-y Man - Koitsukara Usetaitameno Hakaragito (PSF)
Keith & Julie Tippett: Live at the Purcell Room (Ogun)
Keith Rowe: ErstLive 007 (Erstwhile)
Keith Rowe / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart: Contour (Mikroton)
Keith Rowe / Martin Kuchen: The Bakery (Mikroton)
Keith Rowe / Taku Unami: ErstLive 006 (Erstwhile)
Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: Duos for Doris (Erstwhile)
Keith Tippett Octet: From Granite To Wind (Ogun)
Ken Vandermark: Mark in the Water (Not Two Records)
Ken Vandermark / Paal Nilssen-Love: Letter to a Stranger (Smalltown Superjazzz)
Ken Vandermark's TOPOLOGY Nonet featuring Joe McPhee: Impressions of Po Music (Okkadisk)
Kenneth Johnston: Music from New Gomorrah (Self-released)
Kenneth Kirschner: Filaments & Voids (12K)
Kenny Wheeler: Dream Sequence (psi)
Kenny Wheeler: Song for Someone (psi)
Kesten, Christian & Mark Trayle / Annette Krebs: The Berlin Series no. 2 (Another Timbre)
Kevin Blechdom / Eugene Chadbourne: The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Victo)
Kevin Drumm: Imperial Horizon (Hospital)
Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche: Gauntlet (Editions Mego)
Kevin Norton/Joelle Leandre/Tomas Ulrich: Ocean of Earth (Barking Hoop)
Kidd Jordan: On Fire (Engine)
Kidd Jordan: On Fire 2 (Engine)
Kikuri (Haino / Akita): Pulverized Purple (Victo)
Kim Cascone: Music For Dagger And Guitar (Aural Terrains)
Kim Johannesen and Svein Magnus Furu: The Eco Logic (Creative Sources)
Kirk Knuffke & Mike Pride: The Exterminating Angel (Not Two Records)
Kiyoharu Kuwayama & Masayoshi Urabe: From The Abolition Port (Intransitive Recordings)
Klaus Filip / Leonel Kaplan: Tocando Fondo (Another Timbre)
Klezmer Conservatory Band: A Taste of Paradise (Rounder)
Koby Israelite: Dance of the Idiots (Tzadik)
Koby Israelite: Is He Listening? (Tzadik)
Koch / Rohrer / Gianfratti: Aico (Creative Sources)
Koenjihyakkei: Hundred Sights of Koenji (Skin Graft)
Kook: Larsen, Stian / Jorn Erik Ahlsen: Kook (FMR)
Kramer: The Greenberg Variations (Tzadik)
Krebs / Mayas / Caddy: Thread (Another Timbre)
Kris Davis / Ingrid Laubrock / Tyshawn Sorey: Paradoxical Frog (Clean Feed)
Kristoff K. Roll / Daunik Lazro: Chants du Milieu (Creative Sources)
Kuchen / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos: Vinter (Creative Sources)
Kuchen / Rowe / Wright: s/t (Another Timbre)
Kullhammar / Aalberg / Zetterberg: Basement Sessions Vol. 2 (Clean Feed)
Kullhammar / Osgood / Vagan: Andratx Live (Moserobie Music)
Kullhammer / Osgood / Vagan: Andratx Live (Moserobie Music)
Kurt Gottschalk: 24b (Batterrie)
Kurt Liedwart / Julien Ottavi / Keith Rowe: L'Or (Mikroton)
Kuwayama Kiyoharu & Masayoshi Urabe: Heteroptics (Intransitive Recordings)
Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: ...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire (Singlespeed Music)
Kyle Bruckmann-Wrack (Red Toucan); Kyle Bruckmann Ernesto Diaz-Infante, John Shiurba, Karen Stackpole-Grand Mal (Barely Auditable): ()
La Casa, Eric / Jean-Luc Guionnet: Inscape. Lille-Flandres (Monotype)
La Mar Enfortuna: Convivencia (Tzadik)
Larry Ochs / Nels Cline/ Gerald Cleaver: What is to be Done (Clean Feed)
Larry Ochs and Gerald Cleaver: Songs of the Wild Cave (RogueArt)
Larry Polansky: The Theory of Impossible Melody (New World Records)
Larry Stabbins: Monadic (Emanem)
Latitude/Longitude: Latitude/Longitude (Early Thieves)
Laura Andel Orchestra: SomnambulisT (Red Toucan Records)
Lauren Newton / Park Je Chun: 2 Souls In Seoul (Leo)
Lauri Bortz/Elliott Sharp: One Thousand Minds/A Modicum of Passion (Abaton Book Company)
Lawrence Casserly & Adam Linson: Integument (psi)
Lawrence English: Kiri No Oto (Touch Tone)
Lawrence English: A Colour for Autumn (12k)
Lazro / Pauvros / Turner: Curare (NoBusiness)
Lé Quan Ninh: Le Ventre Negatif (Meniscus)
Lean Left (The Ex Guitars Meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo): Live at Cafe Oto (unSounds)
Leap of Faith: Topological Constructions (Evil Clown)
Leap of Faith Orchestra: SuperClusters (Evil Clown)
Leap of Faith Orchestra: Cosmological Horizons (Evil Clown)
Lee Konitz and Martial Solal: Star Eyes, 1983 (Hatology)
Lee Noyes: Xiazhi (Ideal State Recordings)
Left Exit (Feat Michael Duch / Klaus Holm): Mr K (Clean Feed)
Leo Dumont/Matt Milton: Scrub (Another Timbre Byways)
Les Poules: Hetu, Labrosse, Roger: Phenix (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Lester Bowie: When the Spirit Returns (Dreyfuss Jazz)
Lethe: Catastrophe Point #5 (Intransitive)
LHZ + H : Thomas Lehn, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Philip Zoubek, Franz Hautzinger: Scope (Monotype)
Liebman, Eskeline, Marino, Black: Renewal (Hatology)
Ligeia Mare: 1 (Ligeia Mare)
Limited Express (Has Gone?): Feeds You (Tzadik)
Linda Catlin Smith: Dirt Road (Another Timbre)
Linda Sharrock: No Is No (Don't Fuck Around With Your Women) (Improvising Beings)
Lionel Marchetti / Jean-Baptiste Favory: 100,000 Annees (Monotype)
Lisa Bielawa: A Handful Of World (Tzadik)
Lisa Sokolov: Presence (Laughing Horse Records)
Lisa Ullen: Catachresis (Nuscope)
Lisbon String Trio & Eduardo Chagas: Tactile (Creative Sources)
Liudas Mockunas / Marc Ducret: Silent Vociferation (No Business Records)
Liza Lim: Orchestral Works (hat[now]ART)
Lokai: Transition (Thrill Jockey)
Lol Coxhill: Out to Launch (Emanem)
Lol Coxhill and Roger Turner: Success With Your Dog (Emanem)
Lol Coxhill, Torsten Müller, Paul Rutherford: Milwaukee 2002 (Emanem)
Looper: Dying Sun (Another Timbre / Cathnor)
Lopes / Giardullo / Miguel / Duboc / Sorgen: Afterfall (Clean Feed)
Loren Connors: The Departing of a Dream Vol. II (Family Vineyard)
Loren Connors: As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002 (Family Vineyard)
Loren Connors & Jim O'Rourke: Two Nice Catholic Boys (Family Vineyard)
Loren Connors & Jim O'Rourke: Are You Going to Stop ... In Bern? (HatOLOGY)
Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille: I Wish I Didn't Dream (Northern Spy)
Loren MazzaCane Connors and David Grubbs: Arborvitae (Hapna)
Loris: The Cat From Cat Hill (Another Timbre)
Lou Harrison: Works 1939-2000 (Mode)
Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet: 4 Blokes (Ogun)
Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit: For the Blue Notes (Ogun)
Louis Moholo-Moholo's Five Blokes: Uplift (Ogun)
Lowell Davidson Trio: (ESP)
Loy Fankbonner: El Pabellon (Azul Discografica)
Luc Ferrari: Archives Genetiquement Modifiees/Societe II (Robot Records)
Luc Ferrari: Les Arythmiques (Blue Chopsticks)
Luc Ferrari: Piano & Percussion Works (hat(now)ART)
Luca Mauri: Between Love and Hate (Creative Sources)
Lucas Niggli: Zoom - Rough Ride & Big Zoom - Big Ball (Intakt)
Lucio Capece: Zero Plus Zero (Potlatch)
Lucio Capece & Birgit Ulher: Choices (Another Timbre)
Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio: Trahnie (Editions Mego)
Lucio Capece / Lee Patterson: Empty Matter (Another Timbre)
Luigi Nono: Guai ai gelidi mostri / Quando stanno morendo. Diario polacco No. 2 (NEOS Music)
Luis Lopes: Love Song: Post Ruins (Shhpuma)
Luis Tabuenca: Volaverunt (Aural Terrains)
Luis Tabuenca and Wade Matthews: Punto Cero Aragon (Aural Terrains)
Lukas Simonis: Stots (self-released)
Lunt: Water Belongs To The Night (Tremens Archives / We Are Unique!)
Lussier / Tetreault / Yoshihide: Elektrik Toboggan (Victo)
Lutz Glandien: Lost in Rooms (Recommended Records)
Lytton / Wooley + Ikue Mori and Ken Vandermark: The Nows (Clean Feed)
Machinefabriek: Becoming (Not On Label)
Machinefabriek/Stephen Vitiello: Box Music (12k)
Magda Mayas / Damon Smith / Tony Buck: Spill Plus (Nuscope)
Magda Mayas / Tony Buck: Gold (Creative Sources)
Magik Markers: Boss (Ecstatic Peace!)
Magnus Broo: Swedish Wood (Moserobie Music)
Magnus Granberg: How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky? (Another Timbre)
Magnus Granberg: Es Schwindelt Mir, Es Brennt Mein Eingweide (Another Timbre)
Mahall / Dorner / Roder / Jennessen: Die Enttauschung (Intakt)
Mahobin (Fujii / Anker / Tamura / Mori): Live at Big Apple in Kobe (Libra)
Mahogany Frog: DO5 (MoonJune Records)
Maja Bugge: No Exit (Discus)
Maja S.K. Ratkje: River Mouth Echoes (Tzadik)
Maja S.K. Ratkje / Jon Wesseltoft / Camille Norment / Per Gisle Galaen: Celadon (Important)
Makrokosmos: Magical Worlds of Sounds (hat [now] ART)
Mamoru Fujieda: Patterns of Plants II (Tzadik)
Manuel Mengis/Gruppe 6: The Pond (Hatology)
Marc Baron: Hidden Tapes (Potlatch)
Marc Baron / Bertrand Denzler / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Stephane Rives: Propagations (Potlatch)
Marc Behrens / Paulo Raposo: Hades (and/OAR)
Marc Ducret: Le Sens de Marche (Illusions)
Marc Ducret: Tower Vol. 1 (Ayler)
Marc Ducret: Tower, Vol. 4 (Ayler Records)
Marc Ribot: Exercises in Futility (Tzadik)
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog: Party Intellectuals (PI Recordings)
Marcel Duchamp: The Entire Musical Work (Dog with a Bone)
Marcio Mattos: SOL(os) (Emanem)
Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio: Les nuages en France (Mode Records)
Marco Von Orelli / Max E. Keller / Sheldon Suter: Blow, Strike and Touch (Hatology)
Maria Lucchese and Gio Kaptra: 777+2 Per Aspera ad Astra (Creative Sources)
Marilyn Crispell / David Rothenberg: One Dark Night I Left My Silent House (ECM)
Marilyn Crispell and Louis Moholo-Moholo: Sibanye (we Are One): Duets (Intakt)
Marilyn Crispell Tanya Kalmanovitch Richard Teitelbaum: Dream Libretto (Leo Records)
Marilyn Lerner: Luminance (Ambiences Magnetique)
Marion Brown: Why Not? (ESP-Disk)
Mariza: Fado Curvo (Times Square)
Mark Dresser / Denman Maroney: Live in Concert (Kadima Collective)
Mark Dresser / Gerry Hemingway / Assif Tsahar: Code Re(a)d (Hopscotch)
Mark Dresser Seven: Ain't Nothing but A Cyber Coup & You (Clean Feed)
Mark Feldman: Music For Violin Alone (Tzadik)
Mark Helias' Open Loose: Verbs of Will (Radio Legs)
Mark Nauseef: All In All In All (Relative Pitch)
Mark Nauseef / Ikue Mori / Sylvie Courvoisier: Leo Records ()
Mark O'Leary: Fabrikraum (Creative Sources)
Mark O'leary / Günter Müller: Skyshifter (Creative Sources)
Mark R Taylor: Aftermaths (Another Timbre)
Mark Taylor: Circle Squared (Taymons Music)
Mark Trayle: Goldstripe (Creative Sources)
Markus Eichenberger & Daniel Studer: Suspended (hatOLOGY)
Martin Archer: Story Tellers (Discus)
Martin Archer & Engine Room Favourites: Safety Signal From A Target Town (Discus)
Martin Baumgartner: Shoot's huft (For4Ears)
Martin Iddon: pneuma (Another Timbre)
Martin Kuchen / Ed Pettersen / Roger Turner: The End Of The Universe (Split Rock Records)
Martin Kuchen / Johan Berthling / Steve Noble: Night in Europe (NoBusiness)
Martine Altenburger & John Russell: Duet (Another Timbre)
Mary Halvorson / Michael Formaneck / Tomas Fujiwara: Thumbscrew (Cueniform)
Mary Halvorson / Reuben Radding / Nate Wooley: Crackleknob (hatOLOGY)
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone: Departure of Reason (Thirsty Ear)
Mary Halvorson and Joe Morris: Traversing Orbits (Rogue Art)
Mary Halvorson Octet: Away With You (Firehouse 12 Records)
Mary Halvorson Quintet: Saturn Sings (Firehouse 12)
Mary Halvorson/Clayton Thomas/Tatsuya Nakatani: Map (H&H Production)
Mary Oliver / Johanna Varner: JOMO (NEOS)
Masada: Alef (DIW (1994))
Masayoshi Urabe: Flag of Midsummer (PSF)
Mat Maneri: Sustain (Thirsty Ear)
Mat Maneri / Evan Parker / Lucian Ban: Sounding Tears (Clean Feed)
Matt Bauder: Weary Already of the Way (482 Music)
Matt Bauder: Day in Pictures (Clean Feed)
Matt Davis / Mark Wastell: Derby 11.05.2002/Liverpool 10.05.2002 (Confront Collectors Series)
Matt Milton / David Thomas / Ryan Jewel / Patrick Farmer: Bear Ground (Creative Sources)
Matt Starling: Dorian Reeds (for brass) (self-released)
Matta Gawa: Ba (Engine)
Matta Gawa: Tambora (New Atlantis Records)
Matthew Shipp: Creation Out of Nothing (SoLyd Records)
Matthew Shipp: Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear)
Matthew Shipp: Greatest Hits (Thirsty Ear)
Matthew Shipp: Piano Sutras (Thirsty Ear)
Matthew Shipp: Symbol Systems (hatOLOGY)
Matthew Shipp (with Rob Brown and William Parker): Magnetism (Bleu Regard)
Matthew Shipp and Joe Morris: Broken Partials (Not Two)
Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble: The Gospel According to Matthew and Michael (Relative Pitch)
Matthew Shipp Trio: The Root of Things (Relative Pitch)
Matthias Muche / Philip Zoubek / Achim Tang: Sator Rotas (Creative Sources)
Mattin: Songbook Vol. 4 (Azul Discografica)
Mattin: Songbook #7 (Munster Records)
Max Eastley: Installation Recordings (1973-2008) (Paradigm Discs)
Max Eastley & Rhodri Davies: Dark Architecture (Another Timbre)
Max Johnson Quartet: The Prisoner (NoBusiness)
Max Roach / Archie Shepp: The Long March (hatOLOGY)
Mazen Kerbaj/Birgit Ulher/Sharif Sehnaoui: 3:1 (Creative Sources)
Mazurek/Roebke/van der Schyff, Jason Roebke: Tigersmilk / Rapid Croche (Family Vineyard, 482 Music)
MC Maguire: Meta-Conspiracy (Tzadik)
McPhee / Bishop / Haker Flaten / Zerang: Ibsen's Ghosts (Not Two Records)
McPhee / Brotzmann / Kessler / Zerang: The Damage Is Done (Not Two)
McPhee / Campbell / Parker / Smith: Tribute to Albert Ayler & Live at the Dynamo (Dave Madden)
McPhee / Duval / Rosen / Trzaska: Magic (Not Two Records)
McPhee / Ellis / Plimley: Sweet Freedom--Now What? (Hatology)
McPhee / Niggenkemper / Solberg: Imaginary Numbers (Clean Feed)
Mecha Fixes Clocks: Teoria dellelasticita di Girolamo Papariello (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Memorize The Sky: In Former Times (Clean Feed)
Mersault: Raymond & Marie (Formed)
Merzbow/Pan Sonic & Various Artists: V / Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled (Victo / Important Records)
Metal Chaos Ensemble: Luminiferous Ether (Evil Clown)
Metal Chaos Ensemble: Cryptomorphism (Evil Clown)
Mette Rasmussen and Chris Corsano: A View of the Moon (From the Sun) (Clean Feed)
Michael Attias: Credo (Clean Feed)
Michael Bisio and Kirk Knuffke: Row for William O. (Relative Pitch)
Michael Edwards: for rei as a doe (Aural Terrains)
Michael J. Schumacher: Room Pieces (XI)
Michael Marcus: For Yes! (Not Two Records)
Michael Moore/Peggy Lee/Dylan van der Schyff: Floating 1...2...3 (Spool)
Michael Pisaro: Fields Have Ears (Another Timbre)
Michael Renkel: Errorkoerper III (Absinth Records)
Michael Snow / Alan Licht / Aki Onda: Five A's, Two C's, One D, One E, Two H's, Three I's, One K, Three L's, One M, Three N's, Two O's, One S, One T, One W (Victo)
Michael Thieke Unununium: Nachtlieder (Mikroton Recordings)
Michael Zerang / Kyle Bruckmann / Jim Baker: Psychotic Redaction (Multikulti Project)
Michel Banabila: Uprooted (Tapu Records)
Michel Banabila / Oene van Geel: Music For Viola And Electronics 2 (Tapu Records)
Michel Doneda: Everybody Digs Michel Doneda (Relative Pitch)
Michel Doneda / Le Quan Ninh: Thirty Ways to Avoid Talking (Relative Pitch)
Michel F. Côté / Isaiah Ceccarelli: Vulgarités (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Michel Lambert: Out Twice (482 Music)
MIJ: Yodeling Astrologer (ESP-Disk)
Mika Vainio: Aineen Musta Puhelin (Black Telephone of Matter) (Touch)
Mike Majkowski: Ink On Paper (Creative Sources)
Mike Osborne Trio: The Birmingham Jazz Concert (Ogun)
Mike Pride: Drummer's Corpse (Aum Fidelity)
Miles Perkin Quartet: The Point in Question (Clean Feed)
Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble: Earlier Outbreaks of Iconoclasm (Emanem)
Milton Babbitt: Occasional Variations (Tzadik)
Milton Babbitt/Morton Feldman: Septet But Equal/Fourplay/Instruments I/Three Clarinets and Piano (CP2)
Misha Mengelberg / Peter Brotzmann / Evan Parker / Peter Bennink / Paul Rutherford / Derek Bailey / Han Bennink: Groupcomposing (Corbett vs Dempsey)
MKM (Jason Kahn / Gunter Muller / Norbert Moslang): Instants // Paris (Mikroton)
MKM (Muller / Kahn / Moslang): teplo_dom (Mikroton)
Mochipet: Randbient Works 2002 (btrendy records)
Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello: The Gorilla Variations (12k)
Monicker (Scott Thomson / Arthur Bull / Roger Turner): Spine (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Monolith Zero / Never Presence Forever: Split (804noise)
Moon June: 2007 Releases (Moon June Records)
Morgan Powell: The Common Root (Einstein Records)
Morris / Voigt / Plsek: MVP LSD: The Graphic Scores of Lowell Skinner Davidson (Riti)
Morton Feldman: Turfan Fragments (Dog w/a Bone)
Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus (hat[now]ART)
Morton Feldman: Clarinet & String Quartet (hat[now]ART)
Morton Feldman: Trio (Mode Records)
Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus (Nuscope)
Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field (hat[now]ART)
Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories & Piano (hat [now] ART)
Morton Feldman: Trio (Hat [now] ART)
Morton Feldman - Triadic Memories (Long Arms);
Morton Feldman - Late Works with Clarinet  (Mode): ()
Morton Feldman/Samuel Beckett: Neither (Hat [now] ART)
Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho Namchylak: Portrait of an Idealist (Leo)
Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Slippery Rock (Hot Cup Records)
Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Red Hot (Hot Cup)
Mostly Other People Do The Killing: Blue (Hot Cup Records)
Mota, Manuel: Leopardo (Rossbin)
Mount Washington: Mount Washington (Reify Records)
Mr Dorgon vs. DJ$Shot: Dorgonix (Jumbo)
Muhal Richard Abrams: SoundDance (Pi Recordings)
Muhal Richard Abrams and Roscoe Mitchell: Spectrum (Mutable)
Muller / Kahn / Moslang: mkm_msa (For4Ears)
Muna Zu: Muna Zu (Tzadik)
Murray / Edwards / Bevan: Boom Boom Cat (Foghorn Records)
Murray / Edwards / Bevan: I Stepped on a Bee (Foghorn Records)
Musica Elettronica Viva: MEV 40 (New World)
Musica Elettronica Viva: Symphony No 106 (Les Disques Victo)
Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV): Spacecraft / Unified Patchwork Theory (Alga Marghen)
Musique Action #04: Madame Luckerniddle (Vand'Oeuvre)
My Cat Is An Alien & Enore Zaffiri: Through The Magnifying Glass Of Tomorrow (Atavistic)
My Fun: Sonorine (The Land of)
Myra Melford's Be Bread: The Whole Tree Gone (Firehouse 12)
N.O. Moore / John Edwards / Eddie Prevost: Darkened, yet shone (Matchless)
Nadja: Trinity (Die Stadt)
Naked City: Leng Tch'e (Toy's Factory (1992))
Naked City: Naked City (Elektra/Nonesuch (1990))
Narcotic Dreams: Shattered (804noise)
Nate Wooley: Seven Storey Mountain III and IV (Pleasure of the Text)
Nate Wooley: Seven Storey Mountain V (Pleasure of the Text Records)
Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton: creak above 33 (psi)
Nate Wooley Quintet: Put Your Hands Together (Clean Feed Records)
Nate Wooley Quintet: (Dance to) The Early Music (Clean Feed Records)
Nathaniel Bartlett: Far Reaches (Sound-Space Audio Lab)
Nathaniel Stookey: Junkestra (Innova)
Ned Rothenberg / Catherine Jauniaux / Barre Phillips: While You Were Out (Kadima Collective)
Ned Rothenberg / Satoh Masahiko: Decisive Action (EWE-BAJ)
Nels Cline: Coward (Cryptogramophone)
Neneh Cherry & The Thing: The Cherry Thing (Smalltown Supersound)
Neumatica: Alud (Creative Sources)
New Age Hillbilly: IV White Walls ()
New Art Saxophone Quartet: Guarda! (Meta)
New Circle Five – Dreaming Wide Awake; Deep Listening Band/Joe McPhee Quartet – Unquenchable Fire (Deep Listening): ()
NG4 Quartet: A Quartet for Guitars (Mikroton)
Nick Hennies: Psalms (Roeba Records)
Nicola L. Hein: The Oxymothastic Obhectar (Shhpuma)
Nicole Mitchell & an_Arche NewMusic Ensemble: Arc of O (RogueArt)
Nigel Coombes & Steve Beresford: White String's Attached (Emanem)
Nils Bultmann: Terminally Unique (Mutable)
nmperign: Ommatidia (Intransitive Recordings)
No Neck Blues Band: Clomeim (Locust Music)
No-Neck Blues Band: Qvaris ()
Noah Creshevsky / If, Bwana: Favorite Encores (Pogus)
Nobuyasu Furuya Trio: BENDOWA (Clean Feed)
Noetinger, Jerome / Anthony Pateras / Synergy Percussion: Beauty Will Be Amnesiac Or Will Not Be At All (Immediata)
Noma: Diversion (Ambiances Magnétiques)
Norbert Moslang / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart: Sale_Interiora (Mikroton Recordings)
Norbert Möslang: header_change (Cut)
Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Live at Upstairs 2008. Hommage a Mingus ()
North Of North (Pateras / Tinkler / Veltheim): North Of North (Offcompass)
Not the wind not the flag: Tintinabulum (Barnyard)
Novi_Sad: Jailbirds (Sedimental)
Noyes / Chabala: The Shade & The Squint (Roeba)
Nurse With Wound: The Surveillance Lounge (Dirter Promotions)
Nuts: Symphony for Old and New Dimensions (Ayler)
Oceans Of Silver And Blood: Live at Cafe Oto (Confront)
Octante (Barberan / Monteiro / Fages / Garcia): Lúnula (Another Timbre)
Of Montreal: False Priest (Polyvinyl)
Offonoff!: Slap and Tickle (Smalltown Superjazzz)
Okkyung Lee, Peter Evans, Steve Beresford: Check for Monsters (Emanem)
Olivier Capparos & Lionel Marchetti: Equus (Grand Vehicule) (Pogus)
Olivier Dumont: Living in Holes and Disused Shafts (Utech)
Olivier Dumont / Rodolphe Loubatiere: Nervure (Creative Sources)
OM (Leimgruber / Doran / Burri / Studer): Willisau (Intakt)
On: Something that has form and something that does not (Type)
ONJT+ (Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Trio Plus): Lonely Woman (Doubtmusic)
Options/Ughi: South of Brooklyn (577 Records)
Oren Ambarchi: Persona (Black Truffle)
Oren Ambarchi: Stacte.3 (Black Truffle)
Oren Ambarchi: Intermission 2000-2008 (Touch)
Oren Ambarchi / Z'EV: Spirit Transform Me (Tzadik)
Organum: Omega (Die Stadt)
Orphax / Machinefabriek: Weerkaatsing (Moving Furniture)
Osso Exotico & Z'ev: (Crouton)
Otomo Yoshihide: modulation with 2 electric guitars and 2 amplifiers (Doubtmusic)
Otomo Yoshihide: Core Anode (Ftarri)
Otomo Yoshihide: Guitar Solo 2015 LEFT (Doubtmusic)
Otomo Yoshihide: Guitar Solos 2015 RIGHT (Doubtmusic)
Otomo Yoshihide & Paal Nilssen-Love: (JVTLANDT)
Otomo Yoshihide & Xavier Charles: Difference Between the Two Clocks (Textile Records)
Otomo Yoshihide / Ozeki Mikito / Mats Gustafsson: With Records (Doubtmusic)
Outward Bound: The Path (Slam)
P.O.W.E.R.: Tomahawk Territory (tour de bras)
Paal Nilssen-Love: Miro (PNL)
Paal Nilssen-Love & Mats Gustafsson: Sin Gas (Bocian Records)
Paal Nilsson-Love and Terrie Ex: Hurgu! (PNL)
Painkiller: Talisman (Tzadik)
Painkiller: Execution Ground (Subharmonic (1994))
Pamelia Kurstin: Thinking Out Loud (Tzadik)
Pandelis Karayorgis / Nate Mcbride / Curt Newton: Betwixt (Hat Hut)
Pansonic / Haino Keiji: Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You (Blast First Petite)
Paola Prestini: Body Maps (Tzadik)
Paolo Angeli & Takumi Fukushima: Itsunomanika (Recommended Records)
PaPaJo (Hubweber / Lovens / Edwards): Spiela (Creative Sources)
Parak.eets (Ute Wassermann / Richard Scott / Emilio Gordoa): Natura Venomous (Creative Sources)
Parker / Lytton / Guy + Peter Evans: Scenes in the House of Music (Clean Feed)
Partial: LL (Another Timbre)
Pascal Battus / Bertrand Gauguet / Eric La Casa: Chantier 4 (Swarming)
Pascal Battus / Dafne Vicente-Sandoval: [no title, 2 CDs] (Potlatch)
Pascal Battus, Bertrand Gauguet, Eric La Casa: Chantier 1 (Another Timbre)
Pat Thomas: Plays the music of Derek Bailey and Thelonious Monk (FMR)
Pat Thomas: Al-Khwarizmi Variations (Fataka)
Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Mark Sanders: Skip (FMR)
Patrick Zimmerli: Phoenix (Songlines)
Paul Bley and Gary Peacock - Partners; Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley and Steve Swallow - Fly Away Little Bird: (Owl/Sunnyside)
Paul Bley Quintet: Barrage (ESP-Disk)
Paul Dunmall & Mark Sanders: Pipe & Drum (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / John Edwards / Tony Marsh: To Be Real (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Mark Hanslip / Philip Gibbs / Ed Ricart: Weeping Idols (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe: The Ravens Look (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe / Ashley John Long: Seascapes (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Trevor Taylor: New Atmospheres (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Phillip Gibbs: Electrosonics (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Phillip Gibbs / Alison Blunt / Neil Metcalfe / Hannah Marshall: I Look At You (FMR)
Paul Dunmall / Tony Bianco: Thank You to John Coltrane (Slam Productions)
Paul Dunmall / Tony Bianco: Autumn (FMR)
Paul Dunmall/Philip Gibbs: Dreamworld (FMR)
Paul Flaherty & Randall Colbourne: Ironic Havoc (Relative Pitch Records)
Paul Hubweber / Frank Paul Schubert / Alexander Von Schlippenbach / Clayton Thomas / Willi Kellers: Intricacies (NoBusiness)
Paul Lytton: ?! (Pleasure of the Text)
Paul Rogers / Olaf Rupp / Frank Paul Schubert: Three Stories About Rain, Sunlight And The Hidden Soil (Relative Pitch)
Paul Rutherford and George Haslam with the Samuli Mikkonen Trio: RAAHE '99 (For Paul Rutherford) (Slam)
Paul Rutherford Trio: Gheim - live at Bracknell 1983 (Emanem)
Paul Shapiro: Midnight Minyan (Tzadik)
Paul Shapiro: It's In The Twilight (Tzadik)
Paul Stapleton & Simon Rose: Fauna (pfMentum)
Pauline Oliveros: Electronic Works 1965-66 (Paradigm)
Pedal: (Staubgold)
Pedersen / Johannesen / Corsano: Door to Door (FMR)
Pedro Rebelo / Franziska Schroeder / Steve Davis: Faint (Creative Sources)
PEK Solo: Fulcrum (Evil Clown)
people band: 1968 (Emanem)
Per Anders Nilsson / Sten Sandell / Raymond Strid: Beam Stone (psi)
Peregrin Falls: Peregrin Falls (Drip Audio)
Perelman / Shipp / Dickey / Cleaver: Enigma (Leo)
Perry Robinson and Burton Greene: Two Voices In The Desert (Tzadik)
Peter Baumgartner / Christoph Schiller: Savagnières (Creative Sources)
Peter Brotzmann: Lost & Found (FMP)
Peter Brotzmann: Solo + Trio Roma (Victo)
Peter Brotzmann / Fred Lonberg-Holm: The Brain of the Dog in Section (Atavistic)
Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang: Tales Out of Time (Hatology)
Peter Cusack: Favourite Sounds of Berlin (Recommended Records)
Peter Evans: nature / culture (psi)
Peter Evans / Tim Dahl / Mike Pride: Pulverize The Sound (Relative Pitch)
Peter Evans / Tom Blancarte: [sparks] (Creative Sources)
Peter Evans / Weasel Walter: Poisonous (ugEXPLODE)
Peter Evans Quintet: Destination Void (More Is More)
Peter Hammill: Singularity (Fie!)
Peter Kowald: Open Secrets (FMP)
Peter Kowald / Kent Kessler / Fred Lonberg-Holm: Flats Fixed (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Peter Kowald / Kent Kessler / Fred Lonberg-Holm: Flats Fixed (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Peter Orins: Happened by Accident (Circum-Disc)
Peter Rehberg: Work for GV 2004-2008 (Mego)
Phil Kline: Zippo Songs (Cantaloupe)
Phil Minton: No Doughnuts In Hand (Emanem)
Phil Minton / Lol Coxhill / Noël Akchoté: My Chelsea (Rectangle)
Phil Minton / Veryan Weston: Ways (Jazzwerkstatt)
Phil Minton/Roger Turner: Drainage (Eminem)
Philip Gibbs, Karl Berger, and Mossa Bildner: After the Storm (FMR)
Philip Jeck: Suite: Live in Liverpool (Touch)
Philip Jeck: Sand (Touch)
Philip Jeck: An Ark for the Listener (Touch)
Philippe Battikha: Invisible Backgrounds (Samizdat)
Phill Niblock: Touch Strings (Touch)
Phillip Wilson: Esoteric (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Phillips / Jauniaux / Goldstein: Birds Abide (Victo)
Phonophani: Kreken (Rune Grammofon)
Pi-hsien Chen: Stockhausen/Beethoven (Hat[Now]ART)
Pierre Langevin/Pierre Tanguay: la boulezaille (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Piiptsjilling (Zuydervelt / Kleefstra / Baars / Kleefstra): Fiif (Peter Foolen Editions)
Pimmon: Secret Sleeping Birds (Sirr)
Pink Saliva (Allen / Cote / St-Onge): Pink Saliva (&Records)
Planeta Imaginario: Biomasa (Cuneiform)
Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions (Cuneiform)
Polwechsel: Traces of Wood (hatOLOGY)
Polwechsel & John Tilbury: Field (hatOLOGY)
Polwechsel/Fennesz - Wrapped Islands
Burhkard Stangl/Dieb 13 - eh: (Erstwhile)
Pomassl: Spare Parts (Raster-Noton)
Pop-O-Pies: Pop-O-Anthology 1984-1993 (self-released)
Powertrio: What We Think When We Walk and What We Walk While Thinking (Creative Sources)
Praed: The Muesli Man (Creative Sources Recordings)
Present: Triskaidekaphobie [expanded and remastered] (Cuneiform)
psi - Black American Flag(Evolving Ear); Ernesto Diaz-Infante/Chris Forsyth - as is stated…before known (Evolving Ear); Chris Forsyth/Chris Heenan - Chris Forsyth/Chris Heenan(Reify);: ()
Quartetski: Quartetski Does Bartok — Mikrokosmos, Sz 107 (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Quartetski Does Prokofiev: Visions Fugitives OP. 22 (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Quartetski Does Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Quator Bozzini / Gyula Csapo: Deja? Koja? (Collection QB)
Quatre Têtes: Figuren (Creative Sources)
Quatuor Bozzini: Christopher Butterfield: Trip (Collection QB)
Quatuor Bozzini: Simon Martin: Musique d'art (Collection QB)
Quatuor Bozzini: Phill Niblock: Baobab (Collection QB)
Quinsin Nachoff: Magic Numbers (Songlines)
R. Stevie Moore: Nevertheless Optimistic (Innova)
R.U.B.: are you be (animul)
R/S: ONE (SNOW MUD RAIN) (erstwhile)
Rafael Toral: Space Elements Vol. 1 (Staubgold)
Rafael Toral: Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance (Touch)
Rafael Toral: Space Quartet (Clean Feed)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Compliments of the Mysterious Phantom (Hyena)
Ran Blake: Driftwoods (Tompkins Square)
Ran Blake: Something to Live For (HatOLOGY)
Ran Blake & Anthony Braxton: A Memory of Vienna (hatOLOGY)
Randy Weston's African Rhythms Quintet and The Gnawa Master Musicians of Morocco: Spirit! The Power of Music (Sunnyside)
Raoul Bjorkenheim & Lukas Ligeti: Shadowglow (TUM)
Raoul Bjorkenheim, William Parker, Hamid Drake: dmg @ the stone December 26, 2006 (DMG/ARC)
Rapoon: Alien Glyph Morphology (Caciocavallo)
Rashied Ali Quintet: Live In Europe (Survival Records)
Ravi Padmanabha/Daniel Carter: Nivesana (Epoch Music)
Ray Charles Ives: Clandestine Pedestrian EP (High Mayhem)
Raz Mesinai / Raquy Danziger: Resurrections for Goatskins / Dust (Tzadik / self-released)
Rechenzentrum: Silence (Weiser Music)
RED Trio + Nate Wooley: STEM (Clean Feed)
Refusenik (Arturas Bumsteinas): Musikaliszer Pinkos (Bolt)
Reinhold Friedl: Golden Quinces, Earthed for spatialized Neo-Bechstein (Bocian Records)
Reinhold Friedl & Michael Vorfeld: Pech (Room40)
Rene Lussier: Quintette (Circum-Disc)
Repeat: Pool (Cut)
Respect Sextet: Sirius Respect: The Respect Sextet play the music of Sun Ra & Stockhausen (Mode Records)
Revolutionary Ensemble: The Psyche (Mutable)
Revolutionary Ensemble: Beyond the Boundary of Time (Mutable)
Rhodri Davies: Trem (Confront)
Rhodri Davies / Lee Patterson / David Toop: Wunderkammern (Another Timbre)
Rhodri Davies / Stephane Rives / Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Carlos Santos: Twrf Neus Ciglau (Creative Sources)
Rhodri Davies/ Mark Wastell: Live in Melbourne (Mikroton Recordings)
Rhys Chatham: An Angel Moves Too Fast to See - Selected Works 1971-1989 (Table of the Elements)
Ricardo Arias / Günter Müller / Hans Tammen: Intersecting A Cone with A Plane (Creative Sources Recordings)
Riccardo Dillon Wanke: Caves (Sedimental)
Richard Chartier: Archival 1991 (Crouton)
Richard Crandell: Spring Steel (Tzadik)
Richard Glover: Logical Harmonies (Another Timbre)
Richard Pinhas: Metal/Crystal (Cuneiform)
Richard Pinhas: Rhizosphere/Live, Paris 1982 (Cuneiform)
Richard Pinhas & Merzbow: Keio Line (Cuneiform)
Richard Pinhas & Merzbow: Rhizome [CD + DVD] (Cuneiform)
Richard Pinhas & Tatsuya Yoshida: Live In Japan (Magaibutsu)
Richard Pinhas / Merzbow / Wolf Eyes: Victoriaville May 2011 (Victo)
Rick Reed / Keith Rowe / Bill Thompson: Shifting Currents (Mikroton)
Rinus van Alebeek & Michael Libera: Play Alvin Lucier - Chambers (Bolt)
Rivers / Holland / Altschul: Reunion (Pi Recordings)
Rivers of Sound Ensemble: News from the Mystic Auricle (Not Two Records)
Rob Burger: Lost Photograph (Tzadik)
Rob Mazurek: Mother Ode (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Rob Mazurek and the Exploding Star Orchestra: Matter/Anti-Matter (Rogue Art)
Robert Ashley: Atalanta (Acts of God) Volume II (Lovely Music)
Robert LePage: La Machine à Explorer le Tempo (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Robert Piotrowicz: Lasting Clinamen (Musica Genera)
Robert Van Heumen: Stranger (Creative Sources)
Roberto Fega: Un Geco Nella Mia Casa (Creative Sources)
Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta: Messages and Portraits (Recommended Records)
Rocha / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Mira: Iridium String Quartet (Creative Sources)
Rockdownbaby: Love & Sex & Rock & Roll (Life Force Records)
Rodrigo Amado: Searching for Adam (Not Two Records)
Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio & Peter Evans: The Freedom Principle (NoBusiness)
Rodrigues / Malfatti / Guerreiro: Late Summer (Creative Sources)
Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Ullen / D'incise / Bondi: Lisboa (Creative Sources)
Rodrigues / Sielaff / Rawlings / Sundstrom / Burns / Mota: Seattle (Creative Sources)
Rodrigues / Yamauchi / Santos: Three Rushes (Creative Sources)
Rodrigues / Yamauchi / Santos: The Presence of Air Particles Ignited by Memory (Creative Sources)
Roel Meelkop: 5(zwischenfaelle) (Aufabwegen)
Roger Doyle: The Ninth Set (Die Stadt)
Roger Turner & Otomo Yoshihide: The Last Train (Fataka)
Roland Dahinden / Hildegard Kleeb: Stones (hatOLOGY)
Ron Caines / Martin Archer Axis: Les Oiseaux de Matisse (Discus Music)
Ron Samworth (Samworth/Adler/JP Carter/Naylor/Lee/Meger): Dogs Do Dream (Drip Audio)
Ronnie Boykins: The Will Come, Is Now (ESP-Disk)
Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah (Nessa)
Roscoe Mitchell: Congliptious (NESSA)
Roscoe Mitchell: Before There Was Sound (Nessa)
Roscoe Mitchell: Numbers (RogueArt)
Roscoe Mitchell Trio: Angel City (Rogueart)
Ross Bolleter: Night Kitchen (Emanem)
ROVA: Resistance (Victo)
Rova & Nels Cline Singers: The Celestial Septet (New World)
ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Kyle Bruckmann & Henry Kaiser: Steve Lacy's Saxophone Special Revisited (Clean Feed)
Rovo: Tonic 2001 (Tzadik)
Ruins Alone: (self-titled) (Skin Graft)
Rutger Zuydervelt: Sileen II (Edition Wandelweiser)
Ry-om (Ikeshiro / Shelton): III (Creative Sources)
Ryoji Ikeda: 1000 Fragments (Raster-Noton)
Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern (Raster-Noton)
Ryoji Ikeda: See You At Regis Debray (Syntax)
Ryoko Akama: Places and Pages (Another Timbre)
Ryoko Akama / Bruno Duplant / Dominic Lash: Next To Nothing (Another Timbre)
Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander and others: Foreign Correspondents (Mikroton Recordings)
S.O.S. (John Surman, Mike Osborne, Alan Skidmore): Looking for the Next One (Cuneiform)
S4: John Butcher, Christian Kobi, Hans Koch, Urs Leimgruber: Cold Duck (Monotype Records)
Sabine Vogel: Berlin Series No.4 (Another Timbre)
Sabir Mateen/Jeff Shurdut; Bern Nix/Sabir Mateen/Jeff Shurdut; Joe McPhee/Steve Dalachinsky/Jeff Shurdut; Daniel Carter/Jeff Shurdut with Sabir: (Self-produced CDR)
Sachi Hayasaka: Minga (Tzadik)
Sachiko M & Sean Meehan: Sachiko M & Sean Meehan (self released)
Sait / Smith / Robair / Hall: Postage Paid Duets - Vol. 2 (Apprise)
Sam Pluta: Machine Language (Carrier Records)
Sam Rivers Trio: Emanation (NoBusiness Records)
Samuel Blaser Quartet: Boundless (Hatology)
Samuel Blaser Trio: Taktlos Zurich 2017 (hatOLOGY)
Sandy Ewen & Weasel Walter: Idiomatic (ugEXPLODE)
Sao Paulo Underground: Tres Cabecas Loucuras (Cuneiform Records)
Sasha Argov: Great Jewish Music (Tzadik)
Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society: Bloody Imagination (Mikroton Recordings)
Satanicpornocultshop: Anorexia Gas Balloon (Sonore)
Satoko Fuji - Minerva
Natsuki Tamura - Hada Hada: (Libra)
Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda: Duet (Long Song)
Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda: Mizu (Long Song Records)
Satoko Fujii / Myra Melford: Under the Water (Libra)
Satoko Fujii ma-do: Time Stands Still (NotTwo)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York: ETO (Libra)
Savoldelli, Boris & Elliott Sharp: Protoplasmic (MoonJune Records)
Sawako: Bitter Sweet (12K)
Sax Ruins: Blimmguass (Magaibutsu)
Scarassatti / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Torres: Amoa Hi (Creative Sources)
Schindler/ Holzbauer/ Lillmeyer: rot (Creative Sources)
Schlippenbach Trio: Gold Is Where You Find It (Intakt)
Schlippenbach Trio: Bauhaus Dessau (Intakt)
Schurer / Steinbrüchel: (NVO)
Scott Clark 4tet: Bury My Heart (Clean Feed Records)
Scott Fields: Five Frozen Eggs (Clean Feed)
Scott Fields Ensemble: Frail Lumber (Not Two)
Sebastian Lexer: Dazwischen (Matchless)
Sebastien Cirotteau, Brigitte Lacasse, Catherine S Massicotte, Eric Normand: Face a la derive (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Sei Miguel: The Tone Gardens (Creative Sources)
Seiichi Yamamoto: Nu Frequency (Tzadik)
Seijiro Murayama / Stephane Rives: Axiom For The Duration (Potlatch)
Serge Baghdassarians / Boris Baltschun / Burkhard Beins: Future Perfect (Mikroton Recordings)
Shalabi / St-Onge / Cote: Jane and The Magic Bananas (& Records)
Shed Metal (Daniel Kernohan / Dan Lander): Equivalent Insecurity (Spool)
Shelley Hirsch: far in far out (Tzadik)
Shelley Hirsch & Uchihashi Kazuhisa: Duets - 10 Years After (Innocent)
Shipp / Beans / Parker / HPrizm: Knives From Heaven (Thirsty Ear)
Shock Troops: Central Dada Time (FMR)
Shockabilly: The Dawn of Shockabilly (Chadula)
Shoko Hikage/Jonathan Segel - GEN; Fred Frith/Joelle Leandre/Jonathan - Tempted to Smile: (Spool)
Signal Quintet: Yamaguchi (Cut)
Simon Fell: Positions and Descriptions (Clean Feed)
Simon Nabatov / Barry Guy / Gerry Hemingway: Luminous (NoBusiness)
Sista Maj: Series Of Nested Universes (Space Rock Productions)
SKIF++ (Carey / van Heumen / Koolwijk): .next (Creative Sources)
SKIST: Ellipsis (Polarity)
Skogen: Ist gefallen in den Schnee (Another Timbre)
Skogen: Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long (Another Timbre)
Skyphone: Avellaneda (Rune Grammofon)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Live (Sickroom Records)
Slugfield: Slime Zone (PNL)
Smash & Teeny with John Butcher: Gathering (Spool)
Soft Heap: Al Dente (Reel Recordings)
Soft Machine: Drop (Moonjune Records)
Soft Machine: Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971 (Reel Recordings)
Soft Machine: NDR Jazz Workshop, May 17, 1973 [CD + DVD] (Cuneiform)
Soft Machine Legacy: Live Adventures (MoonJune Records)
Solo Andata / Seaworthy / Taylor Deupree: Live in Melbourne (12k)
Somersaults (Olie Brice / Tobias Delius / Mark Sanders): Numerology of Birdsong (West Hill Records)
Sonny Simmons: Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom and Brilliance/Chasing the Bird? (Improvising Beings)
Sophie Agnel: Capsizing Moments (Emanem)
Speak Easy: The Loft Concert [DVD] (Panrec)
Speak Easy (Wassermann / Minton / Lehn / Blume): Backchats (Creative Sources)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble: New Surfacing 1978 and 1992 (Emanem)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Oliv & Familie (Emanem)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble 1966-67: Challenge (Emanem)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Orchestra: Trio & Triangle (Emanem)
Spring Heel Jack: Live (Thirsty Ear)
Stan Tracey Evan Parker: Suspensions and Anticipations (psi)
Starving Weirdos: Father Guru (Azul Discografica)
Stefan Keune / Lovens, Paul: Live 2013 (FMR)
Stefano Pastor: Songs (Slam)
Steinbruchel: Mit Ohne (12k)
Steinbrüchel: Basis (Room40)
Stellari String Quartet: Gocce Stellari (Emanem)
Stellari String Quartet: Vulcan (Emanem)
Sten Sandell / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Michael Zerang: Disappeared (Nuscope)
Stephan Crump / James Carney: Echo Run Pry (Clean Feed)
Stephan Moore: To Build A Field (Deep Listening)
Stéphane Rives: Fibres (Potlatch)
Stephen Gauci / Kirk Knuffke / Ken Filiano: Chasing Tales (Relative Pitch)
Stephen Vitiello: With Eighth Blackbird (IEA)
Steve Adams Trio: Surface Tension (Clean Feed)
Steve Coleman and Five Elements: Live at the Village Vanguard. Vol. 1 (The Embedded Sets) (Pi Recordings)
Steve Dollar: Jazz Guide to New York City (The Little Bookroom)
Steve Lacy: The Beat Suite (Sunnyside)
Steve Lacy: Wordless (Disques Futura et Marge)
Steve Lacy: Estilhacos: Live in Lisbon (Clean Feed)
Steve Lacy: Cycles (Emanem)
Steve Lacy: School Days (Emanem)
Steve Lacy / Steve Potts: Tips (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Steve Lacy Five: Blinks...Zurich Live 1983 (hatOLOGY)
Steve Lacy Quintet: Stamps (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Steve MacLean: Ordinary Objects And Other Distractions (Recommended Records)
Steve Miller Trio: Meets Elton Dean (Reel Recordings)
Steve Noble / Yoni Silver: Home (Aural Terrains)
Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians (Innova)
Steve Swallow: Damaged in Transit (ECM)
Steve Swell: Music for Six Musicians: Hommage a Olivier Messiaen (Silkheart)
Steve Swell's Slammin' the Infinite: 5000 Poems (Not Two Records)
Sticks and Stones: Shed Grace (Thrill Jockey)
Stone House: Likewise (Riti)
String Theory: Krypton (Creative Sources)
String Theory: 3 of 9 Dimensions (Evil Clown)
Strom (Gaudenz Badrutt / Christian Muller): X (Mikroton Recordings)
Suborno: The Instrument (Runningonair Music)
subterrene: Bathetic Resonance (Mystery School Records)
subterrene: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been (Bad Architect)
Subtle Lip Can: Reflective Drime (Drip Audio)
Sun City Girls: Napoleon & Josephine (Singles Volume 2) (Abduction)
Sun City Girls: Funeral Mariachi (Abducted)
Sun Ra: Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold (ESP)
Sun Ra: Space Probe (Art Yard)
Sun Ra: Wake Up Angels (Art Yard)
Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkstra: Sleeping Beauty (Art Yard)
Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkstra: On Jupiter (Art Yard)
Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra: Helsinki 1971 - The Complete Concert & Interview (2 CDs & DVD) (Transparency)
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Solar Arkestra: (Art Yard)
Sun Ra and his Mythic Science Arkestra: The Paris Tapes (Art Yard)
Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions [VINYL 2 audiophile LPs + 4 postcards] (Hat Hut)
Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used: (EM Records)
Susan Santos Silva / Torbjorn Zetterberg: Almost Tomorrow (Clean Feed)
Susie Ibarra: Drum Sketches (Innova)
Susie Ibarra & Mark Dresser: Tone Time (Wobbly Rail)
Swiss Improvisers Orchestra: Zwitzerland (Creative Sources)
Sylvain Chauveau: Touching Down Lightly (Creative Sources)
Sylvie Courvoisier: Abaton (ECM)
Sylvie Courvoisier and Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles (Relative Pitch)
Szilard Mezei Octet: Tonk/Stump (Slam)
Szilard Mezei Septet: 100 Tu Hossza (Slam)
Szilard Mezei Septet: Véres Páncél (FMR)
Szilard Mezei Trio: Secret Public (Aural Terrains)
Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble: Citromfa (FMR)
Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble: Turizmus (FMR Records)
Szilard Mezei Vocal Ensemble: Fujj Szel, Zenta, Visshangozz Szela (Not Two)
Szilard Mezei Wind Quartet: We Were Watching The Rain (Leo)
Tabata Mitsuru: We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun (Ruby Red Editora)
Talibam! & Sam Kulik: Discover Atlantass (Belly Kids)
Tanya Tagaq: Anuraaqtuq (Victo)
Tarek Atoui: Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplaat)
Tatsuya Nakatani: Primal Communication (H&H Productions)
Tatsuya Nakatani: Abiogenesis (H&H Production)
Tatsuya Nakatani: Present Presence (Nakatani-Kobo)
Tatsuya Nakatani & Michel Doneda: White Stone Black Lamp (Nakatani-Kobo)
Tatsuya Nakatani and Kaoru Watanabe: Michiyuki (Nakatani-Kobo)
Taus (Tim Blechmann & Klaus Filip): Pinna (Another Timbre)
Taylor Deupree: Northern (12K)
Taylor Ho Bynum: Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (Hatology)
Taylor Ho Bynum 7-tette: Navigation (Possibility Abstracts XII & XIII) (Firehouse 12 Records)
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet: Apparent Distance (Firehouse 12 Records)
Ted Levine: Night Sounds (Playscape)
Ted Reichman – Emigre; Doug Wieselman – Dimly Lit, Collected Soundtracks 1996-2002 (Tzadik): ()
Teiji Ito: The Shamanic Principles (Tzadik)
Teiji Ito: Music for Maya (Tzadik)
Teiji Ito: Watermill (Tzadik)
Terrie Ex/Ab Baars: Hef (Atavistic)
Territory Band 6 with Fred Anderson: Collide (Okkadisc)
Terry Hall & Mushtaq: The Hour of Two Lights (Astralwerks)
Terry Riley: Autodreamographical Tales (Tzadik)
Terry Rusling: The Machine Is Broken (Spool)
Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis: Naranja Songs (Public Eyesore)
Tetuzi Akiyama / Takuji Kawai: Transition (Ftarri)
TGB (Carolino / Delgado / Frazao): III (Clean Feed)
Thanos Chrysakis / Christian Kobi / Christian Skjodt / Zsolt Sores: Carved Water (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis: Klage (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis: A Scar In The Air (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis: Equinox (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis / Chris Cundy: Music for Chamber Organ & Contra Bass Clarinet (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis / James O'Sullivan / Jerry Wigens: Syneuma (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis / Sue Lynch / James O'Sullivan / Joe Wright: Iridescent Strand (Aural Terrains)
Thanos Chrysakis/ Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Abdul Moimeme: Micrographia (Creative Sources)
Thanos Chrysakis/Wade Matthews/Dario Bernal-Villegas: Parallaxis (Aural Terrains)
The Remote Viewers: November Sky (Remote Viewers)
The Ames Room: Bird Dies (Clean Feed Records)
The Apophonics: On Air (Weight of Wax)
The Blue Notes: Before the Wind Changes (Ogun)
The Clarinets: Keep On Going Like This (Skirl)
The Core: Golonka Live (Moserobie Music)
The Core and More: The Art of No Return (Moserobie Music)
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Eddy Loves Frank (Cuneiform)
The Element Choir and William Parker: At Christ Church, Deer Park (Barnyard Records)
The Elks (Kai Fagaschinski / Liz Allbee / Billy Roisz / Marta Zapparoli): This Is Not the Ant (Mikroton)
The Flatlands Collective
Jorrit Dijkstra + John Hollenbeck
: Gnomade;
(Skycap / Trytone)
The Fugs: The Fugs Final CD [Part 1] (Artemis Records)
The Gathering Assembled by Maggie Nicols: For John Stevens (Emanem)
The Hat Shoes: Home (Rec Rec)
The Hub: Boundary Layer (Tzadik)
The Jack and Jim Show: We Don't Have That in the Home (Chadula)
The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet: 13 Themes for a Triskadekaphobic (pfMENTUM)
The Keith Tippett Octet: The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon (Discus)
The Linda Sharrock Network: They Begin To Speak (Improvising Beings)
The Lou Grassi Po Band with Marshall Allen: Live at the Knitting Factory, Volume 1 (Porter Records)
The Magic I.D.: till my breath gives out (erstwhile records)
The Mancini Project: Views of Mancini (FMR)
The Margots: Pescado (Okka)
The Necks: Townsville (Recommended Records)
The Necks: Silverwater (Recommended Records)
The Necks: Mindset (Recommended Records)
The Necks: Body (Northern Spy)
The Necks - Photosynthetic (Long Arms) The Necks - Drive By (Recommended Records): ()
The New Blockaders / Thurston Moore / Jim O'Rourke: The Voloptulist (Hospital Productions)
The Nu Band: Lower East Side Blues (Porter Records)
The Peggy Lee Band: Invitation (Drip Audio)
The Pitch & Splitter Orchester: Frozen Orchestra (Splitter) (Mikroton)
the primeTime sublime Community Orchestra: ( ) (Corporate Blob)
The Psychic Paramount: Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural
Origins and Primitives Volume 1 & 2
The Red Masque: Fossil Eyes (AdHoc Records)
The Remote Viewers: No Voice from the Hall (Remote Viewers)
The Remote Viewers: Last Man In Europe (Remote Viewers)
The Rempis Percussion Quartet: Cash and Carry (Aerophonic Records)
The Resonance Ensemble: Kafka in Flight (Not Two)
The Reveries: Matchmakers Volume 2: The Music of Sade (Barnyard Records)
The Runcible Quintet: Five (FMR)
The Selva (Jacinto / Almeida / Morao): (Clean Feed)
The Spanish Donkey (Morris / Saft / Pride): XYX (Northern Spy)
The Thing: Bag It! (Smalltown Superjazzz)
The Thing: Boot! (The Thing Records)
The Thing with Jim O'Rourke: Shinjuku Growl (Smalltown Superjazzz)
The Thing with Otomo Yoshihide: Shinjuku Crawl (Smalltown Superjazzz)
The Vinny Golia Sextet: Abstractions And Retrocausalities (Ninewinds)
The Wedding's Off: The Wedding's Off (Ebola Music)
The Whammies: Play the Music of Steve Lacy (Driff Records)
The Whammies: Play the Music of Steve Lacy Vol. 3 Live (Driff Records)
The Wild Man’s Band: The Darkest River (Ninth World Music)
Thollem / Mazurek: Blind Curves and Box Canyons (Relative Pitch)
Thollem/Parker/Cline: The Gowanus Sessions (Porter Records)
Thomas / Butcher / Solberg: Fictional Souvenirs (Astral Spirits)
Thomas Buckner: Contexts (Mutable Music)
Thomas Heberer / Pascal Niggenkemper: Miner's Pick (FMR)
Thomas Heberer and Achim Kaufmann: Knoten (Red Toucan)
Thomas Heberer's Clarino: Cookbook (Red Toucan)
Thurston Moore: Sensitive/Lethal (No Fun Productions)
Thurston Moore: Sonic STREET Chicago (Corbett vs Dempsey)
Thymolphthalein: Mad Among the Mad (Immediata)
Tiari Kese: Ave < w > (&Records)
Tim Barnes/Toshio Kajiwara/Marina Rosenfled: A Water's Wake (Quakebasket)
Tim Berne: Insomnia (Clean Feed)
Tim Berne / Matt Mitchell: Angel Dusk (Screwgun)
Tim Berne Science Friction: The Sublime and. (Thirsty Ear)
Tim Berne's Snakeoil: Shadow Man (ECM)
Tim Brady / Martin Messier: 24 Frames - Trance [CD & DVD] (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Tim Brady and Topology: Scat-Because We All Have Voices (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Tim Hecker: An Imaginary Country (Kranky)
Tim Olive: The Specialist (EM Records)
Tim Olive & Alfredo Costa Monteiro: 33 Bays (845 Audio)
Tim Olive / Anne-F Jacques: Dominion Mills (845 Audio)
Timbre: TIMBREplus (Arbe)
Time of Orchids: Namesake Caution (Cuneiform)
Timothy Leary, Ph.D.: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (ESP)
Tisziji Muñoz/Pharaoh Sanders/Rashied Ali/Don Pate/Paul Schaffer/Ravi Coltrane: Divine Radiance (Dreyfus)
Tobias Delius / Wilbert de Joode / Dylan van der Schyff: The Flying Deer (Spool)
Tom Carter: Shots at Infinity 1 ()
Tom Chant / John Edwards / Eddie Prevost: All Change (Matchless)
Tom Chant, Angharad Davies, Benedict Drew and John Edwards: Decentered (Another Timbre)
Tom Heasley & Toss Panos: Passages (Full Bleed)
Tom Rainey Trio: Pool School (Clean Feed)
Tomas Phillips: Drink_Deep (NVO)
Tommy Meier Root Down: The Master and the Rain (Intakt)
Tony Dryer, Jacob Heule, Jacob Lindsay: Idea of West (Creative Sources)
Tony Malaby: Novela (Clean Feed Records)
Tony Malaby Cello Trio: Warblepeck (Songlines)
Tony Marsh: Stops (psi)
Tony Marsh, Paul Dunmall, Phill Gibbs: For the Last Time (FMR)
Tony Oxley: 75 Years (Incus)
Tony Oxley / Derek Bailey: Quartet (Jazzwerkstatt)
Tony Wilson 6tet: A Day's Life (Drip Audio)
Tony Wren / Larry Stabbins / Howard Riley / Mark Sanders: Four in the Afternoon (Emanem)
Toot (Axel Dorner / Thomas Lehn / Phil Minton): Two (Another Timbre)
Toshimaru Nakamura & Jun Numata: The First Album (Doubt Music)
Toshimaru Nakamura & Mark Trayle: Stationary (Creative Sources)
Toshimaru Nakamura & Martin Taxt: Pan on Fire (Monotype)
Toshimaru Nakamura / English: One Day (Erstwhile)
Toshimaru Nakamura / John Butcher: Dusted Machinery (Monotype)
Toshimaru Nakamura / Lucio Capece: Ij (Formed)
Total Music Meeting 2002: Audiology II: 11 Groups Live in Berlin (AII)
Transit: Quadrologues (Clean Feed)
Trapist: Highway My Friend (Hat Hut)
Traum: Tanto impresos como sistemas (Bug Incision)
Trevor Watts and Stephen Grew Duo: All There Is (Discus)
Trevor Watts' Moire Music Drum Orchestra: Live in Latin America Vol. 1 (FMR)
Trophies (Alessandro Bosetti / Tony Buck / Kenta Nagai): You Wait to Publish (Monotype)
Trumpets and Drums (Wooley / Evans / Black / Lytton): Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed)
Turgut Ercetin: Panopticon Specularities (Berliner Kunstlerprogramm des DAAD/Edition RZ)
Uchihashi Kazuhisa / Tatsuya Yoshida: Improvisations 3 (Magaibutsu)
Udo Schindler: Botenstoffe (Confront Recordings)
Udo Schindler / Frank Paul Schubert: Parnassia Palustris (FMR)
Udo Schindler / Jaap Blonk: Hillside Talks (Relative Pitch)
Ulrich / Sturm / Bisio: Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult (CIMP)
Ulrich Gumpert / Gunter Baby Sommer: Das Donnernde Leben (Intakt)
Ulrich Mitzlaff / Miguel Mira: Cellos (Creative Sources)
Ulrike Brand / Olaf Rupp: Shadowscores (Creative Sources)
Umezu Kazutoki: Umezu Kazutoki Plays the ENKA (Doubtmusic)
Univers Zero: Relaps: Archives 1984-1986 (Cuneiform)
Univers Zero: Clivages (Cuneiform)
Univers Zero: Heresie (Cuneiform)
Universal Indians with Joe McPhee: Skullduggery (Clean Feed)
Unsolicited Music Ensemble: Bulbs (Slam)
Unstable Ensemble - The Liturgy of Ghosts; Jason Bivins and Ian Davis - Benthic: (Family Vineyard)
Upsilon Acrux: Sun Square Dialect (New Atlantis)
Urs Leimgruber & Thomas Lehn: Lausanne (For4Ears)
Urs Leimgruber / Evan Parker: Twine (Clean Feed)
Urs Leimgruber / Roger Turner Duo: The Pancake Tour (Relative Pitch Records)
Urs Leimgruber, Gunther Müller & Arte Quartet: artist1 - e_a.sonata.02; Ambarchi_Müller_Samartzis - strange love label: FOR 4 EARS: ()
US Maple: Purple on time. (Drag City)
Ute Wasserman / Jaap Blonk / Michael Vorfeld: Improvisors (Kontrans)
Vandermark 5: Airports for Light (Atavistic)
Variable Geometry Orchestra: Quasar (Creative Sources)
Various Artists: The Blue Series Sampler: The Shape of Jazz to Come (Thirsty Ear)
Various Artists: Greek Oriental Rebetika (Arhoolie)
Various Artists: AMPLIFY 2002: balance (Erstwhile)
Various Artists: Document Chicago: New Jazz and Improvisation (482 Music)
Various Artists: The Agents of Impurity (Sonic Arts Network)
Various Artists: On Isolation (Room 40)
Various Artists: May 6, 2001 (and/OAR)
Various Artists: Oh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me! (Sub Rosa)
Various Artists: Signal to Noise, Vol. 6 (For4Ears)
Various Artists: Signal To Noise Vol. 4 (For 4 Ears)
Various Artists: Signal To Noise Vol. 5 (For 4 Ears)
Various Artists: Psychogeographical Dip (GD Stereo)
Various Artists: The Architecture of the Incidental (GD Stereo)
Various Artists: Institute of Sonology 1959-1969 (Sub Rosa)
Various Artists: Three 7" Records and 1 Various Artists CD (Generate Records)
Various Artists: Singapore A-Go-Go (Sublime Frequencies)
Various Artists: Improvised Music from Japan 2009 [book + 3 CDs] (Improvised Music From Japan (IMJ))
Various Artists: PRES Revisited: Jozef Patkowski In Memoriam (Bolt)
Various Artists: Fukushima! (Presqu'ile Records)
Various Artists: Because Tomorrow Comes #2 (BTC)
Various Artists: Because Tomorrow Comes #3 (BTC)
Various Artists: To Live and Shave in L.A. — The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply (Monotype)
Various Artists: 70 Years of Sunshine (Monotype Records)
Various Artists: 910 Noise Presents (910 Noise)
Various artists - Walking on Thin Ice (Twisted Records);
Various artists - O Superman Remix  (Staalplaat): ()
Velkro (Simon / Meidell / Candeias): Too Lazy to Panic (Clean Feed)
Veryan Weston: Tessellations for Luthéal Piano (Emanem)
Veryan Weston: The Make Project (Barnyard Records)
Vienna Art Orchestra: The Minimalism of Erik Satie (hatOLOGY)
Vinny Golia Quartet: Take Your Time (Relative Pitch)
Vinny Golia Wind Quartet: Live at the Century City Playhouse, Los Angeles, 1979 (Dark Tree Records)
Virgil Moorefield: Things You Must Do To Get To Heaven (Innova)
Viviane Houle: Treize (Drip Audio)
Volker Heyn: Sirenes (Edition RZ)
Vorwolf: Snake's Eyes (Formed Records)
Voutchkova / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Mayas: The Afterlife of Trees (Creative Sources)
VRIL: Effigies in Cork (Recommended Records)
VRiL: The Fatal Duckpond (Recommended Records)
Wadada Leo Smith: The Luminous Axis (Tzadik)
Wadada Leo Smith: Tabligh (Cuneiform)
Wadada Leo Smith: Najwa (TUM)
Wadada Leo Smith: Solo: Reflections and Meditations on Monk (Tum)
Wadada Leo Smith / Jack Dejohnette: America (Tzadik)
Wadada Leo Smith / Sabu Toyozumi: Burning Meditation (NoBusiness Records)
Wadada Leo Smith's Mbira: Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Tum)
Wadada Leo Smith/Anthony Braxton: Organic Resonance (Pi Recordings)
Wade Matthews / Stephane Rives: Arethusa (Another Timbre)
Walking Hellos: Walking Hellos (Skylab)
Walter Wright / Chris Welcome / Shayna Dulberger; Chris Welcome; Shayna Dulberger; Hot Date: Apocalypso; Wasteland, Untitled, Colors; Ache & Flutter; Hot Date (Empty Room Music & Talking Skull)
Warren Burt: Harmonic Colour Fields (Pogus)
Warren Burt: The Animation of Lists and the Archytan Transpositions (XI)
Watt: Smith / Marshall / Flinn: Alter Egos (Creative Sources)
Way Ahead, The (Roligheten / Alberts / Barno / Aleklint / Stahl / Hoyer / Ostvang): Bells, Ghosts and Other Saints (Clean Feed)
Way Out Northwest: The White Spot (Relative Pitch)
Wayne Horvitz: Joe Hill: 16 Actions for Orchestra, Voices, and Soloist (New World Records)
Weasel Walter: Ominous Telepathic Mayhem (ugEXPLODE)
Weasel Walter / Mary Halvorson / Peter Evans: Electric Fruit (Thirsty Ear)
Weasel Walter / Mary Halvorson / Peter Evans: Mechanical Malfunction (Thirsty Ear)
Weightless: A Brush With Dignity (Clean Feed)
Weird Weapons: 2 (Creative Sources)
Wendy Eisenberg: The Machinic Unconscious (Tzadik)
Werchowska / Pontevia / Boubaker: A Floating World (Mikroton Recordings)
Weston / Laubrock / Marshall: Haste (Emanem)
Whit Dickey: Trio Ahxoloxha: Prophet Moon (Riti)
White Out with Jim O'Rourke and Thurston Moore: Senso (Ecstatic Peace)
Who Trio: Less is More (Clean Feed)
Will Gaines & Derek Bailey - Rappin & Tappin; Limescale - Limescale: (Incus)
Will Montgomery (Heribert Friedl): Non-Collaboration (NVO)
Willem Breuker: Lunchconcert for Three Amsterdam Street Organs (BVHaast)
Willers / Kneers / Marien: Nulli Secundus (Creative Sources)
William Basinski & Richard Chartier: Untitled 1-3 (Line)
William Hooker: Crossing Points (NoBusiness)
William Parker and the ICI Ensemble: Winter Sun Crying (NEOS Music)
William Parker Trio: Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear)
William Parker/ Joe Morris/ Hamid Drake: Eloping with the Sun (Riti Records)
William S. Burroughs: Thee Films (Cherry Red)
Willits + Sakamoto: Ocean Fire (12k)
Wolfgang Rihm: Piano Pieces (Neos)
Wolfgang Schliemann / Michael Vorfeld: Alle Neune: Rheinländer Partie (Creative Sources Recordings)
Wooley / Lonberg-Holm / Roebke: Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing (Porter Records)
Wooley / Lytton / Grubbs: The Seven Storey Mountain (Important Records)
Wooley / Rempis / Niggenkemper / Corsano: From Wolves to Whales (Aerophonic)
Wrekmeister Harmonies (J. R. Robinson): Recordings Made In Public Spaces Volume One CD/DVD (Atavistic)
WTTF Quartet: Berlin Kinesis (Creative Sources)
Xambuca: Joulupukki (Erototox Decodings)
Xenakis: Electronic Works 2 (Mode Records)
XT (Seymour Wright / Paul Abbot): Pah' (Pleasure of the Text Records)
Xu Fengxia / Lucas Niggli: Black Lotos (Intakt)
XYZ (Martel/Lauzier/Tetreault): La formule XYZ (&Records)
Yagihashi Tsukasa / Sato Yukie / Higo Hiroshi: Kumisuru (Jab-Rec Art Music)
Yamamato Seiichi & Acid Mothers Temple: Giant Psychedelia (AMT)
Yamamoto, Tatsuhisa & Muneomi Senju: A Thousand Mountains (Doubtmusic)
Yan Jun & Jason Kahn: None Of Us (Herbal International)
Yannis Kyriakides: Antichamber (Unsounds)
Yannis Kyriakides: Resorts & Ruins (unSounds)
Yannis Kyriakides / Andy Moor: A Life Is A Billion Heartbeats (Unsounds)
Yorgos Dimitriadis: Kopfkino (Creative Sources)
Yoshi Fruchter: Pitom (Tzadik)
Yoshi Wada: The Appointed Cloud (EM Records)
Yoshi Wada: Off the Wall (EM)
Yoshi Wada: Earth Horns with Electronic Drones (Omega Point)
Yoshi Wada: Singing in Unison (EM Records)
Yoshio Machida and Constantin Papageorgiadis: Music from the Synthi 100 (Amorfon)
Yui Onodera and Stephen Vitiello: Quiver (Mikroton Recordings)
Yusef Lateef: Roots Run Deep (RogueArt)
Yximalloo: Unpop (ESP)
Zakarya: Something Obvious (Tzadik)
Zeena Parkins: Between The Whiles (Table of the Elements)
Zeena Parkins and The Adorables: The Adorables (Cryptogramophone)
Zeitkratzer: plays PRES (Bolt)
Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai: Electronics (Zeitkratzer Records)
Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz: Electronics (Zeitkratzer)
ZNR: Traite De Mecanique Populaire (Recommended Records)

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